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    RC hobby. playing games. and bicycling to places i havent been. also DOGS
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    intel 6600k
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    asus z170 pro gaming
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    kingston hyperX fury black 16gb 2133MHz ddr4
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    currently not there
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    phanteks p400s tg black red
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    hyperX fury 120gb wd caviar blue 1 tb the one everyone has
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    corsair cx550m
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    samsung syncmaster b2230
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    cooler master hyper 212 evo
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    something logitech
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    logitech mx master
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    something logitech
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    windows 10 64bit
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  1. well it seems your living in the states so i wouldnt think so haha. but for my z390 xi hero and 9600k i got to hand out 723 freedom dollars
  2. damn really? i thought i was at the low end of oc'ing on this chip. im pretty sure it will go upto 5.3 without much hazzle really been running the 5.2 the last couple of days and no hiccups so far. guess im a lottery winner my old 6600k managed 5ghz on 1.37
  3. hello all. so i bought a 9600k some time ago ? and decided to finally oc it. and i choose to stop at 5.2ghz at 1.32v. it max hits 70c and im just wondering since im new to intel 9th gen, is that a good or bad result?
  4. like a true clarkson, anyways i just overclocked my i5 6600k to 4.5 at 1.300v i have a 212 evo (like everyone and their pet snails) and my temps are 64 64 64 60 on cores 1 2 3 4 in that order while using aida64 tried at 1.250v and crashed. but i would like to know if those are good temps and also do you have any tips/recommendations for me and should i change something? thx and aida has been running for 10 min now
  5. the pricing remember here in dk its +25% of the original price
  6. because of the way the air is pulled through it creates a different noise which is said to be more noticble
  7. hi so currently im looking for a new psu since my cx550m is loud af and i cant quite decide between the evga 650 g3 or corsair rm650i so i wanted some opinions from you peeps. (also i have heard the rmi is quiter because it uses a grill instead of a solid piece of metal with holes in it can anyone confirm this?)
  8. hi im a bit confused because the msi 1070 requires 1x6 pin connecter and 1x8. pin (which seems weird btw since the 1070 strix only uses 1x8 pin but what ever) but will this cable work for this (see picture) the cable is only connected to 1 plug on the psu
  9. whats your budget and where do you live?
  10. anyways thanks for the help and this lovely conversation have a nice evening/morning depending on your location bye
  11. in my own opinion i think they should make some normal colored fan with rgb so that you can make them fit your case style, of course the shouldn't make the fans perform any different, just make them not horribly to look at. also what do you mean by not to expensive have you seen their pricing, and in one of linus,s computex videos he said their new fans would cost 3 TIMES as MUCH 3 TIMES thats insane, and they are still puke colored