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  1. Friend's laptop. she doesnt have a Clue about it! also the lap came with windows 8 and the sticker is erased.
  2. Thanks! i will Try this and check. was trying to use hiren's boot tools but Freedos is just getting stuck at boot.
  3. Hey guys this is not Austin again with another new help request. My old laptop has its harddisk dying and cannot login into the windows.. So I dono the serial number of the OS to reactivate again.. Is there a way to retrieve the serial number again..? Planning to get a new harddisk and install Windows 10 and activate the Windows with exisiting serial number.. Any suggestions?
  4. Yup.. After checking all the prices. The processors for this gen is nearly ryzen 3 price.. Not gonna spend on this. Save up and buy and do a ryzen 5 build.
  5. When u are the only person in ur circle that plays pc games and everyone else in ur circle plays pubg mobile and uses mobile apps to do photoshop.. It's kinda hard getting used or to find ppl with pc.. Either they have pentium core 2 duo.. Or have a oneplus for all their needs..
  6. I am mainly facing micro stutters in fortnite while playing i3-2120. And did a benchmark of shadow of war avg is 58fps.. And minimum is 0fps.. This is with medium setting in fortnite. While playing the game I didn't notice anything.. But in fortnite it was very visible.. frames suddenly drops.. Unplayable even in medium settings..
  7. More threads.. I'll check what I can get.. But that xeon e3 is like 70$ and i7s are literally 90$.. So thinking..
  8. Planning to get something cheap now to just play some games and then later upgrade to a ryzen 3.. But it might take sometime to save up.. Because I have to save up for motherboard ram and processor. That's why going cheap.
  9. 1080p high settings? maybe apex legends or fornite .. something like that.. and maybe games like witcher 3...
  10. will it work on a b75 motherboard? i have gigabyte b75m-d3v.
  11. Hey guys, Looking for a upgrade after 5years. I have a lga1155 socket looking for a I5 or a i7 that can run games of 2019 with out bottlenecking my rx570. I cannot run few games on my i3 2120.. Looking in AliExpress and suggestions are welcome. Looking for something around 50$.
  12. just checked all the prices and the cases available at these price range. india btw. there are similar cases with similar features but too they are going over like 70$.
  13. Hey guys this is not austin, so i was going to purchase a pc case for my 3rd gen i5 on micro atx motherboard with stock cooler and recently purchased a RX 570 of aorus. my old pc case doesnt have provisioning for front fans (ancient case). so when i went through some budget cases under 50-70/$ and i found this. ANTEC NX100. window and also psu cover and no cd rom cage. also looks neat for this price range. but did anyone every try this and how good are the thermals? since without any fans pushing air to the GPU is running like 70- 73 degrees and cpu 50 degrees while playing shadow of war medium to high settings. will this case be a good upgrade for proper cooling and what are the alternative options there with similar features(window,also psu cover and no cd rom cage) under 50-70$?
  14. india.. place where the prices stay for older hardware the same forever. but looking forward to wait for amd and nvidia to release something soon