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  1. Shadow_Storm56

    Is arlo having issues?

    Anyone know if the arlo company is having issues? The wireless camera company I'm sure you know of them. I used there cameras for years and had no issues until recently when my one base station kills the batteries of cameras connected to it like it is recording 24/7. I keep getting messages about problem connecting to camera but then it works, cameras listed as offline but still working and sending video on motion. This last one is less often now but still a thing. I try and contact support and the live chat says it's online but theres no one there even after waiting 10 mins, I emailed them a few days ago about my problem and the problem with live chat and no one responded. It's very weird which is why I'm wondering if somthing changed with them as things are not going as well now. Well atlesst that's not the customer experience I'm getting.
  2. Shadow_Storm56

    Live forever?

    I guess you guys are right. Maybe it would be better if it was just the ability to not get old an feeble. So you could enjoy life and all ur favorite things right until the end
  3. Shadow_Storm56

    Live forever?

    Personally I would be hoping for the human body to live 100-130 years without old age. Then basically put into a robot or not depending on what you want, yes this is somthing we would want to be exploring other planets first. Already overpopulated
  4. Shadow_Storm56


    WOOOO that's awesome
  5. Shadow_Storm56

    Live forever?

    Anyone else wonder if it will ever be possible to never die of old age? Like conciousness transferred to a computer and keep living on as a robot forever.... or in a new host body? Maybe we will figure out how to regenerate telomeres so DNA does not degrade and old age does not happen? I just have this in my head is all, what do you think? Or will earth be uninhabitable in 50 years and humans extinct?
  6. Shadow_Storm56

    I met Linus at Guildford Mall Today <3

    Oh that's not linus that his twin, lioness is his name. Lol jk jk, I'll never meet linus I'm on the opposite side of the country:(
  7. Shadow_Storm56

    What's your best worst pun?

    I think I need to get a new watch but I'm not sure yet, I guess time will tell.
  8. Shadow_Storm56

    What's your best worst pun?

    Idk...... ask linus I hear he is pretty big around here.
  9. Shadow_Storm56

    Radiator mid loop?

    loop order is basically meaningless, although if you had 25 titans water cooled and then feeding into the cpu right after it may make a difference..... maybe..... the idea is that the specific heat capacity of water is too high for the little change in temp from putting a gpu infront of a cpu or something is so low that loop order means nothing. everything equilibrates and then there ya go.
  10. Shadow_Storm56

    This copyright drama isn't gonna go away LTT

    This is old news......
  11. Shadow_Storm56

    What's your best worst pun?

    That hurt
  12. Shadow_Storm56

    What's your best worst pun?

    That was a next level joke.
  13. Shadow_Storm56

    RTX Sucks

    Literally right now nvidia is just being like here is this new GPU! Big new number and features....but really they are little baby steps each generation, sure features are good but we all know nvidia is holding back, so is Intel. That's why we all want amd to add some pressure to them.
  14. Shadow_Storm56

    What's your best worst pun?

    Yea it was haha! what's the first thing that comes to mind when you see a random string of letters and numbers?? Must be related to intels new chip!
  15. Shadow_Storm56

    What's your best worst pun?

    Why would linus be a great DJ but a terrible chemist? Because he would always drop the base!