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About diogo_the_man

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  • Birthday 2001-11-09

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    tech,networking,windows troubleshooting,etc...
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  • CPU
    Amd fx6300 Black edition
  • Motherboard
    Asrock 970 pro3 r2.0
  • RAM
    8gb & 4gb of kingston fury ddr3-1600mhz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte gtx 1050ti Windforce 4gb edition
  • Case
    Nox hummer tg
  • Storage
    3x 500gb hdds + 120gb ssd boot drive
  • PSU
    600w generic one
  • Display(s)
    Hp w2207h
  • Cooling
    Cooler master hyper212x
  • Keyboard
    Cooler master Masterkeys lite l (combo)RGB
  • Mouse
    Cooler master Masterkeys lite l (combo)RGB
  • Sound
    Pioneer 5:1 audio system, Asus xonar U3
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro

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  1. diogo_the_man

    Laptop won't recognize new RAM.

    Yeah it should be. Buy the corsair ones.
  2. diogo_the_man

    Laptop won't recognize new RAM.

    No problem. Let me know when you get the new ones. Keep me updated
  3. diogo_the_man

    Laptop won't recognize new RAM.

    It's because the bios downclocks the new module that you've installed
  4. diogo_the_man

    Laptop won't recognize new RAM.

    The problem Is that the 10666 is different from the 10600. Try getting PC3-10600 ram. That seems to be a laptop related issue because on a desktop the 10666 or the 10600 both work(and I'm talking about desktops not laptops and it's just an example). I know this because I've had a similar problem like this one. Ps(to everyone replying) : don't come at me saying that pc3-10600 is the same as pc3-10666. I know they are but only in desktops. Some laptops do work with 10666 but others don't.
  5. diogo_the_man

    Driver issue

    Then there's a problem with your monitor. (chack if you have the Nvidia HD audio controller selected for audio so that you can have audio on the monitor)
  6. diogo_the_man

    Driver issue

    You don't have audio where (on the desktop or in a game) ? On your monitor or your headphones?
  7. diogo_the_man

    Random shutdowns

    Did the same thing. It worked
  8. diogo_the_man

    Samsung SSD causes stuttering game, other SSD is fine.

    It might be, is the drive new? And also what ssd is it? (nvme, m.2)?
  9. diogo_the_man

    Random shutdowns

    It's a 500 or 600w (Idk I'm not home rn) but I will use a different one anyways. I'll keep you guys updated. Tnx for the tips and the replies. (edit:I have not tried any type of overclocking)
  10. diogo_the_man

    Which headphones should I buy?

    In my opinion you should go for the bose headphones, they are super confortable and their sound isolation is amazing. If not then go for the sennheiser.
  11. diogo_the_man

    Random shutdowns

    Hi everyone today I'm having a problem with a msi z270 a pro that gives me a post error (VGA) but it boots just fine in to windows. That's not all when I'm in windows playing(for example r6) the pc shuts down entirely(and by shutdown I mean powers off completely). What seems to be the problem? I haven't tried anything yet. It started doing this after a thermal paste swap on the cpu. And I just cleaned the gpus fan nothing more, the case was full of dust. (Tommorow I'm gonna try a different gpu, no gpu at all, and cleaning the connectors). The gpu is a Gtx 960(for now) and the cpu is a 7700k. Thanks for your help.
  12. diogo_the_man

    Graphics card OCd crashes games

    Ok I'm happy to report that it didn't crash on any of the tests of 3d mark, it reaches a max of 55ºc under full load.Thanks for all the help guys
  13. diogo_the_man

    Graphics card OCd crashes games

    for now no problems yet. I'm gonna try 3dmark fire strike for my load
  14. diogo_the_man

    Graphics card OCd crashes games

    ok, it seems to have worked she didn't crash on heaven bench. and I think that it's outputting less heat than before(not that it was a problem). ill run some more benchmarks and report back.