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  1. I looking at buying a new tv for the ps5 and my computer thats only 4k and not oled thats either a Sony or a Samsung. But want to know what to look for ie sorting through the BULL. Example the hertz are real, if it is true hdr, and the dynamic range stuff. I watched a few videos and Linus says sometimes that things are not what they say on the box. ps I live in Australia so not sure if that makes a difference to other parts of the world Thanks. If i posted this in the wrong spot sorry.
  2. I just acquired a new sound bar with dolby atmos and i want to connect up my ps4 pro properly to it. for the audio out put settings should i use: Linear PCM Bitstream (dolby) Bitstream (dts) I have the sound bar connected over ARC to the tv and ps4 connected to the tvs HDMI not the soundbars ps should I be using optical? thanks
  3. My laptop does not have a optical port just a 3.5mm jack. I want to be able to connect my ASTRO Mix amp to my pc to get the surround sound. Any ideas? or is this just not possible?
  4. I want to plug a ASTRO A40 into my laptop via optical cord to be able to use the mix amp and have Dolby 7.1 surround sound working. but my laptop does have a optical port in it. Is there a way to do this? One of the things I found by watching Linus's videos is something called a DAC. If something like this is needed which one should I buy. just to say I am not looking for something really expensive. Thanks PS this is my first time so I have know idea how this really works.