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    i9 7900X @4.7Ghz DELIDDED+Liquid Metal+ Direct-Die Bracket
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    ASUS ROG Rampage 6 Apex
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    32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB in Quad
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    GTX 1080FTW
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    Coolermaster MasterCase Maker 5 + Tempered Glass
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    1TB Samsung 970 EVO Nvme + 1TB Samsung 840 EVO
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    EVGA 750W P2
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    2XASUS MG248Q @144Hz
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    Custom liquid cooling
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    CoolerMaster Masterkeys L RGB CherryMX Brown
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    SteelSeries Rival 710
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    Sennheiser HD650 + JDS Labs 'The Element' Amp & DAC
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    Win 10 Pro

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  1. It is reaching the overclock while at full 24threads load but while in CS:GO some of the cores vary constantly and I don't want any variations in frequency while gaming. If I find a way to keep all cores completely locked while gaming and then downclock when idle sure. I prefer fully constant clocks over never downclocking. I was doing it on my 7900X before by simply changing from high performance to balanced power mode when finished playing but it doesn't seem to be affecting the 3900X for some reason.
  2. Well I didn't find a way to run the cores at exactly 4.3/4 ONLY when playing and the downclock after. cuz if left auto even on high performance power plan clocks go all over the place while gaming and in a manual overclock at least I am sure it's always staying exactly that.
  3. I was using RyzenMaster ye, I switched to HWinfo64 and it's showing 43x all core as seen here so I'm guessing either C-states did the trick or I was confused in the very first place when monitoring with ryzenmaster and simply changing windows power plan to high performance was already at 43x I just couldn't see it. hmmm. Ok I'll go back the steps of re-enabling it and see what's what Thanks to both of you guys anyway! @svmlegacy
  4. Hey, I've been trying to stop my 3900x from downcloking for a while now and whatever I do it keeps backing down when idle. It's on a all-core oc at 4.3Ghz/ 1.3v but I want all the cores to always stay at 4.3 no matter what. What setting disables that? I tried global c- state to Disabled but no change. (mobo is MSI X570 TOMAHAWK) Best
  5. Oh ok, that makes it a bit clearer now, thanks for your fast response and have a nice week!
  6. Does anyone know why this CPU BLOCK 1 block has the Velocity engraving on top while this one CPU BLOCK 2 doesn't? They have the same EAN part number but one is Quantum Velocity and the other just Velocity? Cheers!
  7. Hi guys, I'm choosing between these two encodes of the same movie: one is in SDR x264 with a higher bitrate and 8 bit colour and the second is in x265 hevc in HDR at a lower bitrate and 10-bit colour? I know x265 is way more efficient but given these differences, which picture quality would be superior? (given that my tv does accept hdr signal but is not a true HDR high brightness monster). Best,
  8. solved, delete pls
  9. Yes that's what I'm thinking of pretty much. I just noticed that I could put the gpu in the 3rd slot not the very last one and probably make it work with a smaller reservoir and the same setup. But in other news, can i just say neat tubing, sir, holy moly! You did a great job there!
  10. Yes I admit in shame I haven't had the time in the last months to clean it properly I'm on it as we speak. My apologies.
  11. Hey guys, I will need to upgrade my graphics card soon but all the flagship RTX cards (and presumably the upcoming gen too) are quite long at around 292-300mm and my current 1080 is 266. This means I need to free up some space horizontally in the case (either by going for a smaller reservoir tube and moving the reservoir up or down so it doesn't obstruct the gpu or separating the pump from the res and hiding it the lower compartment next to the psu or both). Any ideas how that separation would work cuz I can't really imagine it myself.. **n.b-> Yes I can fit the gpu in the lowest slot but since I'm going for air-cooled cards again I don't want to suffocate it being so close to the metal divider under it. Any further ideas how to solve this are appreciated! Cheers
  12. Hi guys, Does anyone know how to remove that bar from popping up when pressing the hotkeys (shift+Lalt) to switch between languages? It is popping up while playing games and during competitive matches.. P.s Sorry for the photo but I can't take a screenshot when the hotkeys are pressed Best,
  13. No I don't, what I mean is being able to organize your files locally from the tv- take the Steam 'Big picture' mode as an example-> my games are still on the pc and I'm using the TV as a monitor but I can see everything and control it with a tv remote or xbox controller.
  14. well yes, using it as a monitor but having a TV-friendly library that detects all my movies so I don't have to use a mouse and keyboard in bed to navigate through folders