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  1. ok. But i want to access the hdmi monitor.
  2. I have 2 monitors connected to my pc.The second as extend .1 with hdmi and the second with usb c .But always i can access bios only from usb c monitor.If i want to access bios from hdmi i must disconnect the second monitor
  3. Now i have a samsung 28d590 4k monitor.If i go to a 32in 2k 144hz monitor would be a visible downggrade diference in resolution? I mostly play fps games.What about asus 32qvxr.Sorry for my english.
  4. Hi.Is there a tool like asus sensor recorder and alarm function for low rpm fans in maximus xi formula?In my older maximus v formula there was.I mean in ai suite. Thanks
  5. Thank you for your answers.I think i will wait.
  6. Hi.I have an i5 3570k overclocked to 4.6 paired with an msi 2070 gaming x.I play fps games in 4k.Should i upgrade now in ryzen 2600x or intel 9600k or should i wait for ryzen 3000.Thank you.