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  1. Cautiously looking forward to Sony's next console if it is indeed backwards compatible with the PS4. I would prefer if they would just stop locking games behind hardware, but that's unlikely to happen any time soon. Given that the only Sony consoles I've owned were the PS1 and PS2, it would be nice to be able to play PS4 games (and maybe PS3 remasters?) on updated hardware that would hopefully run the games better as well as whatever new games are on the horizon that will also be locked to Sony's hardware.
  2. To be fair, that only applies if you're completely shit with money and lack any capability to think long-term to any degree. You'd have to be a pretty big fucking idiot to do the things you described and spend so far above your means if you won (the equivalent of) the lottery that you go bankrupt. I, personally, would love enough money to be set for life without needing to waste time working instead of doing things I find actual value and fulfillment in.
  3. If they don't have any official means of distribution themselves, then yes, it absolutely should be fair game. If you don't offer people the means to obtain your product, you shouldn't have the right to complain when other people offer that means instead. At best, they should have the right to shut down those other means when they come out with an official distribution platform - but they shouldn't be able to collect on bullshit 'damages' for the time period in which the only method of obtaining their content was through illegitimate means.
  4. True, but we don't have any such system now. As such, Nintendo being able to take legal action against someone for making a product that is no longer reasonably available available again isn't justifiable. If Nintendo created such a system wherein the consumer had the option of obtaining all of their products legally, I'd be okay with them taking down someone distributing that content unofficially. If the consumer has no method, aside from piracy, to obtain content, then the companies who own said content shouldn't be able to do anything, as they've afforded the consumer no other choice. Nintendo could easily create their own, official emulation+ROM storefront today and give consumers the ability to play and enjoy all of their old games today. But they don't, and that's entirely their fault, so they shouldn't be able to punish someone who does it for them. This entire situation is a problem of Nintendo's own making. When there are gaps in the market, people will rush to fill those gaps.
  5. The problem with that is that Nintendo was no longer selling the vast majority of those ROMs in any official capacity. Not only that, but Nintendo trying to claim that they somehow had damages from these ROMs being available is completely flawed logic in and of itself - they weren't hurt financially because these ROMs existed, as people weren't able to buy them officially nor does a download equal a lost sale even if they were available for purchase. If Nintendo had an official emulator to replace their old hardware and officially sold copies of their ROMs to work on said emulator, I would completely understand them having a legitimate and understandable case, but they don't. If the law is on Nintendo's side here then the law needs to be changed - as this situation is neither just nor reasonable.
  6. Nintendo makes good games, but fuck the corporate side of them. Over $12 million for 20+ year old ROMs that are no longer being sold is total bullshit. We really need some serious copyright reform over here, as this entire situation is completely illogical and unreasonable.
  7. TimeOmnivore

    Bad Bananas - The Banana is going extinct

    Because if bananas go extinct, we won't be able to use bananas for scale anymore, which would be a devastating blow to the tech industry.
  8. Yeah... no. I use 15GB a day, if not more. 15GB per month is an absurdly small amount, showing that the people proposing this change have no idea what they're talking about. Even if the 'extra fee' was one-time only (per month), so you'd pay the same extra amount whether you used 16GB or 16TB, this would still be a terrible idea. Also, this: is downright insulting. People can easily use far more data than their cap provides without even going near the content of the people this group wants to compensate. All that said, I'm not Canadian, so even if this was implemented it wouldn't affect me (at least not directly), but this is still bullshit that needs to be called out on.
  9. TimeOmnivore

    New Switch Revision Coming in 2019. Potential Hardware Upgrade?

    1 of 2 things (or both) would make be buy a Switch - Breath of the Wild at 60fps, or Atlus and/or Sony let P5 go multiplatform and onto the Switch. If this new revision doesn't give previously existing titles a performance boost or bring in more 3rd-party support, I question the point of buying this 'new' Switch over the old. If this revision doesn't change much, hopefully Nintendo will just lower the price of the current Switch model and list the 'new' Switch at the current Switch's price, rather than raising the price for this supposed revision.
  10. So the dude's salty he made a bad deal because he lacked foresight and wants to retroactively get a better deal? What? Sorry you got shafted dude, but you made your bed, now lie in it. Does he not realize this whole situation just makes him look like a petty child and, if anything, will only encourage people to not support him by not buying his books?
  11. TimeOmnivore

    Users outraged as www. removal botched by Chrome 69

    Not sure what you're saying here. Chrome running a Twitch VOD (1080p60, 1.2x speed) and nothing else (hardware acceleration enabled) - 60%-70% CPU usage and everything works. Firefox running a Twitch VOD (1080p60, 1.2x speed) and nothing else (hardware acceleration enabled) - 99%-100% CPU usage, severe lagging, browser freezes, nothing good. Still use Firefox for everything else without issue, but, at least on my system, Twitch just shits the bed with it.
  12. TimeOmnivore

    Users outraged as www. removal botched by Chrome 69

    Same, though I still use Chrome when using Twitch, since Twitch in Firefox uses 30% more of my CPU than it does in Chrome... for some reason.
  13. TimeOmnivore

    Twitter has finally banned Alex Jones & Infowars

    I believe companies should have the right to ban whoever they want from their services for any reason. I don't think you have any sort of unalienable right to use their services provided those services aren't necessary for your ability to survive (e.g. water/electric companies). I can't say I'm particularly upset at Alex Jones being effectively kicked off of the majority of the internet, as that guy's a bigoted prick who regularly spouts harmful bullshit. That said, I also wouldn't be upset if every company decided to just let anyone use their services so long as they don't do anything illegal. In fact I think it would be better for everyone if you knew without a doubt that you wouldn't be censored by media companies for saying whatever you want. I just don't think those companies should be required to have such a policy in place.
  14. TimeOmnivore

    Amazon ends 20% Prime video game pre-order discount

    Given that preordering video games is a terrible idea to begin with, this change should mean exactly nothing.
  15. This may sound rude, but I value my time far, far more than their ability to make a few cents off of me watching ads on their streams.