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    Alien Cryogenics Lab, Groom Lake, NV


  • CPU
    Intel 5960X OC to 4.7GHz
  • Motherboard
    Asus Rampage 5 Extreme with modifications
  • RAM
    G.Skill Ripjaws4 32GB 2800MHz
  • GPU
    Four GTX980Ti OC to 1264MHz
  • Case
    CaseLabs Mercury S8 in Yellow/Gunmetal with pedestal
  • Storage
    256GB SSD OS, 2TB RAID0 Steam, 10TB Storage, 30TB Media
  • PSU
    EVGA T2 1600W Titanium
  • Display(s)
    LG 34UM95
  • Cooling
    Custom water with 5 AlphaCool 80mm thick rads and 30 Akasa Viper fans
  • Keyboard
    Logitech K800
  • Mouse
    Logitech M570 Trackball
  • Sound
    Creative Gigaworks T40 Series 2
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Pro 64

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  1. Luscious

    GAMING on The First 8K TV!!!!

    Rich fools count differently
  2. I've been using Netgear stuff for close to 10 years now. First was wireless G, then N and now AC. They've improved the features of earlier models, run a lot cooler and look better as well. http://lgponthemove.blogspot.com/search/label/Netgear One thing I could nit pick on is the lack of a matching 5 or 8-port switch for folks who just have too many devices LOL The second thing would be to bring 10GBE into their lineup, both for routers and consumer switches. So many high-end motherboards are coming with 10GBE now that it makes no sense to still be plugging into a 1GBE port on your router/switch.
  3. Luscious

    GAMING on The First 8K TV!!!!

    And there's a rich fool out there right now thinking of getting three of these for a 24K surround setup. Because, you know... 24K is his thing
  4. Luscious

    Building my Teenage Dream PC - Ricer PC Part 1

    Far Cry, Half Life 2 and Doom 3 - those were the best games from that period IMO and stuff that I still enjoy firing up. I particularly enjoyed turning on dev mode in Far Cry (not something you could do on the steam version). No-CD hacks were also a common thing back then - raise your hand if you had Alcohol 52% If you really want the old school + bad ass look I'd hunt down an Abit BP6 with a pair of Celerons in it. Assuming it ran right with NT you could slap a 6800 in there and game away happily. But even that setup is still not as old as my Windows 95 box that had a Pentium 200 MMX and a Tseng Labs ET6000 in it. Not exactly a gaming power house but I did get a lot done with it and even added a burner and tape drive. There was definitely something to be said as well for firing up a game in DOS mode and having all the resources allocated directly to your game without the OS bloating the experience.
  5. Luscious

    The New Mac Pro…

    $40,000 for a workstation is actually not that uncommon and very easy to spec out even on the PC side when you begin to stack Quadro's, Xeons, ECC and solid state RAID. Go all out and you will hit six digit pricing as well. For annual salaries that are multiple times $40K the rich can absorb the cost. That said it's still not enterprise rich where JUST ONE 4U server can be stuffed to the gills and cost a cool $378,000. When you begin to wrap your head around that 6 square foot of space taken up by a single rack stuffed to the ceiling with metal and silicon totaling almost $3 million... Apple's pricing becomes chump change. Yes, you can buy today a Windows 10 equipped PC that has a price tag of $277,384 - ear plugs, air conditioning and 208V power source extra It does come with the power cord though
  6. I was honestly not aware of that. I checked some similar ones a long time ago and those mentioned no back light compatibility. These QMX ones don't specifically mention it either. I may get a set but I'm not sure if the K95 uses PCB or plate mounted type. I'm not too keen on voiding my warranty though. I remember checking out that model F website a long time ago too - just not my thing.
  7. Those don't work with back lit switches, just so you are aware. Such as???
  8. I own a K95 and ponied up the extra for the PBT key caps as well as o-rings to mute the racket. While I appreciate a durable keyboard that doesn't fail, I shouldn't have to spend $265 to get there. I don't hate mechanical keyboards, but I feel they are over hyped for what they offer considering their negatives. They are noisy AF. Even with rings making it quiet on the way down, there's nothing you can do to limit the noise when the keys return and hit the top. Another problem I see happening all the time are broken key cap stems. Cherry seem to have worked that issue out with the newer MX low profile switches that have a structural support ring surrounding the + to center the stem, but it only comes in two colors (silver/red), only Corsair offers it as they have first dibs on the design and you cannot at all get replacement key caps for it. Finally there's the issue of quality for the price. My first K95 had an enter key that operated like a see saw. That may be fine for a $35 product, but not on a $200 one. Also, your keyboard becomes a throwaway if you cannot get replacement key caps if a stem does break. Neither ABS or PBT is particularly strong when it gets thin, and those stem tolerances are very tight. Not all manufacturers will send you replacements, and Corsair in particular, have a non-standard bottom row. What if I want a mechanical keyboard that's wireless? Very few choices out there. And what if the keyboard you DO want doesn't come in your language/layout? You would think in 2019 manufacturers would have worked out the kinks in a piece of PC hardware that goes back to and basically hasn't changed in FOUR DECADES. Got a laptop with a crappy keyboard? Desktop users 1 - notebook users 0. Because throwing away your laptop is the only solution. Customizable keyboards are still a very niche thing, despite the technicolor barf I see put on them, which is all manufacturers seem to care about. The MX low profile switches are a good step forward, but they need to be made quieter, users should be able to get replacement key caps for them and they need to become more widespread. It would be unfair blaming Corsair only, but I feel Cherry needs to get off it's backside here given the flaws with the original MX. The real innovation is still yet to come. So yeah, I can dream all I want for a low profile wireless silent back lit mechanical keyboard that can survive 5-8 years when I am lucky if I can just have an overpriced one with key cap stems that don't break prematurely.
  9. Luscious

