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    i7 7700K
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    Gigabyte z170 th
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    32gb Corsair 3200
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    970 armour
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    It's black, it's got a window.
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    2 1b HDD in Raid, 1tb 850 evo, 256 950 pro
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    corsair 750
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    1 asus 1080 144hz, 1 vizio 1080p 60hz for the youtubes
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    Many ugly Noctuas
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    corsair strafe
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    Corsair with purty lights
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    something from best buy. works good.
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    win 10 and Ubuntu16.05 Dual, with a Mac Virt Box.

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  1. Is this Airflow path ok?

    Probably, though the hot air would prefer to go out the top of the case not the bottom if that is an option on that case. If your GPU fans are up against the glass in that case the temps will not be as good as they could be with a normal mount, but if you change the fan curve you can get it back to normal.
  2. Give me a good gaming PC build for under 300

    Although at second glance it looks like he is missing peripherals, a monitor and a HDD in that build....
  3. Give me a good gaming PC build for under 300

    Other than an xbox, this is probably the most games for the money. Or a Pentium/1030 combo, but that might be $350 or so.
  4. Please Help!!!

    Possible, yes. Probable..... ?
  5. Please Help!!!

    Pull the battery out, even if you have to disassemble to do it, if it has a cmos battery remove that too. Reinstall both batteries, reassemble and cross your fingers...
  6. What OS should I be using for this use-case?

    If you have experience with Linux and want to avoid issues with the system restarting due to updates, there is an argument to be had for Linux. If you are used to windows and already have 10 pro then I agree with KnightHawk.
  7. Asrock x399 Tai Chi WiFi not working

    ftp://asrock.cn/Manual/WiFi/X399 Taichi.pdf Found this, looks like there is some software to make it work.
  8. Tips for better GPU cooling?

    Pull it out of the desk if there is a chance it's breathing it's own exhaust.
  9. Hot Deals of 19/2/2018

    By the time you posted it they would be sold out anyways, right??
  10. Lenovo Legion Y520 not booting

    Go back, step by step and redo everything you did while cleaning it to make sure ALL connections are correct. If it still won't let you into bios after that you might have damaged something while cleaning it. At that point you are looking at repairing it.
  11. Trouble installing windows

    Hmmm. Are you plugging it into the mother board directly or the front panel? Do the MB directly if not. Also, I would use the Windows official media creator as suggested above. Rufus is good, but official is better.
  12. Trouble installing windows

    Pull the usb out and see which USB option vanishes from the list when you boot to bios again. Then you know which one it is.
  13. Upgrading on LGA1155

    If it's really only 150 then yes, you should do that. You can't build another system with significantly greater capabilities for anywhere near that money and the 970 and 16GB of ram are still plenty capable.
  14. Is a high end, platinum 860w psu enough?

    You could probably have it idle with everything up and running, but if you tried to load up each GPU with different tasks at the same time and have your CPU overclocked you could pop some breakers!