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    Intel Core i7-6700k
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    16gb (2x8GB) G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200MHz DDR4
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  1. I got it guys. Reinstalled the drivers, had to change the "surface" which it is set to optimize in it's software program.
  2. Doing it right now
  3. It's 1 week old, wouldn't hope it had already died lmao
  4. No, I haven't. How would I do so without a mouse to navigate the interwebs with?
  5. Hey everyone, I've just set up my computer after transporting it between my mom and dad's place. I've just plugged in everything again, and everything seems to be working, except my mouse. It's being recognised by the computer, and I can tell because the computer makes a sound whenever I plug it in. I've tried every USB port on my pc, but none of them work. Any suggestions? Thanks! EDIT: It's a Logitech G502 mouse
  6. Gotta love skins
  7. Thanks! works perfect
  8. Hey, I'm looking to find something that'll show me the temps of my newly built system. Any good software? I can find my gpu with GPU Tweak, but can't seem to find anything for cpu
  9. I found out that a simple restart of the PC worked wonders. Sorry I didn't solve the post and wasted your time
  10. Hi everyone. Today I built a computer, and now I wanna play Rocket League while watching and listening to streamers, but! I can only hear the sound from my "main" monitor, which is the one I'm playing games on. I'm using a wireless headset, which is plugged in one of the USB ports on the motherboard. I have set the audio setting to "speakers" as it's there that it picked up my headset, but when I use that it only plays the sound from my right monitor. Both of the monitors are connected via HDMI. If someone can help me, I'd like to get the knowledge about how this works with my "main" monitor connected via Displayport instead of HDMI, thanks. - Mikkel EDIT: SOLVES BY SIMPLE RESET, SORRY!
  11. You're making me feel so dumb looool. Sorry about wasting your time being this stupid xD, thanks though!
  12. The external fans are 4-pin connected, to a 2x4-pin to SATA cable which is probably somewhat visible on the backside of the pc from the pics I posted
  13. Here are some pics of the thing. Just tell me if you want more precise pics
  14. Alright, I moved it. Do you have any logical explanation for why the fans aren't spinning? They are in the "right" headers, yeah? And I did the right thing by connecting the external fans via SATA?
  15. I haven't tried different fan header. I think there are only two? I can't seem to find the others. And do you mean switching them around?