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  1. So right now I have a single server, Yggdrasil that does sort of everything, it uses several varying drives and partitions to hold my data and share over samba. It also has CPU power for now running PLEX and various gameservers (Minecraft, starbound etc). I also want to be able to start archiving my twitch streams for later editing etc. The drives in the server are starting to die out and I really need to do a better solution, I've found that it's much easier and preferable to keep everything on the server, I don't archive much to optical media anymore, so lots of easily accessable storage for my anime/films/TV would be great, but I also need to add in some redundancy while saving some power (Having all those drives spun up the whole time in a single chassis probably eats power and the heat kills the drives faster) So I was looking at 4-bay NASes to look out for during black friday, but I'm just confused by all the offerings. I don't need fancy because my existing server can do PLEX transcoding/serving centrally as long as it can access the files. Essentially my requirements are RAID 5 (Or similar) (The ability to swap in a drive when 1 fails and not lose data would be great, especially at the amount/size of data we can fit on drives now, losing 2Tb of Anime recently was scary) Samba support (I think most if not all NAS solutions support this now, but still) USB3 connection would be nice so I can hook them up directly to my server to access files instead of eating network bandwidth pulling files for PLEX just to send it out again. Configurable drive timeout for power saving with caching. (Again, nice to have but sometimes these shares might not be accessed for days (Though I think PLEX runs daily checks for updates etc) I'm not sure if several 4-bay solutions would be good or maybe look at bigger enclosures, but they tend to go up pretty exponentially in cost. Going for 4>8 bay costs over 3 times as much as far as I can see. So just stacking a bunch for 4 bay NASes on a shelf to add to as I need it would be a great solution. I'm just so lost in a sea of options and don't want to be burnt by picking something that ends up being unsuitable. So I'm calling on your expertise ^^
  2. Except Win10 is now a Pay-OS, the free upgrade was win7/8>10 and you also still have to pay for Home>Pro etc. Win10 is in no way a free OS. Already did so, I got fed up with Windows 10 always restarting my computer instead of shutting down and waking up in the morning to find it still on wasting power. Nope, opt-out, but only if you know the obscure way to turn it off.
  3. Something tells me the EU antitrust council will have a field day with this. MS abusing their OS position to try and nag/incentivise users to use their browser over others.
  4. Well according to WSJ, Nintendo say they won't be announcing ANY games or specs for the Switch (Including region lock status) in 2016. Although this image is doing the rounds, mainly as a "Shots fired" thing, but I've yet to see any part of this image anywhere else. EDIT1: Just to remind people that the reveal trailer had superimposed footage, so framearates/games are to be taken with a grain of salt till some actual announcements.
  5. It's impossible to really do so, the "distributed" part where hundreds of thousands of compromised devices are used in massive botnets. There's no way to distinguish any of this traffic from legitimate traffic so most providers just try to soak the cost of bandwidth and hope the attack goes away, or pass on the cost to the victim, who then has to decide whether to take their site offline because they can't afford it. There's unfortunately no real defense as of yet because of the way the internet works and how these botnets operate.
  6. Single Core performance requirements aren't going to go away and I think it'd been documented that in real-world scenarios, most apps rarely make use of more than 2 or 3 cores. If we're to start seeing multitasking take off, then the only improvement from multi-core processors is going to come from the OS distributing the apps across cores better. But for right now, I'm not sure where this processor fits in.
  7. It's not JUST learning the script and language but also about understanding the Japanese culture and history. Much like our own languages we have sayings and phrases based on our own culture. There's also the understanding of sentence structure etc. Honestly I'm still using cheat sheets for kana and slowly trying to learn the kanji. I have books but internet resources are much handier. And since I watch a lot of anime and use JP websites often, it's easier to immerse yourself in the language.
  8. By default I already speak 2 languages, English and Bad English. But I'm also learning Japanese slowly over the years.
  9. Yeah the current panel is a laggy mess. But it works. I dunno if AMD drivers have gotten any better but my experience in the past with them was never good.
