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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700
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    Asus Prime X370-PRO
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    16 GB DDR4
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    GeForce GTX 1070
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    Fractal Design Define R5 BP
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    840 EVO 240 GB + 3 TB HDD
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    XFX 650W Core Edition
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    Philips 43" IPS 4K 60Hz TV
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    Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Sennheiser RS 175
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    Microsoft Windows 10

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  1. You need to set up a Realm. It's paid multiplayer server Microsoft hosts for you, first 30 days are free.
  2. Need fonts for web design

    I have used DaFont for years, hasn't let me down so far.
  3. help me...

    Sounds like it'd be more efficient if your brother just paid you whatever cents you're making at his expense, that would also remove the need to worry about the temps.
  4. Did you call them fanboys when they didn't agree with you?
  5. Bitwit or Austin Evans

    Austin Evan's content topics over Bitwit, but Kyle over Austin.
  6. They said that i couldn'tplay vr

    That should be plenty to get you hooked. I got the same result with overclocked FX-8320 and GTX 1070. Worked alright, games like Dead and Buried and Robo Recall were perfectly playable, but it didn't take long to run into trouble with indie games. CPU upgrade took care of that. Rift or Vive?
  7. Nice. Similar to my TV setup, with the exception that I use a ghetto cardboard box next to the recliner instead of an armrest mousepad, I'll need to look into copying that from you. Edit/ I also don't have an adjustable stand, but the larger size of a TV mitigates the little added distance.
  8. PS3 - Restore Defualt Settings

    Sounds like you got screwed. You could try returning it or getting another HDD for it. I'm not an expert, but it shouldn't require internet connection to format a HDD.
  9. Mac OS for work

    Thanks for the elaboration. Given he also stated he'll be just working with it, I didn't get your redundant perspective.
  10. Mac OS for work

    I'm sure anything you say feels very obvious to yourself, but when you bother to give someone else advice, you should have some reasoning behind what you say. I fail to imagine the aspect of Macs that'd waste time and be less effective compared to Windows, but you seem to have some insight since you made such a claim. Surely you wouldn't go around screaming things solely based on your personal brand specific assumptions? I also have no idea what you abbreviated to TS.
  11. Mac OS for work

    Could you elaborate? (Or confirm if you have ever touched a Mac?)
  12. People cant connect to my game server

    Sorry I bothered to reply.
  13. People cant connect to my game server

    Are people able to connect to your Killing Floor server? You should use a port checking site while troubleshooting so you can be sure the issue isn't at your friend's end. If your friend is using Avast, go ahead and tell him to ditch it in any case, it's garbage. What firewall are you using, if it's third party, have you disabled / also configured Windows' firewall? I'd also recommend using the default port which seems to be 25444, it helps to eliminate bugs with the server. I'm also confused why you need six ports for Unturned, do you have six separate instances running? Are you sure your friend is entering a port at all while trying to connect? (If not, the client most likely defaults to 25444.) What does your network setup look like, what's between your PC/server and the wall? Ports need to be forwarded accordingly in each box (if you have for example both a modem and a router, the modem needs to forward the ports to the router's IP, not to the IP your router assigns to your PC/server).

    I agree with @Comic_Sans_MS, 120GB is enough, but not ideal. Windows enjoys eating up space, and with major updates the backup really fills up the drive. With 250GB drive you'll have enough space to put programs etc to another partition, giving you a lot of flexibility and security if you ever need to reinstall Windows. It's really worth it for the small bumb in price.
  15. Mac OS for work

    If your company is paying for it, figure out how the deal works. If you end up owning the machine, you might want to go with a Macbook for the resell value alone. Time to upgrade will inevitably come, and being able to get likely even four digits for your old machine should easily make it worth dealing with adaptors and whatnot.