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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700
  • Motherboard
    Asus Prime X370-PRO
  • RAM
    16 GB DDR4
  • GPU
    GeForce GTX 1070
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define R5 BP
  • Storage
    480 GB SSD + 2 TB HDD
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    XFX 650W Core Edition
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    2x Acer KG281K 28" 4K
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    Noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4
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    Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX Master
  • Sound
    Sennheiser RS 175
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    Microsoft Windows 10

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  1. tatte

    Why are console users like this?

    Without the full context I suppose you could come off as a troll, prompting a nasty reaction. What were you asking and why didn't you just ask your friend? Claiming to prefer an experience that's in all technical respects inferior to one that's apparently also available to you (PC version) obviously leads to raised eyebrows. PS3 is 12 years old at this point, it's a retro platform. Find a proper retro community and I'm sure you'll have better luck chatting about it. Smaller groups can also be a safer bet.
  2. tatte

    WHY? - Bitmain AntRouter

    I disliked the video before even watching it, and that's not changing regardless what it's about. WHY? Well take an effin guess. I realise this "new" style brings in more money, but it just drives me to watch the competition more. This might not matter right now, but I wonder if this trend affects the Floatplane. Keep the overacting if you have to, but please, give the videos even somewhat related titles.
  3. tatte

    Are Consoles Dead?

    This thread again, yay! It's good to see that while a couple of big chains have practically overtaken the market of prebuilt PCs in Finland, one of them is now using PCMark 10 and games to categorise PCs, it's a good step into the right direction. Your other options beyond those two are random remnants of PC sections in grocery markets (dying out) or actual speciality stores, where the clerks may even talk you into custom PCs. Speciality stores are usually located in shady, inconvenient locations, so not many people end up there unless they know what they are doing. There's however still a lot of education that needs to happen. Imagine you have just picked up your first personal computer. Now what? You need to know several things out of the box, things that the brown cardboard box the PC came in doesn't explain. If you assume you're supposed to buy PC games the same way you buy games for consoles, it's not going to feel very competitive. This is an issue that'll most likely completely disappear with new generations of people, thankfully. What I'd love to see is these big home appliance stores figuring out a way to start selling customised PCs: "You want a gaming PC? Here's a list of configurations we can offer, let me talk you through it." They could build their own brand while they're at it, never mind what parts are actually inside. I'm sure a multinational company could get someone to sell them decent barebones. Throw in a collaboration with any digital games store and you have a beginning of something beautiful. (Microsoft is playing their cards so wrong with the bloatware and Start menu ads.) Meanwhile you can buy a PS4 while you're running for milk. It's already very polished and straightforward. Heck, all you'd probably need to do is display a row of PC boxes in colourful sleeves full of pictures of games. That alone could sell a ton of PCs in place of consoles. Consoles are not going to die, nor should they. But let's imagine a situation where a family of five figures their PS4 just isn't enough for the whole family anymore, there should be other considerations than getting a second PS4 for the upstairs TV. (Nah, who am I kidding. Consoles will die. PCs will die. In 2020 iPhone gaming is the only true way of gaming. Legislation already pending, buy yours while the stock lasts.)
  4. tatte

    MMORPG in 2018

    Another vote for Guild Wars 2, or if you want way more depth and complexity, consider looking into the first Guild Wars (it's on maintenance mode, but it has received some love this year and just doesn't seem to be going away. I'll be giving it a try the next time it's on sale). Just remember to map and turn on the Action Camera Mode if you try GW2. One of the things I really love about Guild Wars 2 is how there's always something going on, you can plan your day and rush through a lot of events for ridiculous rewards, or just be minding your own business in what seems like a dragon-forsaken ditch when suddenly there's 50 people trying to prevent the world from ending. PvP can be very competitive, a good place to show off your skills, or you can become a commander and guide groups through PvE events (conquering human stupidity is the greatest of all achievements). If you really want to shine as an individual, Star Trek Online definitely gives you all the chances to carry the whole team you'd ever want (just stick to the space combat).
  5. tatte

    Forza horizon 4 performace

    The story of where that came from must be delightful, but to answer you: yes, I have. I don't recall saying anything about its optimisation, so please refresh my memory. (Can't say I have enjoyed the game much on PC, Games for Windows Live killed any chance it had, and I just haven't been much into GTAs after GTA 3.)
  6. tatte

    Forza horizon 4 performace

    Well, do you think spreading something you don't have hands on experience of, or haven't even done any research of your own on is wise?
  7. tatte

    Forza horizon 4 performace

    So a game is horribly optimised if it doesn't run well on your potato? Are you sure that's a fair assessment?
  8. tatte

    Banned For Donating To Charity??

