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    The Left Coast
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    All things Quality


  • CPU
    i7 7700K
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte z170 th
  • RAM
    32gb Corsair 3200
  • GPU
    FTW3 1080ti
  • Case
    It's black, it's got a window.
  • Storage
    2 1b HDD in Raid, 1tb 850 evo, 256 950 pro
  • PSU
    corsair 750
  • Display(s)
    3440x1440 Acer
  • Cooling
    Many ugly Noctuas
  • Keyboard
    corsair strafe
  • Mouse
    Corsair with purty lights
  • Sound
    something from best buy. works good.
  • Operating System
    win 10 and Ubuntu16.05 Dual, with a Mac Virt Box.

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  1. Unless there is some hardware restriction or other need for an old build, ALWAYS get the latest version of windows. Security FTW.
  2. TheGlenlivet

    I Screwed Up

    Go into BIOS and select the 250 as the boot option and see if that works to get you back to the desktop.
  3. Unless you are building a workstation for multiGPU workloads (not SLI gaming) you should be good with the X570.
  4. Desktop. If you don't need to have the system mobile, you'll get way better performance for the $$$ with a desktop. That said, look for some benchmarks of the software you want to run on the CPU you want to buy to see what you can expect.
  5. Some may disagree, but I think you got it right here. If you try out the speakers with your motherboard output and don't like the sound for some reason, try and solve that problem. Don't prebuy audio hardware you won't need.
  6. If you are just going to use USB or 3.5mm gaming headphones then the built in sound on the motherboard will be just fine. Spending money on this isn't going to improve your experience unless you are looking to use the PC for audio work or have an expensive pair of headphones you want to drive.
  7. Is this 45 a code on the motherboard?
  8. http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Home.aspx Have you tried to update the system manually?
  9. How many VM/containers will you have going at once? Just noticing only 8 threads on the CPU. I'd get a big HDD instead of the 1TB SSD for your games and keep the 500GB SSD for your OS. Unless you have a plan for all SSD storage.
  10. Hmmm. Sounds like you need to contact Lenovo directly then. I can't find a part number list for that monitor, but it has to be out there somewhere.
  11. Does it have a part number on it? I can't find a picture of the cord and brick anywhere.
  12. I put a Hyper 212 and some NT h1 on mine and it dropped down about 10 degrees. Updating the BIOS to the most current version might help too if you haven't. AMD made some changes to the power delivery on these chips in the last few months.
  13. At this point just assume ALL apps spy on you by default. There is $$$ to be made...
  14. Monitor? Keyboard and mouse? WIndows? You will be a touch over $600 for everything, but it's close.