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  1. Shadow_Storm56

    Splitting Vlan er lite 3?

    Erlite 3, I know networking to a degree, just never used clans ever. Vlans not clans
  2. Shadow_Storm56

    Splitting Vlan er lite 3?

    So I know you can split bell routers input into vlan 35 for internet and 36 for TV if you want to have a TV box work through your network, this I have learned. I need to do this because of how badly my old tin ceiling block wireless signal. I know it can be done but I have no idea how and guides that just are example command line are not helpful. I thought opening all ports to it and creating a destination nat rule would work but the router still blocks somthing the TV boxes need. Only time I saw an option for vlan was in the basic setup wizard where the was an option to enter a single vlan number. Not way to assign vlan 35 to port 1 and vlan 36 to port 2 or something like that. I'm so lost and so confused
  3. Shadow_Storm56

    Fibe tv box through router? Possible or not?

    So how exactly do I split it into 2 Vlans? In an Erlite 3
  4. Shadow_Storm56

    CPU won't overclock

    He said it he tried that. Try multiple ways of bios flashing, I think msi has an inside the OS utility if I remember correctly. My buddy could not get it to stick in the bios but the utility worked.
  5. Shadow_Storm56

    cpu not being detected

    Hopefully it's not a misplaced stand off.... or maybe you were too rough on the CPU. This happend to me once and a tiny drop of liquid metal fell on the board. Many possible causes. Any error codes beeps?
  6. Shadow_Storm56

    X470i Unable to Post

    Any beeps? Codes? Do the fans stay running?
  7. Shadow_Storm56

    What side of the bed and why?

    Anyone ever find when you walk into a room you are always drawn to a specific bed side? Like could be left or right depending on the bed. I just thought what makes us drawn to a specific side? I always am drawn to a specific side even in a hotel it's instantly I know which side I want but I never know why. Maybe it's proximity to the door idk
  8. Shadow_Storm56

    Did I win the lottery

    Possibly, although I'm pretty sure every thing they test goes out to many computers. Not just 1 so even if that were the case it would not matter.
  9. Shadow_Storm56

    Did I win the lottery

    4.9 at 1.38v
  10. Shadow_Storm56

    Huge tank of water and no radiator?

    No mines not passive, just the main noise is outside. I was saying u could do that.
  11. Shadow_Storm56

    Huge tank of water and no radiator?

    If you really wanted to do this you could Make an aluminum tank with an outside that's like heat fins. It would help, your evap rate would be nuts though, when a loop is not sealed and heats up it can evaporate really really fast. Also inlet near the tank center and outlet to PC should be at the edge with some sorta fin setup to force the water to move a bit and not go in a strait line. You could also just do what I did and put a radiator outside, then no noise inside
  12. Shadow_Storm56

    Did I win the lottery

    avx? I could run aida 64 stress at 1.4v but cool I thought it was above average considering thing chip stock is like....2.9ghz. Cooling solution is literally a radiator on the roof of my house that has 8 fans on it. Either way I'm not disappointed, as much as I would love to go higher I don't want to push the voltage any higher. At 1.45 I could do alot but it would be risky.
  13. Shadow_Storm56

    Did I win the lottery

    It could run normal load at 5ghz and even fold but aida 64 stress was instant crash. 4.9 is fine. Yay!
  14. Shadow_Storm56

    Did I win the lottery

    Looks more like 4.9 but owell still good. 5 would take 1.395 to 1.4 and I want to try to get it to like 1.37 so it's a bit much for 0.1ghz
  15. Shadow_Storm56

    Did I win the lottery

    Oh I knew I forgot somthing. 1.38