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  1. Its Saturday and I dont have much to do so I all in. I will have to drain, fill, run, drain, fill, run and repeat. Thanks for the help.
  2. Thats going to be harder for me because I dont have a drain valve, however I understand the method and will try my best with what I got.
  3. One last question. In order to drain my loop sans T connector, I need to detach the out of the pump and run the pump until it is almost empty.
  4. Sounds good, on the way to the store now to get the supplies. Hopefully the couple of flushes will work before I fill it with more coolant because that my last bottle of coolant concentrate. If worst comes to worst, do a more vigorous cleaning mean me taking the rads off and soaking it in a water vinegar mixture or running them on a separate loop thru my pump with the 80/20 mixture. I hope i dont have to do the latter because those rads was a pain in the ass to put in lol.
  5. Okay thats my plan because it took 3 months for the coolant to change to this blueish color. I will flush the loop with distilled water because i do not want to damage the other parts of the loop with the vinegar. My question is how long to run the pump for each flush.
  6. Then do I just flush with distilled water.
  7. Thanks for that, I should have flushed them out before installing them. Since they are already installed, can I drain the loop and fill it with an 80/20 mix and let it run overnight. Or is overnight overkill. I am assuming white vinegar from the grocery store and distilled water.
  8. ohhhh nooo. It not a rad from the cosair H90. They are EK PE 360 rads. As for the PH test strips, I afraid I do not have access to those. I thinking not flushing the rads when they was installed may have mixed some manufacture chemicals into my block.
  9. No problem with draining and flushing my system. I don't have a T fitting installed so that going to be fun but that is a different story all together. You mentioned vinegar, I am assuming white vinegar.
  10. Did not flush them out before building the loops. Rad material:- Copper fins- 90% copper tubing (H90)- Brass chambers- Aluminum housing CPU Block: EK-Supremacy EVO with Copper Base GPU Block: NICKEL-PLATED BASE At the heart of the SEA HAWK EK is a nickel-plated copper base.
  11. I have an interesting situation and wanted to know if this was normal. I completed my first loop about 3 months ago with all ek items with clear EK tubing and filled it with CLEAR EK coolant. I just happened to look at the reservoir today and it has a turquoise color to it. I have another bottle of EK coolant concentrate if I need to refill the loop. However I do want to figure out why it changed color in the first place. Hopefully It just a reaction to some solder or chemical used in the rads but I want to ask you all if any of you all experience this before.
  12. Also don't forget to put the barb on the tube before putting the tub on the fitting. I slapped myself more times than one when I finally got the tubing on and forgot the dang barb lol