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  1. In the end I went ahead and got it when I remembered that I could get some Cashback via Quidco which should help towards a mount, now it's just a matter of finding a low profile desk mount that can support 8kg without sagging like some I've been recommended apparently do.
  2. I just use baby wipes (Usually the pure kind which are mostly water) and then wipe off the residue with some kitchen towel after. Heavy cleaners might melt or damage the plastic on the front of the panel.
  3. Tempting, but the Black Friday sales here in the UK aren't that great, I'm not sure if this monitor will be discounted like this again. EDIT: People on HUKD have mentioned getting discounts when chatting to sales, an extra 5-10% off, I've tried and the chat reps refused to budge. I know I'm not the best communicator but is there a good way to get a discount from them, an extra 5% would really matter to me, I could put the money towards the extra mount needed etc.
  4. Not my currwnt rig, I'm probably going to have to do some tweaks or run windowed/zoomed for a bit. I plan on upgrading layer though. I prefer to think ahead with my purchases. I thought of getting the 1080 version which is £600 at the moment but would regret it later if I wanted to upgrade later. I like things to last a good long time
  5. Yeah that's general wear and tear, unless it wore out within a 1-6months, then you might have a case, but 2 years, unlikely.
  6. Importing or ordering within the EU is duty-free. I've bought stuff off french and spanish amazon before without issue.
  7. I know I occasionally see deals from other EU sites on HUKD( https://www.hotukdeals.com/ ), if you're looking for hardware/software. If you're looking for games I cannot recommend https://isthereanydeal.com/ enough as it compares prices from many different digital stores and shows price history too, and works for £, €, and $
  8. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/alienware-aw3418dw-34-curved-monitor-79997-dell-2977473 So I saw this deal on HUKD a few days ago and I'm looking for a good Ultrawide monitor because I stram/play certain games and want to upgrade from my pair of 24/23 inch CFL monitors that are over 10 years old and produce a lot of heat at night. I like all the details about the AW3418DW except £800 still seems a little high, so I tried asking a sales rep if there was any additional discounts they could do and didn't get any luck. THe sales rep did confirm it is VESA compatible (I'll get to that later) and said the panel was 8-bit (This I'm not entirely sure of). Can anyone confirm or deny if the panel is 8-bit or 6-bit+FRC? The included mount looks far too big so I wondered if anyone knew of any good table mounts that would work too. I'm still very on the fence on putting that amount down for a monitor, it would be nice for my space/driving sims, and let me play 16:9 games with my streaming tools on the same screen (I may have to look into a 2nd monitor for that stuff since I'd like to replace both my screens at some point) I'd definitely appreciate some prompt input as I don't know how much longer this deal will last.
  9. In the UK, you have warranty protect by law, an item has to be sold as "Fit for purpose" so if the item fails or breaks you are usually entitled for a replacement or refund. The issue comes with how long you've had device, the longer you've had it, the harder it is to justify that the issue was a fault with the device. If it's just wear and tear than I don't think this applies, maybe you could get some new pads for it? I've had my logitech mouse for 5+ years and the pads are still pretty smooth. If you do have a fault and you want a refund/replacement, you usually should deal with the retailer since your purchase was through them.
  10. Also make sure you don't have G-sync or Freesync disabled. I've read these can interfere with game capture.
  11. Ah, fair enough. In the end I went with the MK750 from CoolerMaster for £100 on Amazon Prime. It's taking some adjusting to get used to a mechanical keyboard but I'm happy with it so far. I've put rubber O-rings on all the keys to help with sound while in calls and streaming as I'm still used to bottoming out. Nice features like hardware profiles and macros mean I don't need yet another icon on my desktop, comfortable wrist-rest, and readable keys with some replacements in my colour (purple) means I'm happy so far. I am also taking some adjusting to having the number keys reversed with symbols on the bottom, but I see most cherry MX keyboards do that due to the light being at the top. I've even prided up my led bar on the bottom, even though June is over now. I'm going to leave this topic up for anyone else who might find the information useful, but thanks for the information. I'm also keeping the key tester as a cheap fidget device, fidget cubes cost a fortune but I can stim off this nicely.
