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  1. Much better thanks, appreciate the help.
  2. Hey that's not what I meant! If you're trying to help co-operate?
  3. @jstudrawaI - I built this PC around 1.5 years ago all the products are covered in warranty i don't think it will fail just yet, and no I dont have spare gpu because my another GPU died (from an old pc). @Derrk - CPU temps are 49- 50 idle and 60-65 under load and yeah I've reset everything back to stock after this happened using MSI afterburner and no I did not mess with the volts. I did not face this instability before, man and as I said the system is new I think (1.5years) Here are my specs - CPU - Ryzen 5 1600 Motherboard - Gigabyte AB350M - HD3 RAM - ADATA XPG 8GB @ 2800MHz GPU - MSI GTX 1060 3GB OCV2 SSD - WD Green 120GB HDD - WD Blue 1TB HDD PSU - Cooler Master 450 MWE Case - Antec GX505 Windowed Why are all the letters bold? and the funny thing is I'm writing this from the system and it looks stable with all the fans spinning and everything.
  4. As the title suggests my PC keeps crashing and sometimes restarting.automatically when at idle watching Youtube videos or playing games for about 1 - 2 hours and whenever it does it shows a screen like this - I need to know is my GPU failing or my monitor is past its prime(its very old HDMI TO VGA) or something? I used to oc the GPU a bit but after this I just run both CPU and GPU at stock because i'm afraid. Oh yeah I thought it must have been a heat issue so I cleaned my PC thoroughly(physically) set my fans at max speed and applied thermal paste to the CPU and the CPU temperature went down a bit !
  5. Hello guys so I've been having this problem where my PC won't turn on but tomorrow when I checked the PSU separately (with a clip) it turned on! so does that mean my motherboard is dead/fried? and if it is can any repair be done (it's warranty is over for 10 days now that I realized)
  6. Thank you all for your replies, Will try what you guys suggested..
  7. I'm trying to overclock this graphics card - https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/GeForce-GTX-1060-3GT-OC.html via MSI afterburner using this settings below and for some reason I can stress test using MSI Kombustor - Furmark (with these settings) just fine but during gaming it freezes and crashes to desktop So I want your opinion on this guys, am I just pushing this card too high? If so can you tell me how much to the core/mem clock would fine for me? or is it just a Driver problem?
  8. soumyagent47

    MSI Afterburner problem

    Thank you for your help
  9. soumyagent47

    MSI Afterburner problem

    I'll upload a screenshot just wait a sec
  10. soumyagent47

    MSI Afterburner problem

    MSI afterburner is showing only (gpu)temperature in my OSD and nothing else
  11. soumyagent47

    MSI Afterburner problem

    yes please help
  12. MSI afterburner overlay just showing temperature any help?
  13. soumyagent47

    SSD Mounting problems in Antec GX 505

    Will there be any problem in cable management issues?
  14. Hey guys, so I'm facing this problem when I mounted the ssd on antec gx505 it does not fit appropriately I have some pictures for reference here . As you can see(which you probably can't my bad I suck at shooting photos) the ssd in a bit slanted and to the left and it worries me that it will damage the component or not.