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  1. I think I'll stick to Skyrim on my PC, especially since special edition releases in 8 days, along with mods, like actually having some choices and things to do with lesbian marriage partners etc. I am curious how the Switch compares to the Wii U in terms of power etc. Since Zelda BotW will be releasing on both. I did notice that BotW was being played on a pretty heavily modified Wii U controller during E3.
  2. Yeah I saw this earlier and just facepalmed. This is why they keep trying to garden fence game servers in FPS games lately, so they can charge high prices themselves instead of allowing for a competitive market of server providers.
  3. The US site has been kind of broken since just before the trailer released. So here's a linkdump of US and JP Nintendo sites for the Switch. I'm gonna sit back and go back to stuff since there's not much else to be said. US Site: https://www.nintendo.com/switch US Press Release: https://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew/detail/first-look-at-nintendos-new-home-gaming-system US Gallery Image 1: https://www.nintendo.com/images/page/switch/gallery/gallery01.jpg US Gallery Image 2: https://www.nintendo.com/images/page/switch/gallery/gallery02.jpg US Partners Sample Image: https://www.nintendo.com/images/page/switch/partners.png JP Site: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/switch/ JP Press Release (With images): https://www.nintendo.co.jp/corporate/release/2016/161020.html (Gallery is same as US, just a handy mirror since the US site is unstable atm) JP Gallery Image 1: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/switch/img/gallery01.jpg JP Gallery Image 2: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/switch/img/gallery02.jpg JP Partners Sample Image: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/switch/img/partners.png
  4. Given how much trouble Dolphin is having emulating the Wii, I doubt it will. But it's not a bad thing, the Wii U was built on top of the Wii which was built on top of the gamecube so they probably needed to exit the heap they'd got themselves in.
  5. Nvidia put out a press release about the custom Tegra in the switch and how it powers the audio/visual. With a custom API called NVN. So it looks like Backwards-Compatibility is completely out the window. https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2016/10/20/nintendo-switch/ Plus here's a copy of the Press Release I found
  6. Beat me to it but yeah. Many disc images of current gens games rarely eat up the whole disc, NMS was quoted as being less than a few gigs. So for cart-based media you can save money by using lower-capacity chips.
  7. Watched the trailer with my mother an an interesting scenario that wasn't in the video popped up. Taking it off the dock to go to the toilet. Now you don't need a phone/tablet/3DS to continue gaming while on the porcelain throne.
  8. One thing to notice is the lack of drive for disc-based media and in one shot there's a guy popping in a cartridge at the top, so it looks like the rumor of going back to carts is true. Of course it makes sense for a very mobile platform.
  9. I already posted this in another topic, but okay. So yeah, interesting hardware, it feels like Nintendo wants to get back to the casual market again, but how practical and powerful will the hardware be because that's a pretty small piece of kit.
  10. Well now we know the name and what it does: The Nintendo switch: (Site is dead so I kept an eye on the youtube channel instead
  11. The problem with grey-market sellers like G2A and kinguin are not only the lack of support if a key goes wrong unless you pay an extra fee, then you have extra fees for using paypal unless you trust them with your credit card info. In the end I've seen Kingun/G2A/etc end up more expensive than steam and other official retailers after all the shield/paypal fees. (Which is actually against the Paypal TOS) I personally use IsThereAnyDeal.com who show that currently GMG are doing BF1 for €47
  12. I initially wanted to say Dennis, but that's too obvious, but I keep coming back to that LG38 Ultrawide. I would love an UW monitor but they're just ridiculously expensive.
  13. Mainly for the exclusives. Games you can't get on PC or have terrible PC ports. Plus games that are meant to be played on the go, like my 3DS collection etc.
  14. Pyrii

    LGBT community

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WNsOMAmaC8 But anyways, hello. Lesbian Gamer here, of course my first post is in the LGBT thread. But it's always a good place to start ^^