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  1. normal usage imgur.com/RQejjCD.png GTA V imgur.com/pw3jBES.png ram info imgur.com/xWBTzDM.jpg
  2. While playing games or for normal usage?
  3. old specs Proceѕѕor: Ryzeɴ 5 2600х Moтнerвoαrd: ASUS ROG Sтrιх X470-F Gαмιɴɢ Rαм: Kιɴɢѕтoɴ Tecнɴoloɢy HyperX FURY Blαcĸ 8 GB 2133 MHz DDR4 Grαpнιcѕ Cαrd: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC GAMING Power Sυpply: EVGA 500 W1, 80+ WHITE 500W My pc running loud and hot after replacing the old ram with Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz C16 and enabling xmp. Specially when I play gta v it gets even more hot and loud. Any idea how to fix this issue?
  4. It's working booted from my ssd. You are a life saver. +rep now hopefully I can connect my 2 other hard drive for games without any issue.
  5. Ok so there is windows uefi mode in "other OS" option should I turn that on since i see no "boot device control option"? And I cant find the legacy option. Also the ssd was running fine before I placed new motherboard and processor
  6. I unplugged all sata devices now bios popped up. What am I suppose to do?
  7. I just got a new motherboard and processor. Ryzen 5 2600x and rog Strix x470 f gaming. Cpu fan spinning but no display. There are 2 led indicators. Red under sb power and green next to dram,cpu,vga,boot
  8. Isn't r5 2600x better than r7 1700? Yes I live in the US. I was looking at some microcenter r5 2600x and motherboard combo that's where i got the prices in main post.
  9. I have msi b150a gaming pro I also use photoshop and render videos for youtube sometimes nothing professional.
  10. I cant decide between if I should buy ryzen 5 2600x or i7 7700k. Yes I do play games. I know i7 7700k is better for only gaming and ryzen 5 2600x is better for workstation and also around 10-15 less fps in gaming than the i7 7700k. Price don't matter to me because I would end up spending around same amount for both of those. I know the i7 is expensive than r5 but since I'm already using i3 6100 the motherboard is compatible with the i7. I7 7700k - $279.99 R5 2600x + ASRock X470 Gaming K4 - $339.98 R5 2600x + ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming - $369.98
  11. Problem fixed incase if someone run into same issue this is what I did. Instead of using PCI Express 6 Pin to 2 x 4 Pin Molex that came with the graphic card I used regular 6 pin from power supply and now my graphic card is providing display.
  12. Evga told me the card is fine since led indicates word "cpu" but when I run the pc without graphic card everything runs fine so how it's cpu issue? Ugh I was so excited about this build but I see no solution.
  13. When I try to use graphic card I connect hdmi to graphic card.
  14. Evga told me since there is a led indicator next to written the word "cpu" then it is cpu issue but when I run the pc without graphic card everything works fine