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  1. I wish - the concept is the same (pay a % extra of the cost of an item to the government) - but where VAT is simple and easy to understand (at least in the sense that the consumer just pays what the item is listed for), US sales taxes are a giant clusterfuck and the % you need to pay can change not only by the state you live in, but it can even vary from city to city as well - meaning that you often have no idea how much % tax you will need to add onto the listed price of an item in order to budget correctly (since it's generally way too much work for a retailer to take into account all of the different tax rates in all of the different jurisdictions), which makes our whole system a huge pain in the ass.
  2. To be fair, Spanish is the second most used language in the US, being used by about 1 in 8 people. Also, there isn't an official language in the US, so requiring English courses wouldn't make much sense unless that changed (which is unlikely). While learning some rudimentary English seems like a reasonable thing to do when visiting a country that predominantly uses English - it shouldn't really be a legal requirement, at least in my opinion - especially when there are better ways for police forces to communicate aside from Google Translate, which is unreliable at best and outright wrong at worst.
  3. Anthem - New information about the game

    I might get some flak for this, but it just looks like just another cookie-cutter Halo/Destiny clone with some mild inspiration from Warframe. It might end up being good, but from what I've seen so far, the only feeling it gives me is a solid "meh".
  4. I feel the bigger story here is that some dude may get decades in prison for defacing a few websites - which should not realistically take very long to change them back to normal for any remotely decent web developer. Meanwhile, we have people that rape and murder others only getting months of jail time, if any time at all.
  5. Twitter would be significantly better if they just did the basics right - i.e. just showing the tweets of people you follow in chronological order without skipping over them and not showing the other pointless bullshit in between (such as "[This person] liked [this tweet]", etc.). But getting rid of some of their bias would help out a bit, too.
  6. I support this decision - so long as they give us better means of filtering out stuff we don't care about than what we have now. Also, I wonder if this means they'll be straight up allowing full-on porn/hentai games, now, without the devs needing to create 18+ patches.
  7. Pubg sues fortnite

    Interestingly, Tencent, who owns Epic Games via a 40% stake, also owns 5% of Bluehole, the publishers of PUBG and is looking to expand their stake to 10%, which would make Tencent the second largest shareholder in Bluehole, right behind Bluehole's founder Chang Byung-gyu, who owns ~20%. So when you go high enough up the corporate chain of ownership, this is almost at the point where Tencent is suing Tencent (though not quite, as they don't yet have a majority share in Bluehole). I wonder how they feel about the companies they've invested in/own suing each other. Maybe Tencent will withdraw from its plans to further invest in Bluehole? A rather amusing situation all around - though it should be said that PUBG has pretty much no grounds to win this case and should probably give up at this point.
  8. He was supportive of the initial idea behind GamerGate, that being more/better ethics in games journalism, but was adamantly against the shit show the movement turned into. His argument on the topic being that people should separate the bad apples (the sexists/racists) of a movement from what that movement was actually about. Unfortunately, GamerGate ended up becoming known more for the bad apples than the good people who actually wanted to improve games journalism, so TB got a lot of shit for supporting a movement that most people ended up seeing as sexist and racist. TB was overall a pretty stand up dude. Though when it came to something like politics (namely the 2016 election) he could be a little bit of an asshole regarding people who supported Trump (TB was not a fan) or voted 3rd-party, though that time period passed by pretty quickly.
  9. School Shooting game on steam

    True, I was thinking more early on when they're just beginning to consider it, before they've completely fallen off the deep end. It's also highly unlikely they would ever play this game anyways. But I am curious as to whether this may cause even one of them may have second thoughts, though I'd guess that's not something that would really be quantifiable, as I doubt someone who was thinking of shooting people at a school would ever disclose that fact if they changed their mind.
  10. School Shooting game on steam

    As someone who is in no way a psychologist, I'm curious if something like this would help prevent someone from actually shooting up a school, kind of like how games can help some people expel pent-up aggression. This is probably gonna get banned though, because if you think the PR nightmare that was Hatred was bad, this will probably top that several fold. Then again, Americans may be becoming so desensitized to this topic that the outrage won't gain as much traction. Valve is a private company and can ban any game it wants to for any reason. Freedom of expression/speech only protects the authors from legal ramifications (limitations apply) and their works from being banned legally by the government.
  11. What's funny is that these people are complaining about historical accuracy, when women actually did fight in WWII.
  12. Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate 0, Danganronpa 1, and Danganronpa 2 are the first few that come to mind that are on Steam. Also, almost no VNs that I'm aware of have actually been removed yet, they were just threatened and given a 2 week notice to remove any sexual content (without telling the devs what sexual content there actually was and what exactly was infringing on Valve's ToS) - that threat has since been revoked (as far as I can tell) and Steam has said it is reviewing all games that got the notice to ensure they fit within Steam's guidelines. Basically this whole situation was caused on impulse/reflex (common theory is that this was incited by PayPal's anti-porn policy and many VNs having user-generated tags such as 'Nudity' and 'Sexual Content') and everything is now actually being looked at properly by Valve - which probably means everything will be fine since Valve isn't exactly known for curating its store in the slightest. But the fact that this scare occurred in the first place has caused many VN devs to look to other, more reliable platforms to put their games on, such as GOG.
  13. What's hilarious about this is they used to be called Morality in Media - they don't care about sexual exploitation, they're just arrogant prudes who feel like they have the "moral" highground and obligation to dictate what fiction people are or are not allowed to consume. They just changed their name so they would be taken more seriously by larger corporations (e.g. PayPal).
  14. If Valve wanted to just get rid of all games on their platform that had any sort of suggestive content, that in and of itself would be fine - incredibly stupid and shortsighted, but fine. It's the double standard of saying games like The Witcher are fine, but then trying to ban suggestive games with an anime art style whilst only citing "pornographic content" as the reason is the main problem here. Curating their store with strict guidelines isn't a problem, but when you do that completely subjectively and seemingly randomly, you get to the point where developers don't have any idea what is and isn't allowed on the storefront - that's the problem. Don't get me wrong, people would definitely be up in arms if Steam did implement such a drastic change in policy, but Steam would have a much stronger argument if they enforced those changes across the board, without picking and choosing what got to stay and what didn't.
  15. Some updates from a couple of the Developers of these games: Seems Valve may be reversing at least some of their decisions - hopefully they will realize they were being complete idiots and not ban games (that have actual, working executable files and aren't malware) because a few prudes got their granny panties in a bunch.