  12. You can use Shockwave flash elements as the UI instead, I forget what the technology is called. But I guess their overlay is coded to allow coded elements.
  13. Thank you for the information. The K70 LUX Mk.1 can be had for £105-£115 so that tempted me.
  14. I do love my Sennheiser 598s definitely can hear the difference with 96khz FLACs etc. And they can be had for about £100 on Amazon sometimes.
  15. I can't find the G610 anywhere other than some german configs on amazon which are red LED only. The G810 looks the same, but uses RomerG and is £100. My general impression is a no for me, it looks like it has all the old pitfalls of my current keyboard, but with mechanical switches.
  16. I don't know the K75, is that an old model? Because I can't find it. BIOS support would be essential as I'm still rocking an old bios on my first gen i7. I plan to jump on the zen refresh when it comes out though. I do have USB3 tho.
  17. So since my G105 is pretty old and crusty and I've been thinking about getting a mechanical keyboard, I've started looking in earnest into keyboards. The keyboard I seem to like most is the K70 LUX and K95 Platinum from corsair, I like the lack of indentation (I have eczma so it would be easier to blow out/clean, and it means more light come out of the RGB LEDs), clean keyboard look, and uses CHerry MX RGB Browns. I did order a Cherry MX key tester from Amazon and of all the keys I'm kinda torn between red and browns, but since browns have some feedback of when they're registering a keypress, I think that would be better since the test doesn't have an LED to tell you such. The tester also acts as a nice fidget device. I nearly pulled the trigger on an K70 LUX for £115, but that wasn't the Mk.2. And it seems the Mk.2 K70 LUXs will be £150-£170 which is the realm of the k95 Plat. Pricing is just insane here in the UK (The K70 LUX is $150 in the US). So I had another look today and was drawn to the "Cooler Master MasterKeys MK750". Same idea with more readable keys, comfier wrist-rest, and smaller footprint (My desk is a mess so more room is a plus). But I dunno anything about Cooler master build quality etc and there's only 2 reviews on Amazon. So Must: Cherry MX RGB Browns, readable key font, full 105 UK keyboard, wired Good examples: K70 LUX/K95 plat, CM Masterkeys MK750. Bad examples: Asus RoG keyboards (Gaudy design and unreadable key font), Logitech G910 Orion (Awfully gaudy keyboard, horrible keys, haven't tested RomerG keys). Budget: £100-£150 preferred. Willing to hear options outside of these for something special. Cheaper the better though since I feel the corsair boards are kind overpriced. Money isn't an issue, I just don't want to reward awful pricing. I have looked at DIY options, since I'm not one to shy away from a project, but finding a full 105 keyboard, with RGB keys, double shot caps (translucence needed for RGB), etc seems to be impossible. Plus the price seems a bit much, if I can get a ready-to-use keyboard for less, that is preferred due to a hectic RL situation atm). I am probably going to look at maybe getting a Japanese Kana/english keyboard cap set in the future, so while the cap problem isn't fatal, but important for now since importing takes forever. I don't know if this is too little or too much information, I could really use some help and testimonials from other people who've used these or other keyboards. I've tried to give examples of keyboards I liked, ones I didn't and my needs. EDIT: If someone knows a UK source for non-Cherry singles that I can try like RomerG etc, I would appreciate that. EDIT2: Felt I needed to clarify, I game A LOT, and also stream so need a quiet but good keyboard for gaming/typing.
  18. Yeah, I spent a good 2 hours writing/researching the OP but am still worried about this topic here. I also agree with supporting those that are able to leave for doing so, I also support those that disagree but can't leave for various reasons I have a feeling though that given how few are leaving, they might be dismissed as some radical minority.
