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    Music Guitar MusicProduction Fencing Electronics PHYSICS
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    Physics PHD Student


  • CPU
    i5 4670K OC@4,8GHz
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z87-GD65
  • RAM
    Corsair Vemgeance Pro 4x4GB OC@~3200MHz
  • GPU
    1x Radeon VII, 2xVega 64
  • Case
    Corsair 750D
  • Storage
    500GB 850EVO + 4TB WD Green+2TB WB Blue+500GB WD Blue SSD
  • PSU
    Corsair HX1000i
  • Display(s)
    2x 27``@60Hz Freesync 4K LG
  • Cooling
    Custom loop alphacool+EK+aquacomputer
  • Keyboard
    Corsair vengeance cherry mx blue
  • Mouse
    Corsair Dark Core FPS SE
  • Sound
    Nubert NuPro 2xA200+A350 / Sennheiser HD800 on Schiit Mjolnir -> Schiit Valhalla
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 / Mac OS 10.15

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  1. I git the same headphones (and they are NIIIIICE) Real soundcard 3D processing isn’t used much by modern games. Therefore get a schiit fulla 3. This busts the a... of every “GaMeR” soundcard, every mobo solution and also the asus. at all of this for 100 bucks. Unbelievable but true! Shiit is awesome! https://www.schiit.com/products/fulla-1 that can drive even much more powerful stuf and is better than annything in this and some categoreis over that
  2. Did you use the same cpu? Did you reseat it?
  3. CPU: 4670k@4,5Ghz (Xmax gonna bring the 3900x, since i do much compute now) GPU: Main: Radeon VII, secondary my old 290x doing F@H 24/7 Loop: EK supremacy evo AlphaCool Eisblock GXP on the VII AlphaCool NexXxos GXP on the 290x AlphaCool 420mm rad top Xflow, 280mm rad front Aquacomuter aquastream pump (nobody knows them but HUGE recommendation, based on Eheim, full software control sweet with free online monitoring. Flow, water temperature and flow sensor build in) Res: AlphaCool Fans: Push pull 4x NF-A14 industrial on front (filtered) Push 3xNF-A14 industrial Top intake Back (filtered) NF-F12 LTT edition(!!) intake bottom (filtered) NF-F12 industrial
  4. did it work before? also what are the other system specs?
  5. the only thing to really improve the audio in and output is by going with a external dac/amp combo. The schiit fulla 3 is awesome at its price and easy peaezzy kicks the soundblaster and anny mobo sound in the nu... That said, I know its not an internal device but yeha ages better than the qually expensive soundblaster. but to take advantage of this you need a nice pair of cans and mic
  6. Lol So are you doing color sensitive work? Idd go with a thinkpad with the 3700U (forgot the model number but you will find it) It has the option to get a pretty decent IPS. But for real photography work idd not use it. I dont know a single laptop that has a professional color work ready display despite some Macbookpros
  7. The SSD you can throw in wherever you want and duct tape it SSDs are not affected by this.
  8. uhhhhh windows server 2003? does that even work with modern CPUs? that’s a bit out of my knowledge. But cloudnt you emulate XP on a more modern server os also? maybe even docker or unraid
  9. second thing. since it’s the exact same there is no need to reinstall. windows 10 has gotten pretty chill about hardware changes . due to it being the same board it is not really a change. just make sure the bios is up to date in the new board
  10. What do you want to do on it, what’s your budget? at the moment AMD is the way period. do you need GPU horsepower to? do you need redundancy in PSU and or storage?
  11. Whoa! That’s hella sexy! How are the VRM temperatures? But should be fine because of that noc on top. Did you check if the CPU throttles? Allso wich bonic do you want to do? I recommend rosetta since they actually produce useful shit and help society by fighting some of the worst diseases!
  12. Sorry my iPad ate the text, post is now updated