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  1. mhmm ill maybe think about getting a thicker one then.. cause the one i linked seems pretty thin
  2. But if there was a same spec (5ms 60hz) TN and IPS panel which would be better? Or it would be the same? Is gaming better on TN because it has something to do with the panel itself or its just that IPS monitors tend to have lower refresh rates and ms?
  3. My current monitor is this: https://www.pcliquidations.com/p18996-acer-p206hl-20-widescreen I'm looking to buy a 1080p HDMI monitor at around 90-100 euro range but the problem is that I don't know what type of panel to pick.. IPS or TN. My eyes are currently on this: https://www.philips.co.uk/c-p/223V7QDSB_00/full-hd-lcd-monitor/overview#specifications It's an IPS display and I would preffer it over a TN because of good colors but I heard that IPS displays are bad for gaming which I like doing. How bad or different my gaming experience would be compared to my current acer monitor?
  4. I read somewhere that some need some aditional power source to power the chip. Does this one need it?
  5. So recently I got a widescreen monitor but the problem is that it only has a VGA port. I would really love to use it instead of my old 4:3 monitor but my gtx 1050 ti doesn't support analog and has no vga port. I've read that you can do it with an active hdmi to vga adapter. Will this one work? https://www.varle.lt/audio-video-kabeliai-adapteriai/gembird-adapter-hdmi-am-vga-f-audio-on-cable--6793170.html Are there any downsides? Like video quality and refresh rate? ( monitor is 60hz ). In my situation this sounds too good to be true.
  6. Idk why not i dont have cables to put 2 monitors on one gpu. My main gpu doesn't have vga port and I dont have another dvi or hdmi cable
  7. What I want to do is to use my dedicated nvidia for my main monitor and integrated intel for my second monitor but im not sure if its possible. I wouldn't do any gaming on the one with integrated just web browsing.
  8. No bestbuy and I dont know its the bump you feel when you press it
  9. From what ive seen and heard I know cherry mx blues have tactility so how different are they from tactility that comes with a simple membrane? Is the feeling comes mid press or at the start just like membrane? Im so confused.
  10. tons of people were posting their crystal disk mark scores all over the internet after the patch and it was lower
  11. ill try but its really weird that my mobo does that