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  1. Which wires are for 48v POE

    It's the active POE. There is another device with passive as well but It has an included injector with a little board that has an AC and DC side so I modified the board so I can directly power the DC side.
  2. Which wires are for 48v POE

    I don't normally but this is a remote station with only DC power so unless there is a poe injector with DC as its input then I have to do it this way. Also thanks ::)
  3. Which wires are for 48v POE

    plain and simple I need to know which wires, Number/color are used for POE in an ethernet cable. Which are positive and which are negative, basically I am building somthing and I need to directly input power to the cable with a 48v converter rather than a POE injector so I need to know what wires to connect the power to.
  4. What are the good dating sites? If there are any

    By jerks I mean people who literally tell me off for saying hello.
  5. What are the good dating sites? If there are any

    I live in town full of old people, taken people and jerks my age. As well as those not interested. Unless I move an abandon my farm then online dating is all I got
  6. I have looked at every dating site I can find, POF, Tinder, Eharmony and elite singles are all garbage. Mostly bots..... or people who are jerks ect. Does anyone know any actual good dating sites in canada or are they all crap?
  7. Infrared solar light?

    Welding and metal cutting are what level of both UV and infrared can damage you. Metal cutting is whare infrared can mess with you as alot of people just wear safety glasses with a cutting torch for example.
  8. Infrared solar light?

    Uv is bad too but infrared is what will cook your eyes. Thus why you should wear some sort of light protection even if just cutting metal for example.. Similar to little garden solar lights yes, I have some pretty remote camera locations and I want to boost my view range. Plus it would be nice to have them by the house doors so I don't have to have the outside lights on at night. All my cameras are infrared and are perfect in the day but the infrared just does not go far enough at night. If I can't buy one then I guess I can build one.
  9. Infrared solar light?

    Anyone know if I can find a solar light that's infrared? Basically so I can increase night vision range on some of my cameras. Maybe I could build one...
  10. Am I strange?

    Interesting comments, I will say I also find adapting to the heat alot harder than too the cold. I'm Canadian it's not supposed to be this crazy hot!
  11. Am I strange?

    I'm curious if anyone else is like this, my optimal living temperature is between 8 and 12c. I love cold temperatures and with the weather whare I live getting hotter and hotter with this year a month or more of consistant 30c temperatures and above with a 40plus humidex every day I keep realizing how much I love the cold. I know some people like warm and some people like cool temps but i prefer down right cold temperatures. I have to be cold to sleep. Is anyone else like this or am I just some crazy blast furnace ?
  12. Good security camera software for IP cameras on windows?

    Mobile app makes me more interested for sure.
  13. Good security camera software for IP cameras on windows?

    Well then maybe I'll try it. It's not that I want support, it's more that a bad support team is usually a sign of a bad product.
  14. Good security camera software for IP cameras on windows?

    People were saying there is no support team at all. Besides that not much.