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  1. Theres enough heat put into the loop to keep it from freezing in the winter since the fans shut off. Also flowing water does not freeze as easily as standing water
  2. I thought about somthing arduino related at one point, that seems like a cool idea as it would maintain things percisely and keep it as cold as possible. Lots of good advice here, thanks!
  3. I always dual boot ubuntu, thus when windows dies I can just switch to it for a while
  4. I get 6 mounths to a year per win 10 install. Most times a windows update corrups my os and I cannot repair it or restore system image or anything.
  5. Haha fair enough, in general this house usually does not have high humidity. I'll pick up something to measure humidity... or maybe just stick with the range I know is safe Best is in the summer though, If I get time to game then I can not cook myself out. Plus it cools two servers. But seeing how much I can cool things is nice too
  6. Haha I put the tubes out through the window, also I am controlling the loop temp by the pc controlling the fans. As of now in the years I had this setup I never had condensation on tubes or in the pc. Only new thing is the fans automatically turn on and off now
  7. Internal temp is easy but humidity is less easy.
  8. Correct, Why heat the room and cool it with AC when you can just dump the heat outside?
  9. Simple question, I live in canada and as winter approaches my roof radiator is exposed to very cold temps. This is never an issue as long as I keep the fans off if it gets too cold. Recently I made it so the loop temp is monitored by 2 of my main pcs sensors and this controls the outside fan speed and thus my loop temp. So I can set the minimum at whatever Temp I want. The room is usually below 20c and I have the loop temp set to go to 15c at the lowest. Could I go lower? Should I keep it higher? Thanks!
  10. Interesting, it seems like there is alot possible even with just rosetta. I always liked rosetta because of the fact it was doing somthing with rosetta. From the sounds of it the process may have not cured any diseases yet but it seems very possible it is just a matter of time. The idea of essentially causing our own evolution is extremely interesting!
  11. I run world community grid, gpu grid and Rosetta. Plus FAH on another pc. I like to participate in potentially helpful programs but I'm really curious if any of these have ever actually helped with anything? Has the research done anything useful?
  12. That does not look good.... at all. Theres a good reason that blocks are easy to open and clean i guess!
  13. Sounds very much like you have a damaged board. Cracked traces it sounds like,, put it in the oven! Haha jkjk
  14. Just uses more power and makes more heat, if it's a decent psu it should be fine otherwise