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  1. So, i have a 40" 1080p non-smart Sony TV which works just fine, however i've been thinking about getting a new and bigger one since once you get used to it, it kinda starts looking smaller xd. 55 inch tv's don't quite make the trick for me because despite looking definitely bigger, they don't give me the "cinematic" feel i'm after so for me the sweetspot is really around 65" however that brought me back to the size/picture quality ratio issue, where a monitor bigger than 27" really starts showing some spacing between pixels which finally brings me to the main issue, in your opinion what size is the largest you can go with a 4k tv before it starts looking ugly, all that considering not everything i play on it is gonna be 4k but rather re-scaled 1080p; i'd like to go as far as 75" but i've got the feeling it's not gonna look ok.
  2. According to the internet that's usually the way to fix it, however actually reducing power by 10% seems to have worked for me, i wonder if i could just clock it more similarly to an RX580 in order to make it completely stable.
  3. Wicked, man, huge thanks! That actually works better for me, sadly i had already bought sims 3 on steam, i think that's gonna be my drowning people sim now.
  4. I think it will reach a point in which it will all soon collapse due to the changes in strict adaptability and survival of the fittest, thing is, humans invented societies, institutions and laws, there's even the human right to "reproduce". Long story short: We messed up the game by introducing our self appreciation into the equation and the only way out is in my own opinion (no one has ever agreed with me) a massive purge of our bloodline followed by more systematic breeding, not for the rewarding feelings of being a parent but for the sake of raising the best human samples depending on our species' needs; this, of course brings all kind of nasty discussions to the table and results in a very politically incorrect speech like racism and human rights violation since the method of improving human race involves taking out some genes from the genepool and that might mean wiping out entire races by denying them a place in the next generation and of course that also goes against human rights, but as far as i can see there's no other option if we want to make human race reach the next step in evolution.
  5. The only wae in RGB is called Corsair, if your MoBo has RGB i'd rather go with Gigabyte since i've heard awful things about Asus' RGB and AsRock is not impressive either, but for the rest absolutely go 100% Corsair.
  6. You probably tried Acronis which is shite, it tells you you can't perform the cloning when YOU ARE fkin about to clone the damn HDD, try Macrium Reflect instead, it's free, and does the job from inside windows, also don't install everything on the SSD since most stuff would not even show the slightest improve in loading time, only those games that take a whole minute or two to display the title screen or load maps.
  7. Hi guys, before anything else, happy new year to y'all; now, i'm looking for the best possible game to make houses and overall buildings with as much freedom as possible, i thought House Flipper would be the best fit for me but after watching some reviews it seems the player is kinda hand-tied by the size of the property acquired and can't just build houses as in a sandbox mode or anything, so i started looking around and found a couple games that might suit my needs but not entirely, i got LEGO worlds just because it was dirty cheap on CDKeys, but i'm still on the search of an ideal house building game with or without actual characters living there, i just want the most sandbox, free and open space building simulator to design stuff. Minecraft looks appealing but still i think there should be better options out there, thnx for reading.
  8. It's matx, so you can only fit so much hardware in it, but overall it looks fairly clean when assembled
  9. As a Corsair Fanboy i'd say anything around 100 USD will be more than ok, it boils down to personal preference, for example, i wouldn't buy anything without either a PSU shroud that covers the whole bottom area or a completely separate space for PSU and cable management as the one my personal case has. Corsair 280x
  10. That PSU is probably still good today, damn, better than mine at least.
  11. It is connected, it's just that red matches AMD theme pretty well and for some reason looks amazing in person, photos don't display it that well.
  12. Hi-ya, so, just finished my first ever pc build which i had to save money for quite a long time for and wanted to share it with you guys, i wanted a totally different case for this one but ended up falling in love with the Corsair 280x non RGB since i saw it in this LTT vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoKPCCYvByo&t=2s I found it very appealing to have a separate space for my cable mess as well as very original aesthetics; i've been a huge fan of Corsair for a long time despite never actually having used any of their products until now, specwise it's not an impressive build and even a little underwhelming from the RAM and GPU standpoint but in fact, i knowingly sacrificed some performance in exchange for looks (which i may fix later on) in order to have some sort of base build for later upgrading. I might as well have gone for a much better gaming performance by getting an RTX 2060 Super or RX 5700 XT but ultimately went for RGB fans, white memory sticks, 1tb NVME and a pretty case, but for that money (1,100~ish USD) a better GPU would have been pretty much a no brainer for most people. I'll leave you with specs and a little comment on why i picked it and some pics, i apologize for the shit camera but that's all i have thnx for reading, any suggestions are welcome. (also keep in mind i'm from Mexico so the prices are all over the place, usually 30-40% more expensive) CPU: Ryzen 7 2700 - Basically $25 more expensive than 2600 but about $25-$50 less than 2700x i got it just because i may have to edit videos in the future. MoBo: AsRock B450 Steel Legend matx - prettier than others, also cheaper RAM: 16 Gb 2666 Corsair vengeance RGB pro - the only thing i might swap out in the near future, there were no 3000 or 3200 kits in white color available and buying from newegg was like 100 USD more :c SSD: 1 Tb NVME Adata XPG gammix s5 - kinda overkill but was just 20 usd more than a SATA or SATA m.2 drive and 500Gb didn't make it for me HDD: Good ol' 2Tb video vigilance intended Seagate hdd which contains all of my filthy memes and stuff GPU: Gigabyte RX590 - unimpressive but still capable GPU, it's been crashing a bit but only when pushed to the limit, maybe the factory OC was too much for this RX580 rebrand idk, usually under 70°C despite it's reputation PSU: Cooler Master 600w 80 white cert. Corsair goodies: Basic gaming peripherals kit from which the headset is the crown jewel, 280x case in white, 2x 140mm LL rgb fans on top, 2x 120 LL rgb white fans on the front 'cause i thought they would "reflect" more light and look slightly better all managed by the included Lighting node pro and fan hub that came with the 140mm fans. And a nice Xbox one controller PUBG themed which was actually cheaper than the basic Xbox controllers for some reason. EDIT: As i bought my CPU and GPU from different stores and both are AMD i was able to claim double rewards so i got Borderlands 3 with the in-game AMD themed thingy and Outer worlds along with 2 Xbox 3-month codes for free.
  13. It is the Quantum state of the air inside your case which changes periodically, modifying the amount of energy it can carry and how the atoms in the temperature sensors perceive and report temperature.
  14. Just solved it by uninstalling all gpu drivers from my pc with display driver uninstaller and reinstalling the gpu driver AND chipset driver from AMD page, in my case B450.