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  1. Sadly all 3rd-party MFs have switched from samsung GDDR5 to Micron GDDR5 which is causing some issues. I went with an Asus Strix myself. Though it's going back not because of an issue with the card, but stupid Amazon being stupid (Amazon UK isn't honouring the Watchdogs 2 promotion and isn't doing their usual price-drop partial refunds it seems to I have to send it back and re-order it at the lower price (their words, not mine)) There is rumors and now confirmations of the Ti series round the corner too, which puts the whole 10xx line in question. And it's thought the new line will use GDDR5X for the whole series, not just the 1080.
  2. Do you have another GPU to try? Honestly it sounds like this GPU has been toasting your PSUs. Could be a short.
  3. Till EVGA come out with a new design, I wouldn't touch the currently EVGA line. There have been reports that the thermal pads don't touch the heatsink due to the gap between the VRMs and heatsink being too great and in cases where it does work the heat reduction is pretty low. It's just not worth the risk when for the same money, other manufacturers are doing it right.
  4. Do you have another 8-pin cable on the PSU you can try? On another plug in the PSU if modular.
  5. Yeah this is why I don't use GPU encoding for streaming etc. The quality can be much lower and not use many of the features/optimisations of true encoders. So when you're encoding your final product, you certainly wouldn't use them.
  6. As someone who's done editing for over a decade... the new MBP is NOT an editing machine. It's not a professional machine in any sense tbh. There's some interesting ideas in the touchbar, but that's it really. It has a lower quality keyboard, worse battery life, terrible connectivity, and is underpowered for any professional task except blogging/journalism. I have a feeling the Apple faithful are still wearing the Steve Jobs reality distortion goggles right now and it's taking awhile for the message to sink in finally that Apple really has little to offer anymore other than a name, logo, and closed ecosystem. These people are probably already in that bubble so have no comparison with the outside world of PCs. There could be political parallels here too, but I'll leave that for now. In the end I pity anyone that can't look at the things they love objectively and realise when things have clearly gone wrong.
  7. The problem for most is not having compatible hardware, like say a SATA port or even some people without compatible PCI-E slots. Or that don't know how to dot he upgrade themselves. Those that CAN do will likely buy the components themselves and will probably buy better components too. Unless this showed value for money, then I don't see the market for this.
  8. Pyrii

    PS4 Pro Review

    The general consensus seems to be "eh" with this console so far. The only reason I'm interested int he Pro is have a future-proof purchase where I won't have to upgrade later if I end up getting 4K/HDR int he next few years. Plus I remember them saying the extra power can be used in some games to make 1080p have more detail etc. Given all the sales on PS4 over black friday etc though, the price is a big issue for many. (£199 for slim, £299 for Pro atm on HUKD) Also I don't give a flying heck about what's slapped on the outside of the device. Everybody and their grandma has seen the aesthetic, I'm interested in what's inside and how it plays/functions. Most of my consoles are buried in the corner along with capture equipment anyway. Sticker away! I find the lack of pink disappointing. Mahogany is still sexy though.
  9. As far as I know Drive doesn't allow direct file linking either.
  10. Dropbox have started sending out e-mails stating they'll be ending support for the "public" folder. The main use of this folder was to be able to send direct links to files in this folder that were exposed publicly like a folder on a webserver. Where as "private" files had to be shared by creating a share link to the file, this means they'll go to a download page at dropbox rather than accessing the file directly. There could be a few reasons for this, namely many people would leave files up in their public folder for downloads and forget about them, which can cause all sorts of problems. Dropbox was one of the last few to allow direct file access. Imgur still works for images and puu.sh for files (unused files will expire after a time on puush). Dropbox has been phasing out public folders for some time now, including preventing the use of the public folder for serving HTML files. https://www.dropbox.com/help/16
  11. http://arstechnica.co.uk/gaming/2016/12/after-cracks-developers-remove-denuvo-drm-from-their-games/ Yep, in time it will be cracked and Denuvo is simply designed to buy developers time, but if they don't get at least 3 months, they can get a refund.
  12. While I agree, this topic wasn't really to discuss the gameplay, but the DRM used. Honestly, everything about this is lazy.
  13. It's £8/$10 one time purchase. There will be a free 4-level demo.
  14. I believe bad DRM should be called out and brought attention to wherever it rears it's ugly head. On this occasion it is due to laziness as they even stated that they were considering an offline mode but they claimed it would require too much work. If we don't put pressure on them with articles like this, then they'll have no incentive to change now or in the future. Nothing will change if you don't fight. People will always pirate. I'm not advocating piracy, but it will happen. People will also cheat. And these measures will not prevent that, it will ONLY affect legitimate PAYING users.
