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  1. akela

    need headphones

    computer for games
  2. akela

    need headphones

    So I'm a complete Audio noob and I am looking for headphones in the 40 dollar range; I was looking at the logitech g430, or if you can recommend a pair that would be great! Or would it be better to keep my apple earbuds?
  3. akela

    force quiting games

    I go the desktop, I cant seem to post on forums it says posting disabled any reason why that is/ how to fix that to?
  4. I have had issues recently in overwatch where I'll be playing and mid fight I get quit out, this is extremely bad in comp. Any ideas on what is causing this and how to fix it?
  5. akela


    what did u fill as?
  6. akela


    would agree with that. triple tank murdered me. also my girst fps so my aim is not great.
  7. akela


    Thanks, I actually used to be gold to...IDK what happened
  8. akela


    That's the issue in bronze is everyone thinks they are a god genji and the mics are silent.
  9. akela


    pick heroes that are relatively easy to learn (soldier, mercy zen) Both examples ae good the issue is moslty players that pick high skill cap heros at low levels as they cant use them effectively (Widow Hanzo Genji)
  10. akela


    I agree completely however it is better to get good with others then by yourself
  11. LFG to get out of bronze I'm decent at the game, feel free to add me #pangolin11802 I play mostly ana and soldier in comp