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  1. Ok yeha that’s not worth it! in my market is like a 20% uptick for the chromax ones
  2. All this ESD guard stuff cant hurt but is basically marketing BS. But yeha gigabit lan is more than enough for the normal enduser/gamer
  3. as long as you dont completely rise it AND let it dry of properly 45% will also be fine. But interesting to have no 99% in Brazil.
  4. Yes! But this is not because it is more complicated to make (ok probably a bit) But the reason is that not that much are sold.
  5. They have to keep it at a premium because for example Ferrari cant build so much cars. You cant scale that up so fast! And they dont WANT to sell it cheaper. Its about etabilsing and keeping value. Like with the 1k$ phones I talked about
  6. its PORSCHE! ok sorry I love the brand lol But yes! A kia/toyota etc. brings you from a to b also. but PORSCHE does it nicer/faster Same deal with hardware or anything!
  7. lol me to. But sadly thats true to SOOOOOOO Manny things and brands and basically how our markets work. Dimishing returns for your $$
  8. This is also about establishing price points! Think about apple iPhone X was one of the first units for over 1k$ that sold in big volume. Now were used to 1k phones at the top end
  9. yes that is true! But still there is an extra tax added for it being the fastest and being without competition at the top of the stack (at the moment... lets see and hope for the rad guys)
  10. + a markup for the brand. But thats normal. Especially in the car business, but also true in hardware
  11. How big it is is down to EVGA in your case, not Nvidia. Thats because this card is build to OC and with a proper OC can draw serious power
  12. they are doing both. Super low end is only possible because of higher cost parts. The margins are tight. Middle of the road is where the big $$ comes in High end is much more $$ revenue per sold unit but since there are not that much sales compared to mid level cards... mid level still earns you more. In gerenall i am pretty sure they could make the card cheaper by a good amount, but wont because the CAN charge that much. I mean 2080tis are still sold good. @Badger906 got one according to his profile and I bet it games NICE
  13. Chill bro! It costs not much more than making a non ti or a 2070 thats the point he wanted to make. R&D cost you have to see combined for the whole generation of cards for one barand. But the MARGIN is waaaaaay up on that 2080ti. And thats the usual cost for "the big boy" + they can charge more because they have no competition. We have seen this on the CPU market to.
  14. No but we can expect a wide range from entry level to high end. But yeha since they were announced at CES it might take a few weeks
  15. no, but that was not wat I am talking about. At lower price points its more about features and BIOS quality. But at the high end I want everything in terms of build quality etc I can get from a board or well everything I buy regarding my $$$
  16. That’s right for basic usage. But regardless I want max perf+features/price
  17. But that works on most cases but isn't the smartest move. On every platform there are. different brands better or worse.
  18. basically yes. But idd prefer a better quality 500 unit over a meh 650 one
  19. Yeha boii! to be super save you can step it up to 650, but plz not more. That becomes wasted money
  20. Alright! Chose a B unit you can find in your market and make it about 500W
  21. yeha that cooler is nice! But the board mehhh. A pro max simply the best in that price range!