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  1. Usually does the trick with powerline adapters. Anything changed in terms of their situation? Plugged anything in near them, moved them etc? Might be worth checking your switch is working properly too. Other than that, my only suggestion would be to reset/re-pair them and maybe leave them unplugged for a little to cool down (mine get quite toasty)
  2. Have you tried turning them off and on again? (serious question)
  3. Having a sense of entitlement because you were born in a particular country is one of the biggest problem these days. 


    Yes, you pay tax and have a job, but only because you were given the opportunity to do so because you were born there - something completely out of your control. 


    Patriotism is retarded. You're not better than someone because you're from, what you consider to be, a better a country. 


    Immigrants aren't the enemy, they're a focus which needs to be dealt with, not ignore and pushed away by selfish bigots. 

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      >patriotism is retarded


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      >disagreeing with a point but not bothering to explain your own 


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      So true. Sure, you have it better, but it's not like you did anything. 

  4. PayPal > Log in > Send & Request > Request money > EnriquePeñ > $30bn > Request > Log out
  5. When you can hear all the saliva and stuff going on inside a YouTubers mouth
  6. Clickbait is great if you're a channel with dumb content attracting dumb people, but when you're a tech channel (one of the biggest and most influential) it's a short term high until people can't understand what your fucking goal is. You a serious tech channel fam, or just some clowns 'reviewing' stupid products? 



  7. You still can't just outright say 99% of those people aren't though and anyone who uses it isn't a real programmer, because you like to assume that they're all 14 year olds making 40 line JavaScript or Python files. Also either I don't know how to use the forum or that poll isn't public? Even if it was, I couldn't tell you if they were an avid or professional programmer (unless they actively post in Programming or something); nor could you.
  8. Ummm nooo..... They use an IDE for larger, more complex projects and the text editor for smaller things that don't require a fully featured IDE? You're trying to argue that anyone who uses Notepad++ isn't a true programmer because your sense of superiority and righteousness thinks that because you use Sublime text for your school programming projects you're above anyone who doesn't lol
  9. My point. That is the text editor they use. They still use an IDE (Visual Studio).
  10. Notepad++ is a light and perfectly usable editor. And no, they're developers with more time in the industry than you've been alive lmao I never once said that's all they use. That's the TEXT EDITOR they use. And there's also the fact it's free and GPL licensed.
  11. How can you say that when you can't see the people that voted lmao I know of software developers that use Notepad++ on a regular basis
  12. I usually take the GPU out and wipe the inside down every 6 months or so. My room is fairly dusty, and I don't like the thin visible layer of dust. Dust filters get cleaned every 3-4 weeks (I clean them when I deep clean the rest of my room)
  13. I probably did it when I was 8
  14. Because posting an auction in Hot Deals is pointless. It isn't going to stay at the same price. eBay is perfectly safe these days, those who don't use and tell others not to use it because of 'scams' are fools