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  1. Kyatto

    How dead is my mSD card?

    Yep, did that too before going into windows.
  2. Kyatto

    How dead is my mSD card?

    Guys, i turned my phone off yesterday and left it charging and when i turned it on again the micro SD card didn't show anymore neither on the phone or windows, can't format it and doesn't seem like "chkdsk" command does anything at all, is it possible to get it up and running once more?
  3. Hi, i just fully upgraded my pre-built PC with a GTX 1050ti sff and am eager to know what i potentially missed out, i think it's worth noticing there are still a couple games that won't reach 60 fps on high settings like Rise of the Tomb Raider 7u7, and some games won't seem to reach 60 fps at all despite of the upgrade like Subnautica, Hitman, Cities Skylines, etc. So what are the best games that run just perfectly at 60 fps high-ultra quality with a 1050ti? PS: Pic as a small token of appreciation.
  4. Kyatto

    Fresh Skyrim install won't run ENB

    Thanks m8, but turns out, it just said it crashed but had to give it a couple minutes to do a "first time" start.
  5. Kyatto

    So, I can't get any better at LoL, please help

    That's not how it works, that's not how any of this works...
  6. Hi, so i've always wanted to install tetrachromatic enb or any other enb for that matter to improve the boring overall feel of Skyrim (not SE) and i have historically failed to do so since no enb would run on my build, i thought it was something about my other mods interfering with the enb or maybe the fact i was running it on a low-end GPU, but just yesterday i upgraded to a 1050ti and today decided to completely delete skyrim and start over again with the enb being the very first thing i install right after SKSE and the "quickstart" mod, but then again i got blackscreened and skyrim wouldn't respond, i'm truly concerned about it since it's a fresh new install with a more decent gpu and the game won't even start, in my past attempts neither realistic water 2 or any enb would run, can anyone give advice?
  7. Thnx a lot, they've said terrible things about it, but i feel it might suit my craving.
  8. Thnx, i think i can't run Elex but definitely gonna check out Freelancer.
  9. Self explanatory, i'm hungry for some spaceship piloting, exploring planets, potentially landing on them and perhaps shooting stuff for fun; i was gonna buy GTA V for the thrill of massacre but then realized it's kinda expensive for my budget (currently saving for a new gaming rig) and i've also not even installed sleeping dogs since i bought it few weeks ago; currently this is my shopping cart, i love open world rpg's but it's a been too much learning about inventory and fighting systems so i wanted something more like a sim, that's why i have "Everything" and want something space-themed to chill off to. Right now i'm between Elite Dangerous and Everspace but feel free to recommend a better one you know about. PS: Skullgirls is probably not making the cut since i've already got Mortal Kombat X but i might buy it if someone gives me good reasons to.
  10. Kyatto

    1080p 24" - 27" - 32"

    Thank you all guys, 27" 1080p seems to be the way to go then.
  11. Kyatto

    1080p 24" - 27" - 32"

    Hi, i'm looking forward to buy a new monitor to replace my old HP 1600x900 and want something not only with higher resolution but also bigger (i like them big OwO) but stumbled upon a video made by a guy who claims that the bigger the monitor, the lower the image quality you get which makes total sense since it's in fact the same amount of pixels in a wider area but here comes the question: How bad is image quality of 1080p in 27 and 32 monitors? (which are my main target right now) and also any recommendations and opinions are more than welcome. The monitor i plan to buy: Dell P2717H
  12. Hi guys, so how could it be a personal project without the mandatory f*ck up, right? Well today my mom went to the city which doesn't happen to often and ain't that cheap either, so i asked her to buy an HDD for me that, to be honest was just listed as a "Refurbished-Seagate 2Tb HDD" but i should definitely have done a proper research. Anyway, product arrived and as soon as i saw the sticker with "video" on it my balls went back into my belly and expected the worst, so far it seems more healthy than my main 500 Gb HDD i was able to partition it and i'm just about to transfer some data too, the idea was to have an extra 500 Gb for games i haven't installed yet and for whatever i buy during the Steam sale plus some heavy duty storage for my pr0n, anime, music videos and whatnot. So i need advice on whether or not i should keep the drive or if i'm just about to f*ck up big time.
  13. Kyatto

    Steam summer sale 2018

    Lol, look again guys Damn i was frustrated 'cause i couldn't beat Jeanne in chapter V, she deals way too much damage and i far too little, also wanted to share how much i wanted Bayonetta 2 to get in Steam, i can't believe such a good game is not that popular.
  14. Kyatto

    Steam summer sale 2018

    Could this be enough to keep me busy until Black Friday sale guys?
  15. Thank you for your honesty, i think i'll start saving to build a new rig.