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  1. Shadow_Storm56

    Air fibre 5x

    I'm thinking of getting an air fibre 5x for my next project. It says 500Mb per second + for it's speed. Since it is rated for a long distance and I'm only using it from 600-800 feet away from the other one I wonder how fast it would go? Would it still be limited to 500 or would I get like 800? In such close range. also how is the latency on these things? Thanks
  2. Shadow_Storm56

    Short range high speed point to point.

    Latency is the most important.
  3. Shadow_Storm56

    Short range high speed point to point.

    Too much of a mess
  4. Shadow_Storm56

    Short range high speed point to point.

    Yea that would be ok. Not full speed but still good
  5. Shadow_Storm56

    Short range high speed point to point.

    Very simple question, I will be getting a mini home on my farm about.... 500 feet from my parents house also on the farm. In my parents house where I live now we have fiber internet which is great for all of us but I do not want to buy it yet again for a mini home that close especially when I am the main user of this high speed internet. So I need a point to point system that is not horribly ugly and will do like.....800MBS at low latency over that small distance, clean line of sight. I could live with 500 plus but I want 800 so I can mostly fully use this connection and if something weakens the connection I would be slowed to like...400-500 not 200-300. The original connection is 1000 down and 900 up so as close to that as possible but I also do not want a 4000 dollar antenna for this. ant idea??
  6. Shadow_Storm56

    WAtercooling : temps going crazy

    Second one I did not break though and successfully delided
  7. Shadow_Storm56

    WAtercooling : temps going crazy

    Hahaha...... in a rush were we? No worries I broke a 1500 dollar CPU from rushing a delid....we all make mistakes.
  8. Shadow_Storm56

    Ubuntu auto restart script?

    Cool thanks! This machine is purely a server so open windows are nothing
  9. Shadow_Storm56

    Ubuntu auto restart script?

    Very simple question, I have a tes3mp morrowind server that I'm hosting on my ubuntu machine. It works great! Except every like 8 hours it crashes from stack overflow, no idea if it's somthing the players do or if it's somthing with my machine but I restart it and all is good again. It seems to use very little in the way of resources so I don't think it's that..... so basically I need somthing simple, how do I make it so when it crashes it just starts the server script again? If you know nothing about the game that's fine I just need a way to auto restart a script. Thanks
  10. Shadow_Storm56

    The invisible data

    the 50GB is total files on the drive that are visible. So considering I have hidden files shown that should be almost everything. It's just strange that there is stuff that is not shown when hidden files are supposed to be shown
  11. Shadow_Storm56

    The invisible data

    So here is a weird one for you guys, I have a 120gb ssd with 50gb of stuff on it....but it is full and keeps getting fuller as I make more space from the 50GB.... I have no idea where the other space is being used up as I checked hidden files and everything and there is nothing more than that 50gb.. so what Is going on? magical stuff?
  12. Shadow_Storm56

    Well pump. Cycle vs steady?

    So this is very off topic but lots of people do plumbing or have well pumps. My question is I use my well to fill a secondary reservoir for watering plants, I can either do this very fast which runs the well pump steady or slow which cycles it every 5 mins or so. Slow is better as the well keeps up but idk what's better for the pump. Eventually we switch to a much larger pump and outdoor reservoir when the freeze is over but this is it for now. It's a submersible well pump 1hp not sure the gpm.
  13. Shadow_Storm56

    My weird tounge

    I can't breath through my nose much so I always have my mouse open a bit. In order to sleep I have to relax my jaw so my teeth sit on my tongue to keep my mouth open. This has made my tounge have an odd shape with teeth imprints. Anyone else have this sorta thing?
  14. Shadow_Storm56

    Google Stadia (Cloud Gaming)

    I have to ask, am I the only one who thinks this will be really limited? Your latency + the servers and anything else Is going to make this limited to good internet. Even if it's normally good and slows down a bit one day you will have a bad time at that point. Plus if you have an internet cap you are screwed for sure...I think it's a cool idea but I wonder if it will be any good for most people?
  15. Shadow_Storm56

    My network experiment

    I get 80 MB/S while running a game and boinc at the same time so I would say we are good. Plus I can see the status on the adapter settings and the data transfer is alot of that port and not much on the 1G one so I think we good.