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  1. Users outraged as www. removal botched by Chrome 69

    Not sure what you're saying here. Chrome running a Twitch VOD (1080p60, 1.2x speed) and nothing else (hardware acceleration enabled) - 60%-70% CPU usage and everything works. Firefox running a Twitch VOD (1080p60, 1.2x speed) and nothing else (hardware acceleration enabled) - 99%-100% CPU usage, severe lagging, browser freezes, nothing good. Still use Firefox for everything else without issue, but, at least on my system, Twitch just shits the bed with it.
  2. Users outraged as www. removal botched by Chrome 69

    Same, though I still use Chrome when using Twitch, since Twitch in Firefox uses 30% more of my CPU than it does in Chrome... for some reason.
  3. Twitter has finally banned Alex Jones & Infowars

    I believe companies should have the right to ban whoever they want from their services for any reason. I don't think you have any sort of unalienable right to use their services provided those services aren't necessary for your ability to survive (e.g. water/electric companies). I can't say I'm particularly upset at Alex Jones being effectively kicked off of the majority of the internet, as that guy's a bigoted prick who regularly spouts harmful bullshit. That said, I also wouldn't be upset if every company decided to just let anyone use their services so long as they don't do anything illegal. In fact I think it would be better for everyone if you knew without a doubt that you wouldn't be censored by media companies for saying whatever you want. I just don't think those companies should be required to have such a policy in place.
  4. Amazon ends 20% Prime video game pre-order discount

    Given that preordering video games is a terrible idea to begin with, this change should mean exactly nothing.
  5. This may sound rude, but I value my time far, far more than their ability to make a few cents off of me watching ads on their streams.
  6. RTX 20 Series Cards Confirmed With Pricing

    September 20th Updated prices from live stream: 2070 - $500 2080 - $700 2080ti - $1000
  7. RTX 20 Series Cards Confirmed With Pricing

    Well... Hopefully the Pascal cards will go down in price? Cause these prices are kinda ridiculous.
  8. Ads On Netflix?

    Meanwhile their UI is such dogshit, that you need to use a third-party site (e.g. https://flixable.com/) to actually sort through their catalogue in any reasonable fashion. Also, fuck ads - if this becomes a permanent feature and they, in any way (even if it's just those 5 second ads), get in the way of me watching whatever show I'm watching, I'll find that show elsewhere. There's a reason I use an adblocker everywhere and don't have cable: I value my time far more than I value a company's profits.
  9. That just sounds like an education problem, rather than a problem with the internet itself. We absolutely need more educated people in government to help curb those problems you mentioned, but levying websites/companies while simultaneously trying to regulate internet content based on vague "ethics" and trying to shoehorn in liability for user-generated content is not the way to go about it.
  10. Fuck this part especially - for two main reasons. One being that expecting (particularly large) sites to be able preemptively monitor every piece of content that is uploaded without said sites going bankrupt is about as realistic as walking on the sun without getting burned. And, possibly more importantly, two: the use of the word 'harmful' alongside 'illegal'; given what I've seen of the UK's propositions and attempts at law on just this forum alone, I sure as hell don't want them being the determining factor on what's considered 'harmful' - nor do I trust any other agency with that definition either - they'd probably try to fine sites for normal pornography or swearing or some other equally benign shit. Governments don't seem to understand that if they wanted the internet to be restricted and within their purview, they needed to have done that several decades ago when it was in its infancy - it's far too late now, and any and all attempts to restrict the way people use and/or access the internet at this point will only be met with vitriol and rejection by the masses.
  11. I doubt that price is accurate - if it was, then the 1160's performance has to be absurdly higher than the 1060's for anyone to buy the new card over the old one. And I doubt Nvidia would just leave that much of a gap in the market, since if they want people to buy their new cards, they have to have a competitive equivalent (price-wise) to their old generation. They can't increase the prices of their "low-end" cards by that much unless they want their consumers to stick with the old generation for a longer period of time, which wouldn't make much sense, as far as I can tell.
  12. Yes that's just my opinion, but the reason I called them unnecessary because every game gets pirated, regardless of any DRM, so all DRM really accomplishes is annoying regular consumers and potentially worsening the problem by pushing some to pirate a clean version of the game without the DRM. Yes, DRM prevents pirating for a short period of time, and it's up to the publishers to decide if that short amount of time is worth whatever it costs to add Denuvo's DRM to their games - but that doesn't mean I have to like, support, or otherwise respect their decision. I'm confused as to what part of my comment led you to believe that I thought my dislike of their products changed reality it any sort of way? I said I acknowledge their right to sue under the current laws (nor would I revoke this right if I had the ability) - my point was only that just because they have the legal authority to behave as they did, I don't have to respect their products or their company and can say "Fuck Denuvo" without any qualms. Similar to how Nintendo's practices make me say "Fuck Nintendo"(at least their business side of things - games are still good), despite the fact that everything they do is also legal and within their rights.
  13. Don't know about you, but I can still confidently say, "Fuck Denuvo" for creating and releasing shitty and unnecessary products, while still accepting that they have the legal grounds to protect their IP. Something being legal doesn't necessarily mean its justifiable or reasonable.
  14. Fuck Denuvo. Unfortunately, I can't imagine that Voksi is going to be found innocent and/or not punished (although I'm completely unfamiliar with Bulgarian law). IMO, you shouldn't be penalized for unfucking games and making them not only run better, but also ensuring they can still be played once the DRM servers go down (an inevitability). Hopefully more people keep fighting the good fight until DRM companies finally concede defeat. It's like they don't understand that putting that shitty bloatware into their games only encourages people to pirate a clean version. Hell, if publishers really, really want to bog down their games with DRM no matter what, I'd honestly be fine with even a half-ass victory where publishers would sell a no-DRM version of their games after like 3-5 years after release or something.
  15. Google makes YouTube much slower for Firefox and Edge

    YouTube loads much faster for me on Firefox. Though that's most likely due to the fact that I use an addon that reverts YT to the old style. So compared to the new redesign on Chrome, the old design on Firefox is the faster of the two.