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  1. And once again, Microsoft has to release a free update lol. Maybe it's there way of saying "upgrade to Windows 10, it's better."
  2. Took me all the way to step 13, but it worked. Seems like they updated overnight. Thank you.
  3. Yeah I checked, all up to date. Still doesn't work.
  4. So I backed up my Pictures, Documents, and Desktop folders to OneDrive then I stopped, and now I can't really use it, as seen in the video. Does someone know whats wrong? I tried re-installing and resetting and it didn't work. 20200102_182901.mp4
  5. all that needs to be said. nothing extreme or any theories, just the reason makes sense, but it needs to follow the constitution.
  6. Oh sorry never knew /s means sarcasm ok, now I know
  7. EA Origin and this Origin are two different things.
  8. Yeah, I hope they change it soon. I'm getting bored.
  9. It's a joke. Don't you guys understand?
  10. Hello, So I was looking through Amazon looking for some wireless earbuds to get. I settled on these 3: Google Pixel Buds, Jaybird x4, and Beats Powerbeats. I chose them because they all seem to have good reputation or they are popular,along with them being under $160 US. Any recommendations on which ones to get, or ones that are better than these?
  11. ehh i really dont know specifics. all i know its that we have 5 lines and it usually ends up being $170 or more. maybe a bit less