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  1. So whats up with the new AMD navi naming scheme? RX 3080 seems like they're trying to get a chunk of Nvidia's RTX 2080 product or even preventing them from using "RTX 3080" in the future? Edit-- Just want to clarify i understand that these are just speculations- just discussing if they actually go through with it.
  2. 1. Buy a 1050ti 2. bought an overpriced powersupply, turns out it was the graphics card which was dead so wasted like $150. 3. buy a non-Ryzen AM4 cpu. (save up if you have am4!)
  3. Yeah, I've heard that most manufacturers don't want to have any 'anti-miner' schemes because its just too good for business
  4. yay, another bitcoin post amirite! Well anyways. I was considering upgrading to a 1080ti or even 1080tis in SLI when a friend told me that i should wait for bitcoin to die, he estimated that 1080ti's would drop price by atleast $600, which tbh i find obscene. When do you guys reckon bitcoin will drop and in affect how much do you reckon card prices will drop? Im considering waiting as I'm not in a rush but many people reckon it wont be for another year that bitcoin will die, also raising the question if it doesn't die anytime soon, when Nvidia or AMD releases a new generation of card, will miners sell their old cards or keep them?
  5. It was years ago I no longer have the mouse
  6. Hey guys, I was reminiscing about the old gaming days and thinking back to my old setup and remembered my first gaming mouse a Razer DeathAdder which I bought off ebay. Now that I think about it i am slowly starting to think that it was fake. My main reason for concern was that there was no Mouse 3&4 but the mouse worked perfectly with Razer Synapse. I have been searching for the past hour trying to find a Death adder model that has no extra buttons but can't find any. The mouse also didn't have braided cable. This is stuck in my head, what are your guys' thoughts?
  7. Need help from anyone whose used scorptec before. I bought my item and I have no idea if I chose pickup or deliver and it says courier pickup? Does that mean the courier is picking it up and delivering it or I have to pick it up. The site really isnt specific about it
  8. Damn, it's fairly old. I mean if it's dead i might aswell try the freezer trick.
  9. Hey guys my harddrive suddenly stopped working after the pc went into sleep mode. im running some samsung hdd with an asus tog strix b350f mobo ive tried using other cables. But the beeping kept happening
  10. Talking strictly software wise, i would not think so as Windows (if you are using it) usually scans for new components. Hardware wise, after a while it could ware the pins on the pci-e/dimm slots
  11. Wouldn't it be easier to find out more about a monitor by getting it's pixel desnity. for example a 25" 4k monitor would be much better than a 75" 4k TV, why isn't pixel desnity it's main selling point rather than resolution
  12. Never seen any, but wouldn't cable management be a hassle?
  13. I've been searching around for some good ddr4 ram and I decided to go with Hyperx Fury's as they were quite cheap and relatively good looking I wanted whites as it fits my build but soon realised that they don't provide 2x4gb White, while they have 2x4gb for the black variant, anyone can explain this?