  19. Remember to not get political, this topic is not about the American Military, or any political parties. It is about Google and the employees protesting/resigning, and the implications of the use of AI for this purpose. Original Source: https://gizmodo.com/google-employees-resign-in-protest-against-pentagon-con-1825729300 First seen by me: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/05/google-employees-resign-in-protest-of-googlepentagon-drone-program/ Pre-article summary: Google and the American Military are working on "Project Maven", a military project to apply Google's image artificial intelligence know-how to drones and drone footage to help the military identify persons and/or places of interest, presumably to later capture or strike. (wasn't sure how to word this without being graphic). A previous letter of protest garnered over 3100 signatures (Ars reports up to 4000 at time of writing). Given how large Google is as a company this is probably a drop in the ocean, but appears to be gaining traction in media with stories from Gizmodo, Ars Technica, and The New York Times as well. A previous Ars article on the letter and issue pointed out how the letter invoked Google's "Don't Be Evil" motto. The Military claims that footage identified by "Project Maven" will not be solely acted upon but further examined. I do remember hearing (Can't remember where) that the American military is having a high turnover for drone operators due to what they're having to see and do in the role. So it might be possible that it may be looking at this project to ease staffing issues. Article summary: Google is still forging ahead, even after the letter of protest, so now employees have begun to quit. While "about a dozen" seems like an even smaller drop in the ocean to Google's 70,000 employees, it is quite a drastic action to take and I don't know if those employees will be able to get a reference from Google. Here are a few quotes from resigning employees from the article: The ICRAC (International Committee for Robot Arms Control) (about) has also released an open letter supporting the previous letter from google employees on the matter: https://www.icrac.net/open-letter-in-support-of-google-employees-and-tech-workers/ I recommend you read the whole letter but it has some powerful language and wise words of caution. The ICRAC claims to solely advocate against the use of robotics/AI in target selection and use of lethal force, and not against robotics in general. Personal Thoughts: Not sure what to add without getting political. I'm personally interested in AI and Robotics but agree that it's a field that should not be used lethally in war. Saving people in the battlefield is different from helping with lethal tasks, and in the rare cases the two are mutual is a task and decision still best left to humans. I've never heard of the ICRAC till today and am sceptical about them but the letter was well written. I do raise the question of our reliance on Google. For some this may be minimal, for others, extensive. I myself use google calendar due to my memory problems to remind me of appointments etc since it syncs to my tablet and phone. I rely on Gmail since in the past my website's mail server has been flaky so have ported most of my accounts over to it. I use chrome and regularly rely on the recent tabs/history to watch stuff on my tablet/phone in bed/hospital/doctors that I was previously watching on my PC or TV when I'm ill. So for me, it's be difficult to stop using Google in protest of this decision, but it's a thought I am considering and may look into alternatives that can do the same tasks. I'd like to hear what people think about protesting Google as users, and how that might be possible.
  20. If you use an Nvidia card and have a spare HDMI out port you could plug an HD60 into that and "clone" the monitor to both the HD60 and your main gaming display. Here's how mine is set up. I route my display to my Pioneer VSX AV Switcher/amp for my sound (Using HDMI-out). But it also has a separate switcher (called HDZone) which I use to route either my desktop or one of my consoles to my Avermedia capture box for streaming. I personally don't like using the pass-through to play with as some devices I've used int he past still introduce some latency or change the colour (squashing from 0-255 to 16-235). I also have a couple of USB-powered HDMI splitters. Especially for their non-advertised use of stripping out HDCP from consoles so I can capture them. Why consoles still do this, I do not know. EDIT: Also occured to me that if you're using a resolution higher than 1080P, the capture box probably won't support it anyway.
  21. linustechtips for mentm I'd love to see a linustechtips for womentm in pink instead of orange But in all seriousness, it's probably just the "menu" text getting cut-off from the page being squashed. Page looks fine on my HTC10 using chrome. I assume it might be a mobile Firefox quirk. Sounds like slow loading could be the cause. Do you run any plugins like adblock?
  22. I think the idea is the OP wants each machine to have independent encryption. Having each machine that uses the image use the same encryption salt/key is a security risk because then if you break into one machine's encryption, you can break into them all. I'd look for command line arguments for such programs and create a post-image script
  23. Since this video covered the fact that miners tend to sell their "used" cards on after an upgrade. There is the topic of whether having a card used in a mining rig 24/7 for so long degrades the card as I see the topic come up quite often of people wanting to know if a card was used for mining as they can sometimes end up with a dud. So maybe some tests to see what a card that's been running in a mining rig for a few months to see if the card degrades in performance.
  24. You'd be losing some height for very little width. The screen would probably be smaller overall.