  15. Since this causes an actual inconvenience for the legitimate user, but not for pirates. This discussion needs to be had to continue to remind people that badly thought out DRM like this will only hurt your product and people's ability to play/use it. At least systems like Denuvo are somewhat invisible, only causing longer load times on startup. But making games online-only has only ever caused headaches for users and been bad for the games that use it.
  16. In a move that will only encourage piracy and cause legitimate users to have a worse experience than pirates again, Nintendo have decided to make "Super Mario Run" online-only. It is not yet known to what extent that it requires an internet connection, it could be a simple check-in or it could download the levels as you play them. Shigeru Miyamoto in an interview with Mashable talked about the requirement of an internet connection. In an Engadget article, Nintendo released this statement: Super Mario Run will release Dec 15th on iOS and later on Android and will cost a one time purchase of £7.99/$9.99 with no in-app transactions. A free mode is available with 4 levels iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/super-mario-run/id1145275343?mt=8 More links: http://arstechnica.co.uk/gaming/2016/12/super-mario-run-online-only/ My opinion: As someone who doesn't usually have a data package for mobile since I don't go out much I know this means I won't be able to play this while out and about with my mobile. Yet they still expect £8/$10 for a game I can only play at home. It just strikes me as a bonehead move and lack of effort on Nintendo's part. I can guarantee that there will still be cheating, and piracy will still happen for people determined enough.
  17. itch.io is an interesting place to look. Though there is a lot of crap on there too. But if you're interested in sifting through some indie stuff it's worth a look https://itch.io/search?q=programming
  18. Zachtronics is known for their programming games. They can be pretty difficult as they deal with assembly and puzzles usually. I just bought Shenzhen I/O and it's certainly interesting. TIS-100 was quite tricky because of the limited instruction set. These are probably not beginner games though. http://store.steampowered.com/search/?publisher=Zachtronics Quadrilateral Cowboy is more of a basic level programming puzzler. But it's Blendo Games so I'm certainly in no rush to buy it myself. http://store.steampowered.com/app/240440/ I don't think you'll find a game that will teach you a specific language per se. Especially python. These games are either to get people interested in programming, or cater to seasoned programmers who are looking for puzzles/challenges to scratch that solving itch.
  19. As mentioned by a few people here, corporate media is definitely not innocent in this, so the idea that they will be the "control" for this new law is something that will not only not stop fake news, but also increase the monopoly that these outlets have over journalism.
  20. Hillary Clinton? Concerned about fake news? The same Hillary Clinton that started that "Bernie Bros" nonsense? That sent fake news to outlets containing lies about her opponent during the primary? It's interesting how she'll use it when it benefits her, but when it no longer does, she's against it. I'm all for cracking down on spreading misinformation as real news *cough*foxnews*cough*. But the Irony here is not lost on me.
  21. Yeah, the Drivers default to Limited RGB, but you can change it to full. Just go to the Nvidia Control Panel > Display > Change Resolution, selection the display using HDMI and under the resolution options you'll find options to change output settings.
  22. Interesting guide, but you didn't explain what you meant by seagate barracuda drives being only "rated for 8x5". I'm just scratching my head as to what that means.
  23. As reported by Ars Technica, this is due to a new DRM ( PlayReady 3.0 ) placed on 4K content by content providers. And only Kaby Lake and the Edge Browser have the required DRM. But wait, here's a hitch, all Nvidia 10xx series cards support PlayReady 3.0. So it can also be played on that hardware too. But so far, EDGE has been the only browser willing to add the new DRM. So effectively, unless your CPU/GPU and browser have DRM embedded into them, you can't watch 4K streaming content. http://arstechnica.co.uk/gadgets/2016/11/netflix-4k-streaming-pc-kaby-lake-cpu-windows-10-edge-browser/
  24. Yeah my dilemma is just how cheap to go. The DS416 is £330 on Amazon UK so that's pretty high. I did have a look at some 8+bay solutions, but they'd have to be powerful enough to command that extra price overhead compared to 2+ small 4-bay NAS units. Say if they were capable of doing transcoding for PLEX etc. But most of them seem mediocre for how expensive they are. I could build a cheaper yet more powerful machine (Barring finding a case with 6-9x 5" bays)