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  1. Dear LTT forum users, I recently got my hands on a new PC that i got from my late uncle. The machine is better equiped then mine with an X99 Chipset instead of a X97. My current machine holds a i7 4790K with a single GTX 780ti inside of it and 16 GB of ram all sitting on a Maximus VII hero board. (Windows 10) The other PC has 2 GTX 980's also 16GB of ram and is sitting on a Asus X99-A motherboard , i forgot what CPU it was exactly running but it was a pretty good one . (Windows 8.1) Now i'm having trouble and i'm a bit worried to change all the parts all of a sudden , like first of all i don't want to lose all my data , second of all i preferably wouldn't want to damage any parts of my computer. I searched a bit on the internet but didn't exactly know what to search for so i came here , sorry if this topic already exists like i sad i couldn't find anything. If somebody could explain me what to do , if it's even smart to start using the other pc i would be incredibly gratful. I would like to thank you already. sorry if my english isn't to good.
  2. i dont know what my POP3/IMAP is.
  3. Dear Forum I'm using my HTC one mini 2 for a while now and i'm tired of always login in on my mail true Chrome. so i tried to use to mail app that was pre-installed i could choose Microsoft Exchange activesync , Gmail ,Yahoo mail , outlook, Other (POP3/IMAP) , first of all i'm using this mail webmail.ergensanders.be . My question is now: can anyone help me get this working or should i use another APP. -Thanks
  4. kittke - username Fav videos https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf
  5. eeeermmm meeer geeeerrd awsuuuummeee :wub: no really this is great up to 2 million c'mon
  6. There was nothing Done to improve COD the only improvement you can make is burn COD
  7. The nvidia stock coolers are way better then the reference coolers from AMD (ATI for all da haters)
  8. Poor toilet were the iPhone and the samsung still in there
  9. That's totaly your own choice