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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700
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    Asus Prime X370-PRO
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    16 Gb DDR4
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    Asus ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1070
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    Fractal Design Define R5 Black Pearl
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    Samsung 840 EVO 240 Gb + Seagate 2 Tb
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    XFX 650W Core Edition
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    Philips 43" IPS 4K 60Hz
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    Steelseries 6Gv2
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Sennheiser Urbanite XL
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    Microsoft Windows 10

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  1. MMOs recommendations?

    I got lost in Guild Wars 2 six weeks ago, I'm loving it. It has paid expansions, but the core game is free. They're having their possibly first ever double XP weekend right now, so now is a great time to give it a try.
  2. In search of a great free to play MMORPG

    Sci-Fi? Try Star Trek Online. Ground combat defaults to third person, but that can be changed. The game is divided into ground and space combat: You command your own starship and execute ground missions with a team of four NPC officers. It's not geared very heavily towards queued group events, but almost everything can be done with a group if so desired. It's also getting it's fourth playable faction in about two months, so there's bound to be a major bump in playerbase. Feel free to ask if you wish to know anything specific about the game. It's available on Steam and Arc, as well on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. No paid expansions. No requirements to spend cash, very open player driven in-game market. It's eight years old at this point, but if you like Star Trek even a bit (or have never seen any), it's definitely worth a try.
  3. Resolution vs Settings

    I have a 4K TV with my One X, and 1080p TV with my PC (GTX 1070). It used to be the other way around, but some of the games I play the most on PC just didn't run well enough in 4K. I do miss 4K on PC, but this arrangement is more balanced for my current hardware and taste in games (+ free of hassle). I don't have a single answer to the "resolution vs. settings" debate, it's very game specific and boils down to what makes the game in question most enjoyable.
  4. Need help fast!

    Why risk it, just walk away. Scammers tend to have a plan to get away with the money.
  5. Post your VPS specs

    Done like that this is completely pointless. At the very least post the complete specs yourself, and if you wish to deny that this is more than just a poor attempt to grow your virtual penis, include links.
  6. It's not big for your inconvenience. Read the required specs from either the product information of your laptop, or directly from the proper charger. If your other charger meets those requirements, great! If not, it's not going to cut it.
  7. I have a 2006 Mac Pro hooked to my TV, not the most convenient living room PC, but certainly looks good. My 2010 Macbook Pro also sees a fair bit of use. On the PC side it'll be my Phenom 945 system (2009) I shamelessly store at my dad's for the few times a year I visit. My oldest keyboard is a Logitech media keyboard from late 00s, not particularly old, but it's the first keyboard I bought myself so it holds a special value. My Xbox from 2001 would be the oldest console I still use enough to fit here. I have a Game Boy Color from 1998 and PlayStation 2 from 2000, but I haven't used those in a long time. Moving on to the specific retro hardware. My current preferred "retro" build has Athlon 2800+ from 2002, so not particularly old. Sees use about as often as the 945, but for shorter periods at a time, not honestly sure if it should even count. I have a couple of 300MHz systems that rarely get out of the closet, and a Commodore 64C (1987) that gets used a few times a year. My crown jewel would be VIC-20 (1981), but it's not in working order at the moment. While it doesn't count at the moment either, I pick up sealed blank VHS-tapes (1976) whenever I find them on flea markets and such, looking towards to the day I have more space and can set up a proper entertainment center. I'd love to do the same with C-cassettes, but blank sealed ones for the right price are a rare sight, and coming across with this stuff by chance is a significant part of the hobby, as it's not even an active hobby yet. I of course pick up floppies (3½") in the same manner.
  8. vr system requirement

    Using Steam, you will find the System Requirements by scrolling down on the Store page of the product you're interested in. For various other platforms, the easiest way to find this information is by entering the name of the software and words "system requirements" into Google. Always remember that you should under no circumstance ever tell your system specifications to anyone on the Internets, it is a scam and they will steal your hardware remotely. Always keep your specs to yourself, the fire department doesn't investigate system specification thefts unless it's about stolen AMD hardware that was kept in a beige case. Here's the requirements taken from Steam, these most likely apply to the VR side of it, I'd imagine that the non-VR version works fine on most computers. It's free in any case, so you'll only lose time by just trying it. Stay safe and have a good day!
  9. I think I used WinZip to split my files. I don't really recall any actual usecases, it could even be that this wasn't an issue until CDs came around. I recall downloading "large" files being a bigger issue at one point, sadly I can't recall the name of the program I used to manage such downloads.
  10. lqjp xbox 360 controller(what is lqjp)

    It seems to be a Chinese brand, they sell various gaming related accessories and parts. Common sense surely tells you that nothing good comes with a $0.1 controller, I suggest moving on. Authentic 360 controllers have the perfect balance of comfort and durability, I would highly recommend buying a real one.
  11. Anybody here pick up old consoles?

    Not sure if I should post to Reddit and post a screenshot. I wouldn't mind picking anything for the right price, but I mostly bring home original Xboxes. I also own a fat PS2 just to play Star Trek Conquest, but it's easily worth the space. My fat Xbox 360 is still going strong, if that counts, and I have picked a second hand S model for backup. I haven't had the misfortune to pick up a broken console yet, but I have seen a few bad controllers and games. I would like to one day dive into old consoles from Sega, but I fear they'd just end up being really expensive filling for cardboard boxes, I don't have endless space (or money). The original Xbox is great for modding, and collecting for it is at the same time (often) collecting for the newer Xboxes, so it feels justifiably worthwhile.
  12. Would you get a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift

    New Oculus Rift from Oculus should be only 449€ with free shipping. Extra sensor from them is 69€, also with free shipping. Aside from maybe easy return policies, there's really many reasons to go with a retailer. If these prices and free shipping applies to Finland, I don't know where you could possibly live to have worse taxes or delivery options.
  13. My PC seems to stutter... Don't know why

    Do you have an SSD and can you think of anything related to it that coincides with the start of the stuttering?
  14. More FPS = Faster Laps???

    There's something wrong, you should be a lot faster. Five times the frames means you should be able to finish the lap in 17 seconds. The Internets are full of videos proving how higher FPS makes the game proportionally faster. Maybe it's now so fast that you struggled to stay on the track and were thereby forced to drive slower, explaining the abysmal lap time for 200 FPS? Keep practising, I'm sure you'll eventually be able to reach that 17 seconds mark!
  15. Comparing my current system to what I had five years ago jumps over one major upgrade cycle, but back then I had 955BE, 8 GB and two GTX 460s in SLI tucked in an Antec 300. Nowadays I have Ryzen 7 1700, 16 Gb and a GTX 1070 in a Define R5. Between then and now I also had a FX-8320, 16 Gb and two GTX 660tis in SLI, this is also the system that had the joy of moving from Antec 300 to Define R5. I don't recall if there was any shortcomings with the 955BE, but USB3 was certainly one of the hilights of the 955 -> 8320 upgrade (I probably just wanted something new to play with and went with whatever excuses I could). 460s started showing their age in everything, so I replaced them with cheap second hand 660tis, only to purchase a 4K TV a few months later, which not too long after made (forced) me buy the 1070. 8320 was eventually retired thanks to an Oculus Rift and indie VR games. Despite of all the days of bad luck, I like the traditional PC model. Hardware is fun. Electronics are getting more and more convenient all the time, and it'll probably eventually lead to us losing our freedom to build. They're just waiting for someone to invent hovering chairs and devious enough AI for a generational space ship.