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  1. Waterproof Usb camera??

    Couldent you connect a go pro over usb?
  2. Waterproof Usb camera??

    I am looking for a waterproof usb camera, basically a webcam that is waterproof, my sound strange but I use it and a tablet on my tractor when doing things where I have to constantly look back so that I can keep a closer eye on things and to save my neck from kinking up so bad. Currently I am just using a standard webcam which amazingly survived the winter being attached to the tractor and months of rain and still works!! but it's not a permanant solution I want something I don't have to worry about breaking but it seems to be harder to find that I expected, any idea? thanks!
  3. Building pc without case.

    I ran a minecraft server PC sitting on a plastic lid under a wash basket for a year.
  4. odd liquid metal result

    Heat sink is not aluminum it almost looks gold plated. Owell it worked good for the GPU so I'll just put the CPU back to something else
  5. odd liquid metal result

    Before liquid metal I had good temps and now bad and I am water cooled so it's one of the ek blocks
  6. odd liquid metal result

    You still missed the part where I said this CPU is not delided
  7. odd liquid metal result

    It's a CPU with a soldered IHS I am only applying it between the IHS and heat sink. Also that's good to know but I did it on a 6700k with just one side and it worked perfect so I guess its luck to, it has it on the ihs to and is perfect temps. also no I did not delid the CPU so no reseal, the 6700k I delided but did not reseal. I shall try again, It worked on a 6700k so it should work on a 6850k I mean it's a 1% thermal throttle at a large overclock but like... it was way cooler before, I'll try again.
  8. odd liquid metal result

    so i decided to apply liquid metal to both of my GPU's as well as my cpu, it spread and applied well to both of the GPU's but for the cpu I had to apply it on the heat sink side and then attach it to the cpu which was the opposite of the GPU in which it did not seem to want to spread on the heat sink. Both graphics cards had a massive temperature drop which is great! the cpu on the other hand went from an aida 64 test running in the 60-70max to now reaching thermal throttling, I am going to replace the cpu paste with normal stuff but I am curious why this failed?
  9. Hack my broken phone?

    Nope. It is at the point now it's just a blank screen and now its vibrating and ringing from facebook and I can't mute it or turn it off
  10. Hack my broken phone?

    Oh my.... I wish smart switch was like automatic password protected so I could just plug into a PC and backup without needing to access the screen
  11. Hack my broken phone?

    I already have a replacement phone from my protection plan, at this point it's like how do I get the photos off... the phone itself is fine just the screen is dead it is easy to tell this as the screen will start working or stop based on whare you push on the screen.... sadly it has now gotten the black blotches of death meaning I have no screen access but the phone is working.
  12. Hack my broken phone?

    it is standard
  13. Hack my broken phone?

    Is there a way I can hack my samsung phone that has a very distroyed screen? I was able to activate smart switch after an hour of frantic random button pushing to get some stuff off it but all my photos were not set to transfer and the touch part is now dead to so like....can I hack my phone somehow to get the stuff off it? it is an S8plus
  14. I would burn my money before spending money like that on a company that can't even tell there apples apart..... especially since a lot of there stuff is so overpriced crap.
  15. Install ubuntu without flash drive or CD?

    Cost is not the issue I literally am curious if there is still a way to install from inside windows.