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  1. At the moment I own a GTX 1080 and a 1080p screen, but Im going to get a 144Hz 21:9 1080p or 144Hz 1440p
  2. But a 1080 is meant for 1080, thats what Im doing atleast
  3. Its a shitty old Pre-Built
  4. So my friend wanted to get into PC Gaming, but he doesnt have a decent PC, so he wanted to upgrade one of his Shitty Pre-Built, He only wants to play Games like Overwatch and such not the real Heavy ones, hes also using a 960p 4:3 Screen System 1; i5 2320, Random Mobo, 450W, 4GB RAM System 2; Q6600, Asus P5N-e SLI 500W, 7GB RAM He wanted to spend about 175 Euros on the PC, I recommended him the 1050 Ti
  5. Can anyone explain to me what RAM exactly does? I cant really find a clear explenation, Thx
  6. They did when i posted the Comment, but it doesnt matter anyway
  7. I made a little Mistake, I know you guys said that it was a problem on PCPP Side; But I have mistaken the US Amazon for the German, they sell 6700K on Amazon.de for 240 Euros
  8. Its an Amazon Listing you shouldnt trust dude, Its shady as hell
  9. I wouldnt recommend overclocking it, I think it wil F up the Mobo
  10. I think you are able to put Faster RAM in it, but it will only work at 2133MHz; But if u arent using a Windowed Case RAM shouldnt really matter
  11. Get a Quadro if u want something for Cuda Loads