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  1. I probably did it when I was 8
  2. Because posting an auction in Hot Deals is pointless. It isn't going to stay at the same price. eBay is perfectly safe these days, those who don't use and tell others not to use it because of 'scams' are fools
  3. *shivers*
  4. called it
  5. 'I fucked up'?
  6. Fair point. I wouldn't say negative feedback though (which OP's was). If you're rating the seller, personally I would give it positive as 'Undelivered by courier, refunded by seller'
  7. If the fault was down to the courier, yes.
  8. The two server cabinets aren't so bad
  9. Also does it not annoy anyone else that you pay £8/month for Prime and have to spend 15 seconds at the start of a show/film for an ad for some other Prime Video Original thing
  10. You see, I clicked in this thread because of the title and seen it was the video I didn't bother watching because I didn't know what the hell it would be about... I'm not going to bother clicking on a video without some hint of what my 4 minutes will be spent on. My two cents.
  11. This one is just taking the piss tbh lol. Do you remember who your audience is?
  12. I think if they don't scrap the Celebrity Brain Crash or whatever it's called next season I can see it going downhill (if they don't respond to quite obvious criticism). Haven't seen any positive comments on that section, it got boring have the 2nd time and now it's just pointless. As for the over-scripting, I don't think they'll do anything about that personally. Whilst it's extremely cringey, it's more or less the entire style of the show they seem to have gone with.
  13. Oh Cadbury's Bournville is genuinely what I'm thinking of when I say I hate dark chocolate
  14. I don't think they can call it theirs though....