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  1. Just adding to this, if using Linux, you might wanna look into Docker as the virtualization overhead is pretty minimal and lightweight.
  2. Since this is a sticky, and there seems to be a general difficulty when setting up OpenVPN servers (as some have said, don't use PPTP), take a look on this free OpenVPN management panel: https://pritunl.com/ It's free, really easy to setup and supports, 2-factor authentication, tons of configurations, everything handled from the web GUI.
  3. I also run all the things you've listed on my setup, plus a few more things. One thing that I'm enjoying is, I've got a cPanel developer license, which you don't have to pay a monthly fee to use, and installed it on a VM on my NAS. I do web development and it's been really nice to be able to mount all of my websites locally and basically move all of my development stack from my local PC over to my NAS. I can load and work on my projects from any computer in the house and when I'm out I just login on my VPN to have access to everything like I was at home. Git version control also works surprisingly well. You might say one could setup a normal web stack on CentOS or Debian but cPanel is really a turnkey solution that has pretty much everything I need, also moving simple projects from local to production is super easy as most hosts are cPanel based. If you want to setup your own VPN server, I'd recommend https://pritunl.com/ , it's free and it's really easy to use and setup your own OpenVPN servers with tons of configuration options. I've basically got Pritunl running on 4 low-end VMs across 3 continents now so I don't need to rely on any 3rd party provider, I can easily give access to the VPN to my friends, connect home from anywhere, run Plex from the outside without having to publicly open a port on my router. I've also got my CCTV system recording footage straight into my NAS. Since my cameras are network accessible, when I'm out I can connect to my home's VPN and view every camera's live feed from my CCTV app without having to expose any port publically to the internet either. I've got Verizon FiOS 100/100Mbps so my IP is dynamic. I just use https://freedns.afraid.org to keep up with the IP changing, it's free and I've never had any problems. Another pro of having a VPN server at home is that I can enable RDP on all my computers, setup firewall rules to only allow connections from the local network, so now I can ditch TeamViewer and just use Window's RDP to remote access any computer I need from the outside. I've also used SteamLink from a hotel room while connected to my VPN and I was surprised at how well it worked. Every once in a while I think of new applications for my home server, very happy with it
  4. This is a question regarding general SSD 10Gbit, beefy NAS setups in general. Currently, I have a NAS setup running off spinnable disks with 2 mirrored SDD for caching, on 1GBit network, running UnRAID. I know UnRAID is uncomparable with ZFS regarding speeds, but even when I'm compressing/uncompressing zip/rar files from my SSD share over the network, it is painfully slow. The thing is, it doesn't seem like my network is the problem here because, on Task Manager, WinRAR doesn't go over 30ish Mbps when uncompressing stuff. So that got me wondering, do the folks down in LTT have this same problem on their beefy NAS? CPU doesn't seem to be the problem, network doesn't seem to be the problem either, so that got me thinking maybe UnRAID's parity is the real bottleneck. But then when I SSH into my NAS and just uncompress stuff from the CLI, it does it super fast. So is Samba the problem? If it is, then even the beefiest of the beefy NAS setups would crawl when doing this kind of stuff. Any thoughts on this?
  5. I have an r410 at home. I run a VPN server on it so I can access my home network from outside. I'm concerned about S.J.Res. 34 (it sucks and it might just pass). I want to run my router as a VPN client connected to a VPN outside so it encrypts my entire home network's traffic. Since everything will be behind the VPN on my router, how would I connect to the VPN server in my network? Would I have to run my own VPN server outside, instead of just using a VPN company like PIA? Sorry if it's an obvious question, I'm just a bit confused about this concept.
  6. Gotcha. I disabled Avast and it's still happening I didn't want to format my PC because I have 3+ years worth of stuff installed on it but it's looking like it's going to be the only way
  7. AHCI is enabled. Should I disable it? "First of all, please don't color your font white, black, or any variant of grey or dark blue. People using the dark theme cannot read it." Sorry I just copied the text from a post I did to Reddit but had no replies. I only use Avast free antivirus. Thanks for the suggestion, I will disable it and see if it changes anything.
  8. The same thing happens if I use Firefox or Edge. Or even when I'm saving stuff from other programs, for example if I save a file from Skype or a .psd from Photoshop.
  9. This is better explained with video: https://vid.me/aGTK This happens whenever I'm saving a file, be it an image on Photoshop, or a download on Chrome. My computer just hangs and I can't do anything while it's saving, and it takes quite a few seconds to save the files. It doesn't matter if it's a small or large file, or if I save stuff to my SSD or to my HHD. It's been happening for a while, everything is updated, I'm not sure of what to do to fix this I also have problems making/renaming folders. If I make a new folder, nothing happens. I have to refresh the folder I'm currently at for the "New Folder" folder to show up. This often also happens when I'm trying to rename files. On Power Options, my "Turn off hard disk after" setting is set to - minutes (never). Error Checking on my C drive (SSD) returned no errors. Does anyone have any idea of what might be going on?
  10. Hey guys, need a little help here. I have two wifi routers in my house. A Verizon FiOS G-1100, and a Netgear R6300. I've installed OpenWRT on the R6300, and setup a wireless bridge between the two routers, but their signals are too far apart and it didn't work well. So I ran an 100ft cat5e cable from the R6300 through my basement. The white/amber cat5e goes from my Verizon ONT/modem to the Verizon wifi router upstairs. The blue cat5e is the cable coming from the R6300. Ideally I would connect the blue cable to a LAN port on the Verizon router, but I don't want to make more holes in my wall and floor. Instead, if I get a switch and connect the ONT, and both routers to it, would I be able to have them in the same network with internet access? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. Sorry I mixed up refresh rate with response time! The first monitor I bought on ebay had dead pixels a few weeks later so I'm trying to avoid ebay On a retailer I could at least return the monitor. I've never seen a VA panel before, I'll look up the HP Omen, thanks. Edit: Rip me. The HP Omen was at $309 THIS MORNING and now the deal is gone
  12. Hey guys, this monitor is $100 off on BestBuy. I really dig it but I can't find anything about it on the internet. Not unboxing, no videos, nothing. Does anyone have this panel? I was actually looking for an IPS panel, I've always had TN panels and I love the crisp image of IPS panels. Would this WVA panel be a turn off? Also the refresh rate is 7ms. I play mostly AAA games, I also play csgo and overwatch occasionally with friends but nothing hella competitive. I have a 1070 SC. What do you guys think of this monitor? Should I go for anything else for this price range? 27" is good.
  13. I just realised the AOC is a TN panel. I'm looking for a IPS panel monitor so I'll have to cross that one out