    He's cheating in games, he hinted that in the previous page, and probably has figured by now that he just has to deal with getting burned for it. Adorable how the fault had to be someone else's, after all, he even "donates" to charity! (Right now it would be quite stupid to get Overwatch from anywhere else but Humble, so I don't doubt that.)
  9. Another vote for Windows 10, but I'm a little torn on how angry I should be at them. Perhaps they should alter the bloat-load depending on the version of Windows 10, or reduce it once Windows is activated (maybe they already do, wouldn't know). I'm sure the bloatware has an integral and critical role in their long term plans, we wouldn't want Microsoft to crumble, right? Being able to turn Live Tiles off and uninstalling apps directly from Start Menu are definitely appreciated. Before the constant access to Internet, every random software Windows came with had a potential of entertaining you for a few moments, those were awful times, but fun to recall now. Who knows, squirrels are working awfully hard to destroy the Internet, so we might soon need all the bloatware we can get our hands on to keep us entertained.
  10. tatte

    Console games? How do they work?

    The disc is the key, which also presents a few downsides. Disc needs to be inserted in order to play the game, and if anything happens to the disc you naturally lose the ability to play the game. Discs however don't lock to specific consoles, you can take your games to your friends house and play them on their system etc. No activation limits, lost licenses due to lost account or need for gazillion different programs just to access all your games (in comparison to Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOG, Battlenet, Discord, Microsoft Store and all the ones I'm not even aware of yet). What comes to accounts for multiplayer etc, you need to create an account to use modern consoles to begin with. Games usually use that account automatically, the same way some games are able to automatically use your Steam account. Your achievements, save games, digital purchases (usually) and such are linked to that account, so you need just one account for everything. This too has it's downsides, for example this generation both Sony and Microsoft makes you pay for the ability to play online multiplayer (but in return they throw random games "for free" at you). So, to recap: Purchase a PS3 and register a free account with Sony. PS3's online multiplayer is free. Purchase any game disc, new or used. Or borrow one. Insert disc, play online. ??? Put the disc up for sale and get something else.
  11. It's the inevitable price of moving forward, if you want to direct your bitterness properly, be angry at Metal.
  12. Have you checked on the Processes-tab which program is actually using the disk? Looks like it's tied to network usage, so it might be something as simple as Windows running updates etc, and pausing when you interrupt it by installing/uninstalling something.
  13. tatte

    looking for decent video player

    I used various crap back in Windows 98 era, just to get random formats to work. There has been no need after VLC. Please feel free to elaborate how I'd be better off with something that does something I don't need it to do. Edit/ That Potplayer admittedly looks and sounds nice, I'll give it a spin if the need ever arises.
  14. tatte

    looking for decent video player

    VLC has always served me well.
  15. tatte

    Why do you buy from apple?

    My first Apple product was a second hand Macbook in 2013 (a 2010 model), I was looking for a new laptop with decent battery life and someone happened to suggest a Macbook. I still have it and use it when I need a laptop but not a whole lot of power on the go. It works like a charm, I have taken it apart, kept it clean, changed the paste etc. Battery still holds IIRC around 80% of the original charge. The trackpad is superb. I have been really happy with it. I enjoy macOS, most recently it automatically picked up the new Samba server from my local network (in contrast to Windows that requires you set it up manually, with a process so simple they have had to add examples of the address formats they are expecting). Add in the trackpad and keyboard layout (namely command instead of CTRL for basic shortcuts) - it's so fluent and a joy to use. In 2016 I bought an Mac Pro 1,1. It has been a fun project: I have upgraded the CPUs, RAM, GPU and storage (SSD). It's showing it's age and I don't currently have a regular use(able spot) for it, but it looks so good I can easily justify the space it takes. I bought it to get a more powerful/desktop macOS system. The same year (2016) I bought a second hand iPhone 5 to use as an MP3-player at work, I don't recall the original reasoning for this, probably simple curiosity. I was impressed enough to purchase an iPhone 6S as my primary phone a year later, and I'm pretty confident it just ended the "new phone once a year" -cycle for me. It's gorgeous and stable. At the same time I have kept upgrading my PC, been getting new Xboxes and just recently I upgraded to a ThinkPad instead of Macbook because I feel like the numerous issues Macbooks had around 2012 aren't reflected enough in the current prices (I'll probably be looking back to getting a better maintainable Macbook in a few years, once the prices calm down). I'm now in love with this thing (ThinkPad) too (who knew a laptop could have four RAM slots? That's delightfully nuts), and that's the essence of why I buy ____. I like this stuff, and different stuff is more fun than just the same old same old. I don't feel the need to hate a company for all the not-fun products no one's forcing me to buy, instead I appreciate all the great products I can enjoy thanks to them, and "why won't they do what I want/I don't understand why they do this" applies to 95% of the world around me, so I try my best to not get too worked up about that either (with admittedly varying success).