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    Wheaton, Illinois, United States
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  1. all that needs to be said. nothing extreme or any theories, just the reason makes sense, but it needs to follow the constitution.
  2. Dominik W.

    Corsair Buys Origin PC

    Oh sorry never knew /s means sarcasm ok, now I know
  3. Dominik W.

    Corsair Buys Origin PC

    EA Origin and this Origin are two different things.
  4. Dominik W.

    New LTT intro?

    Yeah, I hope they change it soon. I'm getting bored.
  5. Dominik W.

    Experiences with non-techies

    Well I didn't know if it was.
  6. Dominik W.

    Experiences with non-techies

    It's a joke. Don't you guys understand?
  7. Dominik W.

    Optical drive survey

  8. Dominik W.

    Best Earbuds

    Hello, So I was looking through Amazon looking for some wireless earbuds to get. I settled on these 3: Google Pixel Buds, Jaybird x4, and Beats Powerbeats. I chose them because they all seem to have good reputation or they are popular,along with them being under $160 US. Any recommendations on which ones to get, or ones that are better than these?
  9. ehh i really dont know specifics. all i know its that we have 5 lines and it usually ends up being $170 or more. maybe a bit less
  10. Maybe this explains why sometimes they do nothing he asked for. My dad constantly calls T-Mobile because "he's paying too much". I don't know anything about what are good prices for carriers, but lets overlook that. So he calls them and yells at them about how they are bad and mistreat their customers. And then he demands he wants a lower price. They'll apologize like 10 times and they will transfer him once or twice and they'll say it's done. So next time the bill comes, it's lower, but another month later its back to the same. Oh the world.
  11. Dominik W.

    Linus Calendar

    How do you do that?
  12. Dominik W.

    Linus Calendar

    How do you add events to the calendar from the Joan video?
  13. Dominik W.

    Linus calendar

    how do you add events to that calendar?
  14. Dominik W.

    Set Google Assistant as Default

    I do and it pops up again! @OnyxArmos