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  1. So they used a 2990WX with the Zenith Extreme which doesn't have enough VRM to really push that chip and will have VRM heat issues, along with a standard iesblock from alphacool that doesn't fully cover the IHS with an "adapter kit". It seems poor old Margeret has been gimped by the sponsors. I feel like this could have been something truly special, but along with some wonky tubing, and no love given to the front with all the drive facades badly destroyed, this gets a resound "meh" from me. I wanna see a sleeper build that shows how beautiful retro can be, rather than an messy, unloved, mish-mash of parts. PS. Comparing this build to an Core i9 Macbook pro? Wow, you really want to highlight the heat issues with this build.
  2. Yeah, but a poor power source can wear out your components faster or not provide the full power they need, the pascal GPUs with their internal overclocking will be limited if the power source is poor. But that's rarely a worry unless you go too cheap. GamersNexus plans to do power supply reviews soon so that should be interesting.
  3. Yeah I have a pricey system with top end components so I wanted a Power supply which not only was efficient (Those components eat watts at load) but also had fairly clean power with low ripple, that's why I spent so much. Plus I plan to run this computer for 5+ years with occasional upgrades if needed. So reliability is important. Higher grade PSUs tend to use more reliable components. For a mid-range PC Gold should be fine, just do a little research to make sure the PSU doesn't have bad ripple or the efficiency curve isn't horrendous at idle. HardOCP tend to do good PSU reviews.
  4. It's a nice looking case, but the white is only panelling and it only supports a pair of up to 280 rads
  5. I've just ordered all the internal components for My new PC, an 2950X on a MSI MEG CREATION and 2 1080Tis, but now I need to find a case with watercooling options because I want this to be my first watercooling build. The problem is I can't plan a loop without a case because I won't know what I can fit and where. Here's my PCPP: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Pyrii/saved/NVrV6h My initial selection was the Phanteks Primo in white, but I'm not entirely happy with the case. I would like the option to side-mount. I wanted to try and go for an all-white theme build with the water colour being the contrast so white/silver as much as possible. I realise that some modding may have to be done, but having an already-white case would save a LOT of work since I'm disabled and painting an entire case is not a job I want for my first attempt at modding. I've used the Fractal R3 and R5 in white till now, but I'm disappointing by the R6, nor do I think it has the space I need for my build. Sadly with Case Labs out of business I can't go for a custom case, I've tried a couple of custom case companies in the UK but they only do server rackmount chassis. So in short: White outside and inside with clean look (I'm not a fan of the "Gamer" Aesthetic on everything lately with logos plastered everywhere) Room for triple RAD in front and top. Clear side window (The phanteks ones are strongly tinted which would mean replacing them Mounts for watercooling cylinder res, and separate pump, fill and drain ports a bonus so I don't have to drill my own. UK/EU supplier
  6. Problem is, die/controller differences might cause issues and slow down the RAM as a whole. If speed isn't an issue and don't mind the performance hit of mismatched sticks then you're okay.
  7. Yeah, and I can't find CAS15 3600 modules anywhere, even though they do exist.
  8. From what I could tell on similar threads on this board, The new Zen architecture does like speed, so maybe the RAM might have some headroom to improve clock rate (Probably see how far I can push just the clock while keeping same timings and as little additional voltage as possible). I also heard That TR2 likes similar timings across the latency, so 14-14-14 should be better than say, 14-16-16. I've been seeing lots of kits with CAS latencies with numbers all over the place. Mostly Corsair's very disappointing offerings. But on the other side of the fence, I'm not too sure about G.Skill's reputability (Twitter no longer works, site is a mess/broken).
  9. So I'm trying to pick some memory, I want decent latency and after lots of research, head scratching, and disappointment that lots of the decent kits are no longer sold here in the UK. I have a PCPartPicker build (https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Pyrii/saved/NVrV6h) for what I've selected so far, but here's what I'm looking at: Threadripper 2950X MSI MEG X399 CREATION 2x G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 3200MHz C14 (F4-3200C14D-32GTZR) So checking the compatibility list for the board I can't find the EXACT model number for the RAM, but dual 8GB sticks work I checked the kit is Samsung B-Die here (https://benzhaomin.github.io/bdiefinder/) but many of the kits with lower latencies just aren't available anymore/here, and those above 3600Mhz probably won't be supported on my board. Is there something I'm missing in my memory selection? Have I made a bum choice? Let me know as I want to start getting base components ordered this week. EDIT: Wanted to add that I am doing a watercooling build with a white theme. I've considered watercooling the RAM (EK "Monarch" nickel plates which are €37 per 2 sticks) but I think I'd just prefer to stick with the RGB, I'm conflicted
  10. I'm looking to use the same CPU+Mobo as @Diraan but I'm looking at higher initial memory. I was initially looking at the Corsair Vengeance RGP PROs in white (Going for a white-themed build) but the timings on their RAM aren't as good as G.skill sets. For me, Memory speed and latency is important, some of the things I do are highly dependant on FSB/RAM speed. The question is, pay more for G.Skill/TForce RAM that's rated higher, or stick with corsair and see if they can overclock. I think the MEG only supports up to 3600 RAM, but at that speed, finding anything better than CAS18 is hard, so 3200@CAS14, or 3600@CAS16
  11. I lowered my overclock over summer due to it causing my PC to pump out lots of heat turning my room into a sauna in summer. I could probably push this board further but I think I'd prefer to just focus on my new machine.
  12. My server is an Sandy Bridge P67, and when I accidentally blew the board up with a loose screw, I had to pay a king's ransom on ebay for a replacement. I can definately sympathise.