  10. This new DDOS appears to be affecting different sites to the first as they appear to be striking a different part of Dyn's network. Level 3 and Cloudflare are seeing lots of errors in websites including Github and Playstation Network. Source: Ars Technica - Double-dip Internet-of-Things botnet attack felt across the Internet So far, github seems to be fine for me in the UK and I haven't seen any real problems, so this could be a more focused attack. But I think the headache caused by IoT devices' poor security is going to continue to snowball. And it's been used to try and silence security researchers in the past who stumble onto criminal uses for vulnerabilities.
  11. Thank god, Geforce Experience is almost akin to malware now, installing multiple services and apps that run in the background and ALWAYS installing, even if you selected not to install it. And I only ever used it for game sharing, but that feature was never developed properly and barely worked. EDIT: Looking at the release notes, there is meant to be GeForce Experience included with the drivers. EDIT2: The driver package does seem to have a lot more crap taken out of it now.
  12. Your own forum has an entire topic about the Nintendo Switch, I know I posted multiple images and better ones than your BBC source, but it seems you ignored the topic entirely since you were grasping for details and names. EDIT: Well done to Razor for making the show pretty hard to hear. The Irony was not lost on me. EDIT2: The Japanese name of the console is: Nintendo Switch (ニンテンドースイッチ / nintendo-suichi)
  13. Only Mabel so far. Poor Sabel
  14. Also @Brian McKee Sabel is so adorable. I want to cuddle her for hours, sadly I only have the Mabel Amiibo so far.
  15. Since I have eczma, dust is a huge problem for me. I'm sure there's a full copy of me inside my keyboard by now.
  16. I say nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.
  17. Since we're posting critic videos, I figured I'd add these 2 because they have reasonable views and expectations on the console while offering differing perspectives. Sadly both are sort of reaction/on-the-day videos. (Spoiler: The "Angry" part is a misnomer) There are other videos I didn't post because I just didn't find they added to the conversation. I don't watch ReviewTechUSA anymore, I found myself disagreeing with him on some pretty important issues that made me lose a lot of respect for him and I dislike his style of dealing with people he disagrees with.
  18. Apparently interviews and other sources are confirming and denying various tidbits, it's not much but Ars Technica added this to their coverage:
  19. Just a sanity reminder that this is a console reveal trailer and all footage of games in the trailer was purely to facilitate that. Given that 90-100% of them were super-imposed actiony/trailer shots. We can't infer docked/undocked performance either.
  20. Wasn't saying you did, but there was a merge, I figured that might be why you didn't see that all the stuff you were posting has been shown already. The current OP hasn't really consolidated this information very well. I'd be tempted to post a recap of posts/links but that may be lost while the discussion continues.
  21. There's some No-Man's-Sky levels of over-hyping starting to happen in this thread with people filling in gaps about performance, games etc. Till games are announced, don't count on their release on the console. As for Tegra, expect the worst, be pleasantly surprised in my motto. Nvidia may be overstating their involvement with the console, or Nintendo may have left a lot of development to Nvidia. The latter being unlikely as Nintendo is known to be extremely rigid when working with partners. Especially western ones. EDIT: @GoodBytes You're pearoasting hard at the moment. The Nvidia release and those images were already posted. I think the topic merge has mixed some stuff up though
  22. Remember boys and girls that games seen in the teaser might not come to pass or may be modifications of existing games in order to show uses for the Switch. This isn't the first or last time Nintendo has done this with console reveal trailers, showing un-named mario/zelda/other IP gameplay in order to demonstrate the device.
  23. I actually think disc-based media is having trouble right now on consoles and Nintendo may have hit on a massive boon since cart-based games tend to be quick/instant loading with minimal or no "install" problems other than patches. (At least in my experience with 3DS). Chip access is orders of magnitude quicker than an disc. And MS/Sony have been screwing up First-Experience for users in a big way as highlighted by Jim Sterling (Warning: Probably bad language)
  24. I know this much. Honestly it can be used as a dummy controller for anything if yu know what you're doing so I wondered if they were using NX hardware back then.