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  1. Alright I'll check it out man, thanks
  2. Yeah I know, I'm just getting really tired of failing parts and blue screen errors. I want a prebuilt PC that I can blame someone else on when it fails to work lol. But yeah, I was going to factor in the video card.
  3. Hello everyone, I need some help with a thing. So I built my own pc but I'm getting kind of tired of it, it's pretty okay but it's unbalanced, and I just don't have a crap ton of experience building PCs. So I ask of you to help me sell my PC. Or not. What should I do? I want to possibly sell it and buy a prebuilt. I'll list my specs and things, and I just want an opinion and some guidance. Help!! Processor: AMD A10-7870k Radeon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C + 8G 3.90 8.00 GB RAM 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor A68HM GRENADE motherboard MSI EVGA 550 Volt Power Supply And that's my specs! I really want an efficient way to play Destiny 2 with my friends. I also have a GTX 1060 amp! 6gb video card I want to sell. How much do you think I could get for the whole bunch? Also my case is a 50 dollar case that's very simple and basic. What prebuilt PC should I get in replacement? My budget is probably about 1000 dollars.
  4. Title^ I have player luigis mansion dark moon and it's not my favorite, but donkey kong country returns 3D and Mario and Luigi dream team look interesting. What do you think?
  5. You know what, I fixed it. Had some missing drivers.
  6. Hello everyone, I need some assistance with a problem I'm having. I recently have been using my PS4 controller with my PC using DS4Windows, and it's been working fine. All of a sudden, DS4 tool recognizes none of my ps4 controllers, and for some odd reason my the PC doesnt detect my controllers. sort of. Basically, I plug in my controller to the front USB ports, and the light comes on for a second, and then the USB connection sound (do doo doop!) comes on. But still nothing. I tried using steam big picture mode, and still nothing. Then, I plug my controller into the back, and my PC recognizes it and it works fine again. Why are my front USB ports not working with my PS4 controller? I tested them and they work perfectly with my mouse and headphones and steam controller. The front USB ports are just not recognizing the PS4 controllers. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, -Brayton
  7. I'll probably save up and get the 6600k when the time comes. Thanks
  8. Thanks y'all, should I upgrade my CPU next? If so what to?
  9. That's awesome, thank you, but what settings do you think I can run it? I would love to run it at high.
  10. Hello everyone, I just have a quick question on whether or not I can run The Witcher 3 with my setup. Here are my specs. gpu: GTX 1060 Amp! Edition, 6gb cpu: AMD A-10 7870k 8 gigs of ram 550 power supply 1080p monitor can I run The Witcher 3 at 60 fps with a preferably high setting?
  11. So contact Zotac? Should I return the Gpu? I'm pretty worried rn because I already returned one faulty gpu this past week.
  12. What do you mean CD? The gpu came with one, am I supposed to do something with that first?
  13. Alright so I downloaded the app for msi that I guess autodownloads bios updates. After updating, I shut down my computer and plugged the gpu in, and after booting up my PC still black screen. Am I just doing something stupid wrong? I firmly press my gpu into the pci-e slot then plug in the 6 pin connector. After that I plug the hdmi from monitor to the gpu, then boot up the PC. What am I doing wrong?