  13. I'm definitely overdue an upgrade (See my Angelic Rose thread). I wouldn't sell this board on though because I have a feeling it's dying. Just felt like teasing @Redicat and @App4that
  14. Ah, I guess I only ever get directed to the US store from Tech places so I didn't know there was an EU store. Thanks @CableMod and @W-L When googling I only found https://mod-one.com/connectors/ and their connectors seem to different in tones, and some are a bit translucent, and I'm not sure on compatibility. But they are pretty cheap.
  15. Interesting to see the kind of computers the LTT staff use at home, it shows that different professions tend to dictate your computing needs at home. And how much Linus pays them (insert Linus kappa here, why is that not an emoticon?). I'm surprised they didn't upgrade his storage other than an OS SSD. I'm not too sure about the final selection, I can see why maybe Linus picked who he did, but I'm not sure he'll actually use it. Semi-related to the video though I feel like I need a small rant. It feels like any time AMD releases a new line of CPUs, Intel goes ham on marketing and sponsored content, and LTT seems to happily be party to this, since there's almost no coverage of Ryzen/TR builds both times they've been released. I get the feeling Intel is trying to make AMD's offerings irrelevant by just pushing their name up front with content creators as much as possible. I really worry about how objective LTT seems and how objective other people see LTT when they do "Value build"s with more expensive Intel processors just because it's sponsored by Intel, and just flood out Intel sponsored videos after every AMD launch. These are interesting times yet I feel like LTT only shows one side of the story. I really want to see a better response to competition from Intel, all this flailing is what's driving me to AMD for the first time in over 15 years. I want to see Intel pull it's finger out and do better, but this... this is just sad to watch. Especially since this Promo is US/Canada only. AMD really should be countering with their own marketing too I have no problem with sponsored content, but this has had me scratching my chin for some time. We get to see some interesting videos from LTT though, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. I'm also building a system for the same Chip, and I'm confused by ram timings, G.skill ram advertises 3600 CAS16 (True CAS16-16-16) RAM, it's pretty pricey. But the best Corsair can do is 3200 CAS16 (Weird timings 16-18-18), and 3600 CAS18 (Also dumb timings 18-19-19) I'm planning to use the MEG CREATION though. So I'm really stuck on what RAM to get. I guess you could always try to tighten the timings by changing them on the motherboard to 16-16-16. Dunno how well that would work on the corsair RAM.
  17. I did initially think of ordering some cablemod cables and then replacing the connectors. But I imagine import fees would be hellish.
  18. Thanks, lots of good info, I'm thinking of using the Phanteks Primo White, but might want to mod the black parts to white with white fittings, replacing black screws with silver etc. I'm planning to watercool it with a light/pastel pink dye (so fancy cooling) so the white will help that pop. And yeah, manufacturers seem to differ on what "white" is, even the phanteks Primo is dual-toned. Do you have any links? I'm wary of googling such generic names and getting the wrong place.
  19. Since I'm planning an all-white build (Or as much as I can handle) I'm looking for stuff like White power plugs, white SATA/etc cables, and an vinyl textured decal (Rather than finding some glass and etching it) and resources for getting it cut. I asadly don't know too many resources in the UK, I already tried looking for custom case makers, but only found server chassis makers. I've only found US suppliers for some of the parts I'm looking for and the colour between their stock varies from cool white to... yellow. So would really apreciate if people knew of some good suppliers/resources in the UK for custom work. I'd like to try and do as much myself as possible, hoping to do as much as I can myself.
  20. If you're streaming using an Elgato device, does that mean you are capturing on your PC and using OBS/Xsplit to stream to twitch/Youtube/whatever? If so, your program should have options to mute/unmute your mic, as for PS4, I'm not sure, I heard they added a PTT option but I can't find it in the settings.
  21. Just an update, I'm still swinging between the Asus Zenith Extreme and the MEG CREATION. MSI apparently has poor bios support, including on their other x399 boards. But the Asus bios is currently a mess at the moment due to the TR2 bios microcode. Launch day for the 2950X was a confusing mess. AMD didn't let retailers even put the item up on their stores till 2pm on launch day, and apparently NO retailers had initial stock for days, sometimes weeks. Amazon is predicting 1-3 months! I have some modding ideas I'll try to run by the modding forum but for now I'd like to think on RAM and case still. The problem with going for a white theme is the different shades of white. HardwareCanucks highlights this. But for now I'll do my best to ignore it. But even the Phanteks Primo has a serious case of the two-tones. Also there's lots of black in there for a white case, but thankfully most of it is hidden behind shrouds etc. I'm having to serious consider giving up my all-white aesthetic.
  22. I'm tempted by the MSI MEG CREATION, but there's no monoblocks or VRM WC kits for it. I sent a message to EK asking if they plan on releasing a kit or block for it. I also asked if the logos/nameplates on their monoblocks are removable. I have looked at the DESIGNAIRE EX board before and I can't remember what right now but there were things about it that made me realise it's probably not going to suit my needs. After Peorth's Mobo (P6T SE) has severely limited my upgrade options over the years, I want a board with A LOT of room for expansion. The CPU may be the brain, but the motherboard is what brings everything together, for me it's the part that is most important.
  23. So Sony throttles both downloads and disk accesses on PS3 and PS4, what is up with them bottlenecking their consoles in an area that frustrates people most, getting their content, and loading it.
  24. I e-mailed them about that, the person who replied said they like white cases too and didn't like it. Must be a designer/engineer decision. EDIT: The Primo is tempting, but I think it might work better with a 240 on the front and 240 on the bottom.
  25. I love fractal cases but the R6 White was a huge disappointment for me, far too much black in a white case (I have both the R4 and R5 in white and love them), sadly both cases suffer from poor rad support in the front, only supporting 240.