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  1. No, It is a usb one. It does happen a lot even when I am not typing as well, so I hope it isn't something with my keyboard, but it definitely could be.
  2. It's during everything, be it web browsing coding you name it. They can range in duration from less than a second to around 3 seconds. My bad about the text wall. Just very frustrated about this whole issue. I will definitely avoid them from now on. Edit: It is most noticeable when typing or when watching a video and trying to skip a few seconds.
  3. PCPartPicker Part List Currently, I have been experiencing horrible micro stutters whenever I use my Desktop. These shutters do not affect the audio at all. I moved into a new dorm in mid-August, and only recently the issues have started to arise. Before then, I would never have any micro stutters and the computer ran smoothly. The only thing that has occurred that I could see causing an issue (besides physical damage from moving, which I took precautions against) was that there was one time where the power to the computer got cut off while in use. It was not due to a power surge, but rather the surge protector turning off because it was not plugged in firmly. I have tried different windows versions, I ran CCleaner, scanned with Malwarebytes in addition to running tests. I went through and uninstalled programs and chrome extensions to see if that helped, but it didn't I also tried updating drivers and windows itself, but neither of those has helped the problem. So the first test I ran was sfc /scannow which did find a corrupt file, but I fixed that. Then I checked the hard disks with CrystalDiskInfo. Both disks reported as good. Then I tried the windows memory diagnostic tool, and that again said no problems. I ran the user benchmark tool and got these reports. It says that both the memory and the cpu are under-performing. But for the memory, I got the DDR4 3000 mhz memory and June, and have had no issues until these stutters. The CPU, I believe may need new thermal paste, but I don't know if that could be causing these issues. I also do not overclock the CPU. The one peripheral I will note could be a problem is this DAC which has in the past had an issue with the audio cutting out, with the only fix is to unplug and plug back in the USB 2.0 mini type B cable. When I first got it in February, there would be some notifications about a USB power failure issue through the Windows action center. But I have not seen them in a while. Is there anything that stands out to you guys as a possible issue that I can fix without having to buy parts? I was considering reformatting my PC to try and fix the issues, but I would rather try that as a last resort before buying new parts.
  4. So I am looking for a 24" monitor that works vertically. I already have the arm to allow me to do this and I only have a budget of about $100. I have a 24" monitor(Benq GL2460) at the moment that I use vertically, I just hate how if I look at it from certain angles I can't see the screen because of a weird polarization/blur/idk know the technical term for it but it looks very fuzzy. I am fine with 1080p and 60hz. Thanks in advance.