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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700
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    Asus Prime X370-PRO
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    16 GB DDR4
  • GPU
    GeForce GTX 1070
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define R5 BP
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    480 GB SSD + 2 TB HDD
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    XFX 650W Core Edition
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    2x Acer KG281K 28" 4K
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    Noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4
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    Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Sennheiser RS 175
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    Microsoft Windows 10

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  1. It's such an odd game. The nature is incredibly beautiful, stunning in VR, but the proportions of some random things are so off it hurts the immersion. I just want an unending forest like that to listen to audio books in.
  2. Gaps on OG and 360 title availability is for the most part a licensing issue. That shouldn't be a problem with the new iteration of the current platform. They're not reinventing the wheel anymore, just upgrading it. Cough. They also haven't really been that worried about a game running properly, regardless of if that's a good or a bad thing. "We can let them play it? Then let them play it. Who cares." #theAtariwayorhighway
  3. I thought it stood for In My Honest Opinion, and your status update pretty much supports that one, as it makes effortlessly more sense.
  4. Microsoft is pretty good with this thing called backwards compatibility, so that won't be an issue at least in the next few years.
  5. We used to receive our returns right before Christmas, but the maniacs have now spread them all over the year. I received mine sometime around autumn, so it lacked the magical feel and just mixed in with boring everyday money. So no poorly justified impulse buys with the return this year. Cries in adult Christmas
  6. $220 is a bit steep for Xbone, and at this point I'd consider a used system anyway. Unless you want to stream 4K video, there's also space and looks aside no real reasons to go with the S over the OG (talking about used here, don't buy a new OG). Other than the price, sure! Go for it. The GUI may drive you nuts coming from PS4, but being able to play with your friends is priceless, well worth it. How familiar are you with everything the Xbox has to offer? Live Gold and Game Pass? It has HDMI pass-through, so you can also run your PS4 through the Xbox and have access to Xbox's party (social) features, handy for any cross-platform games you might prefer playing with your PS4. Remember to leave the sticker on. #teamsticker
  7. Uh. Very? But how screwed? Not much. I still have my R7 1700, haven't even reformatted my old SSD when I upgraded to NVMe, and my 1070 has been in the need of an upgrade for a while now, plus I could substitute it with my old 660Tis until I finally actually decide to pull the trigger. Losing the motherboard would suck the most, it's a nice board. All in all I'd just need a new PSU and motherboard (and a case, for sanity, old cases have so awful features). Maybe I'd use the opportunity to buy a tent and move to the forest instead. It calls me. Computers complicate life so much. Or I could just be meh and continue with my FX-8320 -system and a single 660Ti, it's already built so only a matter of plug and play. No, it's not still around because I have an issue. Of course not. There's a perfectly logical reason. No, I'm not going to share it. Pfft. Stop judging me, I'm not a hoarder!
  8. Turn it on? Do you mean pump it up? Pump it up! Doesn't read the post, title should be enough! Woo!
  9. Nebula isn't just tech Youtubers, it's mostly born out of Youtube demonetising certain topics. Floatplane on the other hand was born to replace the.. whatever the previous service was called? This has been discussed many times, they're fundamentally different. For all I care Floatplane is like better Patreon, while Nebula is a place for content that Youtube is overly sensitive about. (Read: Nebula is one subscription to see all the content, Floatplane is a platform where you subscribe separately to everyone you want to support). At least as far as I know. I need an enemy in my life, and ads fill that spot so well. #consolelivingroomlife
  10. It looks and sounds great, but PvP focus and subscription will probably keep me away. Overall it sounds like too much work for my taste, the way guilds will need you to contribute and the inevitability of horrendous gear grind are tiring me just thinking about it. I enjoy a good story and I like having a mountain of alts. But I wish the game all the best.
  11. Go for the platform that has the games you want to play. Few atrocious examples aside a console delivers a solid experience. Some people are more susceptible to lower FPS, but in general the console experience is still optimised to be the best it can. It's the games that matter. Spending $6000 on a PC is pointless if the games you want to play are exclusive to PS4, and vice versa. If you genuinely don't know if you even like games, get an Xbox (not X). It'll get you the biggest library of games for the cheapest. But frankly, if you don't know what you want, you're best off with a PC. You can experiment with consoles later. PC is the most versatile overall, even if it lacks horribly on ease of use.
  12. tatte

    Windows keys

    They're a scam in terms of legality, but you have very little to lose using them. Microsoft isn't going to punish you for them, at most they'll prompt you again to enter a new genuine key. Your data will be safe.
  13. I'll get banned to oblivion (read 'till the end), but this is clearly the enforcement we have been waiting to validate a dedicated VR subforum! Our god himself recommends a VR game! To the barricades!
  14. Uninstall Avast. Falling behind usually indicates inadequate CPU. My crystal ball is out bowling, but I can indeed confirm that it says 25565 on both left and right. If the other servers work, and you can't launch something else in 25565 it's probably an antivirus or firewall somewhere.