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  1. Any solution?
  2. Hi everyone, So I have a problem. I want to watch Twitch streams on my second monitor (60Hz) while playing. When I do that, my main (144Hz) monitor doesn't show me the full 144fps. If I go to another tab on my browser on my second monitor (60Hz) my main monitor will begin to show the full 144fps again. Why is that? My second monitor is running through an HDMI cable, and my main is with DisplayPort. Thanks, MVP
  3. Lowered voltage and tried to run it @ 1.265, and I got some "better" ish results. Got a max of 89 degrees on the 3rd core with averages being at 70-71. Think I'll try to lower it even more, might work on a 1.250 voltage.
  4. Does Shadowplay alow streaming? Also, I think I got a code or something for a year of free xSplit, but I'm not too sure, I'll have to check that out
  5. I tried it out, and nothing changed to be honest. Is OBS a demanding software? Would I be better off using xSplit since that's also supported by ASUS?
  6. I'm streaming with the x264 encoder, should I try with the NVENC one? And I downloaded the drivers for my GPU, and with that GPU Tweak II came, and in there it shows some "tools" where one of them is FurMark, so I'm going to use that since it's recommended by ASUS
  7. Don't think I've ever facepalmed this hard. I was pressing backspace thinking "oh yeah, that's the "DEL" button"........... anyway, I got it to work, and I went and did a stress test of my 7700k on 4.7GHz @ 1.30 voltage, and it survived for over 10 minutes! I'll leave some photos here as well for you to see the AIDA64 stress test results. What do you think? I think the temps are a little high with core 3 and 4 reaching 91 and 90 respectively. If I want to lower those temps, should I increase voltage? Edit: I want this to be a 24/7 stable overclock, so any recommendations on what I should try to get it to for that? Edit 2: Forgot to add pic
  8. Alright, so I've encountered another problem. I can't get into my BIOS. Whenever I hit delete while the pc is loading up, it just acts as if I didn't do anything even though I'm pressing the right button as displayed when it's starting up...
  9. I'll try it out, thanks! Don't think it'll handle word though
  10. Can you send a link to a download so I know I'm getting the right one, please? Don't have any other games than Rocket League as of right now, so stress testing will kind of be my only way of checking if it's stable
  11. Hey there, So I wanna overclock. Why? I'm sitting here at my desk, wanting to stream some games (particularly Rocket League), and I want to get a solid 144 frames per second while doing so, so streaming doesn't hurt my own gaming experience. Right now, that isn't the case. I'm getting 110-125 depending on the moment in game, which is while I'm streaming in 720p at 60fps with 4000 bit rate via OBS. So my thought is: "Will I be able to squeeze that extra performance out of my CPU and GPU?" You probably want to know my specs to answer that question, so here they are: And to do the overclocking, I am in need of some stress test programs like AIDA 64, which don't cost money since I'm close to being broke after buying my computer. Thanks for any help whether it's regarding my streaming settings or with overclocking, it's greatly appreciated! If you have any questions you need answered, feel free to ask in the comments as well.
  12. I got it guys. Reinstalled the drivers, had to change the "surface" which it is set to optimize in it's software program.
  13. Doing it right now
  14. It's 1 week old, wouldn't hope it had already died lmao
  15. No, I haven't. How would I do so without a mouse to navigate the interwebs with?