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  1. Why is savage jerky so good?

    Lol they have a forum account. Nice!
  2. It'll run it. You may be past peak efficiency and I would go for a platinum one because a good psu is super important but you should be ok.
  3. Did I just kill my 1080Ti?

    Well don't run it.... it could be a short .. card may not be dead yet
  4. Why is savage jerky so good?

    I'll take water over anything sugary any day. It's so refreshing
  5. Why is savage jerky so good?

    You are one if the lucky ones, I love water but alot of people can barley stomach it, they hate it so they always drink sugar drinks which really hurts the wasteline. I do find it odd how people can hate water..then again I knew a guy who hated food once so yea...
  6. Why is savage jerky so good?

    The better it tastes the worse it is for you. Our bodies are still designed to love things that have tons of fat and calories but we have evolved to not be in constant search for food so this mech is annoying. It tastes good and I like it... It's defiantly not like eating kale.... It's really not that health of a snack besides knowing it's not full of bad things.... also to the person earlier I know people are like oh no it contains chemicals.... It's like everything contains chemicals...it is chemicals and proteins...
  7. Why is savage jerky so good?

    I never thought it was healthy in the sense of sugar and fat.... I just thought it was healthy in the sense of not having crazy stuff in it that no one can pronounce
  8. Why is savage jerky so good?

    Fair enough, I just wish gas stations could have somthing half decent
  9. Msi GTX 1080 mem overclock max?

    What would be the max safe memory overclock for a gtx 1080 by msi? I am trying mining and sofar the card is running at 5000 just fine but I don't want to blow it up. Cooling is really good if you wonder.
  10. Clear side panel cosmos 2

    Ordered mine a week or so ago. All good
  11. My first time doing petg was not bad but very hard to get right and there are imperfections. I wonder how badly these will show up in the final product? Personally I think the strait lines are more important than mistakes for looks but what do people think ?
  12. DDC pump.. But THAT noisy?

    If your pump is air locked at all it will scream... most pumps when dry are very loud
  13. H75 pump noises?

    How's the flow rate? Good way to check a pump.
  14. Watercooling 24/7

    Use compression fittings ... You get a double oring if it's hard tubing. If it's soft then use some sorta pipe clamp and make sure everything is good and tight. Pumps last a long time though..... I actually used a solar hot water pump in one of my computers and it must have ran 3 years strait now with no issues. I did once have a water cooling pump die in a week but normally they are good. The key for leak prevention is not using crappy parts.