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  1. What annoys me most about this isn't the fact that they removed "View Image" (right-click still exists, not much more difficult), it's that they also removed "Search by Image". That was, by far, the most useful and convenient feature of Google Images - see a photo that you like, but in a really low resolution? just click "search by image" and your issues are solved (provided a higher quality image exists in the first place). Now it's significantly more cumbersome to do this - e.g. right-click -> copy image URL -> new tab -> go to google images -> click the camera in the search box -> paste URL and search. I really miss that simple click. Fuck you Google.
  2. People on Reddit made a program you can run on your computer for anyone with decent enough hardware to do this on their own with whatever faces/videos they want. It has been downloaded over 100,000 times. So it seems like it's surprisingly easy - and therefore will be near impossible to stop. More info:
  3. Can confirm, am still using Office 2007. Although it's starting to break (a bit) on recent Windows 10 updates, so I may have to upgrade at some point soon.
  4. What is up with tech manufacturers having completely shit taste in naming new hardware? Yeah, sure, just call it literally the same thing as another product; brilliant plan right there, won't create any confusion at all. Seems like they could have used the time/resources for this to instead try to lessen the strain on current model GPU supply, but I don't know anything about building GPUs so that may or may not have been an option.
  5. I wonder what impact this may have, if any, on free to play card games like Hearthstone. I mean, Blizzard would probably do what they did in China - i.e. technically only buying 1 dust and getting a "bonus" pack for free - if this does affect them, though I'm not sure how Germany's laws work and if this sort of thing (which I can definitely see other publishers trying to pull) wouldn't be allowed under some sort of "spirit of the law" type of thing.
  6. Since bribery is legal here, it makes sense that a lot of these laws were basically written by large corporations, such as Disney. It gets really annoying though when these companies then try to pick and choose which parts of the law they actually feel like following and which they just pretend don't exist, or even just outright say that the opposite of the law is what's actually true.
  7. Fair enough. They were listed separately as defendants in the complaint, so I figured I may as well list them out here as well, though I gave up about halfway through since the title was getting a bit too long.
  8. The Legal Document - https://www.scribd.com/document/370078919/Redbox-Countersuit#from_embed As some of you may remember, Disney sued Redbox a month or so ago for copyright infringement. Now, however, Redbox has gone on the offensive. Redbox is basically suing Disney over the fact that Disney is trying to subvert the "First Sale" doctrine of copyright law - once you buy a product, it's yours, so you can resell, rent, or give it away - by telling consumers, such as Redbox, that reselling/renting is illegal in an attempt to, Redbox says, stifle competition for Disney's own planned digital distribution platform. Some key quotes from the complaint: Also, here's a video Leonard French, a well-respected copyright attorney, put out on the subject: What are your thoughts on this? Personally, I hope Redbox wins this case - you should absolutely have the right to resell, or otherwise get rid of, products you have purchased. Disney shouldn't have the power to subvert copyright law - which they themselves fought so hard for - for their own gain.
  9. Those that watched the live stream know he cleared everything with an Amazon PR rep. He got permission to test out their refund system - not to mention that Amazon's ToS state that you can refund any product for any reason and are under no obligation to return it (presumably using data from your Amazon account to determine if you're abusing the system). Also, at least in the US (possibly Canada as well), the word "tampon" is generally used to refer to any menstrual product, regardless if they are actual tampons or not.
  10. I, for one, am probably going to just wait till the next generation(s?) of stuff before upgrading to an actual decent gaming PC (current one is just a 2012 APU) - once GPU prices are normal~ish and the Spectre/Meltdown stuff has been (mostly) dealt with. The lovely thing about PC gaming - you can wait however long you want to get into it and don't have to worry about not being able to play older games just because you don't have the correct system for it. Current market does kinda suck for those who do need a new system now, though - GPU and RAM prices are shot to hell, CPUs either have significant vulnerabilities or performance loss (to varying degrees), and who knows where crypto is going and what that'll continue to do to the issues with supply and demand.
  11. Seems likely that someone up the totem pole would likely be aware of Bitcoin and the advantages it offers in not-so-legal business practices, so street dealers would probably be at least somewhat knowledgeable of the idea, I agree. Also, I'm pretty sure the Silk Road (the illegal modern-day version) has been around quite a bit longer than 2013.
  12. In other news, the sky is blue. More at 11.
  13. Speaking of the Net Neutrality repeal - 22 State Attorney Generals have sued the FCC over the Net Neutrality repeal.
  14. Yeah, I agree that this having to do with the Logan Paul situation doesn't make much sense, and they should absolutely demonetize his videos (if not outright delete his channel), but I feel saying this move is causing others to be "sacrificed at the altar" is a bit much - the amount of money being lost from this move should be negligible at best.