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  1. Ah bummer, after some additional stress testing it seems like the temps are back to how they were previously. I guess its not a problem with the power then. There must be an issue with the pumps then I'd imagine?
  2. Alright, so I got the main GPU plugged in directly to the PSU using a molex to 3 pin converter, the idle temperature is now 47C. Its dropped a whole 10C just by changing away from the motherboard header. I have no idea why the header isn't providing enough power all of a sudden. But if its a problem with the motherboard then that would explain why both GPUs suddenly started having a problem with their pumps. Under full load I'm hitting 84 which is hot but at least its not at 95 like previously.
  3. I managed to dig up a few out of my spare parts box, I'll give them a go later tonight or tomorrow morning. Hopefully it'll help us pinpoint the issue, or even better, maybe it'll fix it lol Thanks for the help
  4. Yeah thats what I'm thinking as well, I'll need to find a way to connect them directly to the PSU though, my PSU doesn't have a 3 pin fan connector. Probably have to get myself a 4-pin molex to 3-pin header to get that tested out. EDIT: I found some 4-pin molex to 2-pin, I'm assuming this will still work?
  5. Depending on the game it would go up to 70 at the highest. But even now at idle its hovering around 59-61 just sitting on the desktop. I'm thinking this may be a pump issue or maybe, since both of the GPUs are doing this, that the headers I'm plugging into on the motherboard for the pumps isn't providing enough voltage after the update? I'm not sure what would have caused this. The pumps and fans still work and I tested them individually already though. The BIOS shows that those fan headers have RPMs of 1550 but I've never really paid attention to them before this so I'm not sure what value they were at previously. If I had a reference on the RPM then maybe we could get a lead somewhere.
  6. There's no lights that I can see on the H75s but I did pull out the main card altogether just to see if the pump was dead. I plugged it in on its own and I could hear the pump running, albeit I'm not exactly sure how loud or how much vibration would indicate proper functionality. So it's not completely dead. I might try Windows 7 if I really have to but it was working fine on Windows 10 for quite a while. Theres certain programs I have that require Windows 10 though.
  7. Hey guys, I got two Corsair H75 water coolers for my two R9 290 GPUs which have been working great for over a year since I got them. Just recently, I believe after the Windows 10 Anniversary update, the temperatures have gone completely out of wack. The main GPU idles at 57C and the secondary at 41C, under load they both hit 94C which I don't think I've ever seen them that high. I've got them both plugged into Chassis Fan plugs on my ASUS Z77 motherboard and the BIOS reports them at ~1550RPM. I've cleaned out the dust on the radiators, updated the GPU's drivers and removed the anniversary update but the temps are still that high. I also tried swapping the pump's power to the OPT FAN but there wasn't much of a difference there. Anyone have any idea as to what might be the cause here? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!