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    i7 7700K
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    Gigabyte z170 th
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    32gb Corsair 3200
  • GPU
    970 armour
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    It's black, it's got a window.
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    2 1b HDD in Raid, 1tb 850 evo, 256 950 pro
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    corsair 750
  • Display(s)
    1 asus 1080 144hz, 1 vizio 1080p 60hz for the youtubes
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    Many ugly Noctuas
  • Keyboard
    corsair strafe
  • Mouse
    Corsair with purty lights
  • Sound
    something from best buy. works good.
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    win 10 and Ubuntu16.05 Dual, with a Mac Virt Box.

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  1. pc not booting

    How can you tell that the USB is working if it won't boot? What is the system specs?
  2. Please Review My "Build"

    It's pretty close actually. I wouldn't buy the 8400 over the 2600 personally. Performance is too close and the 2600 has the extra threads... https://www.techspot.com/review/1627-core-i5-8400-vs-ryzen-5-2600/
  3. Please Review My "Build"

    Also buy 2 8GB sticks of 3000mhz ram if you can instead of 1 16gb. If you can afford a small SSD to install your OS on it will run much faster.
  4. What is this cable

    Looks like a cable or adapter of some kind for a nielsen ratings box. Like how they keep track of TV ratings (At least in the USA). Probably unplugged and thrown into the box with the Atari by accident.
  5. Good question. I'm sure der8auer or Buildzoid are figuring out a way to get it to work as I type this.
  6. Does this all look good?

    I believe ARMA like fast single core performance, so an 8600K is a good choice there.
  7. Hmmmmm... Think I could get a dual socket epyc board to boot with 2 1950xs...? (Already have 1 1950x).
  8. Cloning hdd to ssd

    Is it the windows recovery partition from the old drive?
  9. eGPU support

    Everything I have read like this, https://9to5mac.com/2017/04/19/akitio-node-gtx-1080-ti-gpu-macbook-pro-gaming-egpu/, says that it will work, but with some bugs and issues. Also everyone seems to agree that bootcamp and windows is the best way to game on Apple Hardware. So possible? Yes. Ideal? No. Unless you are going bootcamp.
  10. Using hot glue to seal cable insulation?

    The Tape will hide better against the black cable and is really all you need. Why make a mess with the hot glue?
  11. I need help picking out a GPU

    Not the bare minimum, but a mid range VR card. If you have the money then by all means get a 1080ti. Problem solved. If you are on a budget, the 980TI is a good card for it's capability.
  12. I need help picking out a GPU

    980ti>970. The 970 is a good card, but a 980ti is about as powerful as a 1070. A step up for sure. If you have the $$$ do the TI.
  13. 1950X $629 Microcenter (In store)

    Yeah, RIP my friend that just bought one on Amazon for $799. I don't think I should even show him this....
  14. eGPU, is it possible through a HDMI port?

    I don't think so. It needs the express card in older laptops. Also, make sure you have another PSU to run the dock.
  15. 1950X $629 Microcenter (In store)

    http://www.microcenter.com/product/483132/Ryzen_Threadripper_1950X_34_GHz_16_Core_TR4_Boxed_Processor In store only, but if you have been looking for one of these it's a good deal.