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  1. The first thing you should do is check if all the software you need is available on Windows, this includes features that are native to macOS but plausibly absent in Windows (for e.g. SSH). If you have any kind of external storage, make sure it stays accessible and readable. Be sure you have the necessary cables and dongles (for e.g. Bluetooth) your peripherals may require. If you're using a trackpad enthusiastically you might want to look into that beforehand as well, I don't know if Windows still supports the same feature set. Once you have your new Windows PC workhorse up and running, dedicate a moment to configuring Updates to your liking as they can prove unexpectedly disruptive. Brace yourself for learning the new keyboard layout and it's new shortcuts. Getting used to the new OS' behaviour (or the lack of such) might be annoying for a while, but nothing unmanageable. If by PC you also mean a Windows Phone, do plenty research. You might be better off with an Android phone, depending on your needs (especially on how you want to sync your data). The earlier remark about absent features applies here too, but Android probably has an app for any habit you might bring over from iOS.
  2. Any Extra Steam Codes

    KZWJE-IZQ4G-HGC28 Sorry, there's no rust because it's made of tin.
  3. Is it worth it to buy a xbox one?

    Specs and prices aside, you want to play with your sister? Go for it. Sticks and rock? Sure. Sega? Yeah. Xbox? Absolutely! She'll love it even when you're not around. Xbox doesn't have the library PS4 has, but it's still incredibly versatile and capable system, building itself for both future and past. If you end up going with it, I might be able to dig up both Live Gold and Game Pass trials for her (I'll want some proof, but I'm not offended in any case, I hope you wont be either). Awesome siblings are the best you can hope for in this world. Sounds like you might be one of the truly great ones.
  4. What is wrong?

    Looks like Napoleon Total War has issues running on anything newer than Windows 7. This seems to be the prominent thread about trying to solve that, but if I were you, I'd refund it before you cross the two hour limit. While Steam is generous and understanding with the refunds, there are no guarantees they'll accept anything that goes beyond the standard terms.
  5. Your device will be genuine shortly...

    So this is just a rant, not a question of any sort? If there's an issue, contact support.
  6. how to hook up xbox to pc

    Your question is confusing. If you want to connect the Xbox to your PC for image pass through, you need a capture card. If you just want to pass the audio through your PC, you can do so depending on your Xbox 360 version. The S version had S/PDIF and E version has 3.5 mm jack for this purpose.
  7. Average RAM Length?

    Typically yes. For keywords, look for ECC and FB-DIMM, neither of those are likely to run on your motherboard if it's standard consumer model. (For accurate information, you should let us know what your motherboard is.)
  8. 4 player split screen

    "Doesn't matter if split screen is online of offline" doesn't make sense, but 7 Days to Die offers 2 player local split-screen and 4 player online co-op. It's a survival game, if that's something you're open to.
  9. Torrent Tracker

    Generally? Public means anyone (read: copyright holders) can find your IP, contact your ISP and demand your personal information. The rest depends on your country and your ISP, but generally if they get your information, they'll be contacting you for compensation with threats of legal actions. Invite-only trackers effectively reduce this risk, but can't remove it completely.
  10. Average RAM Length?

    Full desktop DDR3 (dimm) has 240 pins, smaller DDR3 sticks designed for laptops and other systems with limited space (so-dimm) have 204 pins. You should also pay attention to speed (MHz).
  11. Best console to begin collecting for

    I see you have already set your mind on DS, but I'll go ahead and give my answer anyway. The original Xbox has a few advantages for collecting: - Games are cheap and most of them are playable on 360 and eventually on One, so they'll stay relevant in the future. - There's still an online community for multiplayer games. - Available game library is reasonable in size, complete collection is a tangible goal. - The system is powerful (up to 1080i), great for hardware/software modding and in general easy to maintain. - Controllers use USB, it's proprietary in shape but only require simple adaptors (made easy by the breakaway cable) to play around.
  12. Which keyboard is better

    If there's nothing special you're looking from a keyboard, you might as well go with the cheapest keyboard with the switches you prefer. Caps can be changed.
  13. Do I need a keycap remover?

    Yes, you do. The fact that you're asking proves the success of capitalism and obligates you to support it in every possible turn. *flies off to buy a respirator, not because it's necessary but because it's available*
  14. new ssd

    I'd go as far as to disconnecting the HDD for the duration of the installation, that way you avoid things ending up where they don't belong and having problems down the line. (Windows is capable of doing that without telling you.)
  15. Looking for content creators

    Might work better if you'd shed some light to what kind of a slice of the hypothetical pie you're offering. What exactly are you expecting from a person, and what exactly will be your own part in the work that they'd be putting in with their PCs. Is it a collaboration where multiple people would upload their own videos, or are you compiling videos with footage from multiple players and uploading them under one name? (I'm not interested in (qualified for) participation, but I'm interested in the end result of whatever you're trying to achieve here.)