    Corsair Went FULL Crazy

    Corsair - the company that will throw big $$$ out to try to compete where they're already beaten HWlabs rads can't compete with Alphacool, especially if you need their 60mm and 80mm thick radiators for serious cooling tasks. I have had experience with some Bitspower fittings, but their finish is nowhere near as nice as those from EK. 10/13 tubing is too restrictive and I would use nothing under 12/16 - going larger than 16mm OD makes it impossible to fit compression fittings on some blocks and won't clear fans on radiators. Corsairs fans have lousy static pressure specs and only average MTBF. You will find better quality stuff from Noctua, Delta and Akasa. EK are also far more ahead when it comes to block coverage for hardware, especially the niche blocks for server grade sockets and Titan cards. As for the fluid, I would avoid Mayhems and any dyed piss completely. EVERY YOUTUBER out there (TTL, Jay, Paul, Kylie, Roman, etc...) who has ever touched the junk has ALWAYS come back with problems. Colored coolant is for 3-day show floor demos, not for a home system that you expect to use for months and years. The hassle involved with taking blocks apart to clean and throwing away tubing because of permanent staining is simply not worth it. And that's not including damage caused by the dye breakdown clogging up your impeller or making a reservoir/radiator impossible to ever get clean again. Stick with pure distilled + additive and use colored tubing with RGB lighting - I guarantee you will be happier Honestly, Corsair would have spent their time and money better IMO designing a D5 based AIO instead. They have gone out of their way in their obsession to make this compatible with their iCUE RGB lighting and that's all.
  10. Luscious

    The Fastest Laptop EVER - MSI GT76 First Look

    4:59 You should have stashed it down your pants :D:D:D:D
  11. Excited Linus didn't mention the screen size - I'm assuming the larger one is a 15.6 inch panel and the smaller one 14 inches. For the productivity crowd this layout makes a ton of sense. My worry is that wrist rest implementation will make it difficult to use if you aren't actually sitting at a table, which let's face it, for the majority of laptop users is normal fare.
  12. This design concept is very clever and reminds me of the CaseLabs Mercury S3. That thing was a beast ITX case especially when you went custom liquid with the pedestal slapped underneath. It's also a great example of what you can do when you don't have to adhere to the antiquated ATX spec. Using repositionable rails to mount stuff not only makes better space arrangement, but can let you fit stuff that otherwise wouldn't be possible either due to size, power or thermal constraints. I hope these guys continue to make other cases for larger motherboard sizes down the road. We need this kind of innovation in the PC space now that CaseLabs is sadly gone. Image below: My Mercury S8 custom powder coated canary yellow - the only one like it to come out of CaseLabs.
  13. Luscious

    First Person View RC Car Racing!!

    Now imagine if you guys had the outdoor space - you could cobble up a small race track (think Baja style with jumps) get 4 of these rigs together and do FPV VR racing. Or demolition derby style with a figure-8 and beefed up shells on the cars. Another idea - take the speed limiter off and do drag strip runs with a 1/4 mile track at the same scale as the car and some RGB's for the "xmas tree" With a big enough outdoor space you could probably even do a banking oval for some NASCAR or Indy Car stuff. The craziest idea though - do this on a mobility scooter and sit in it... with the speed limit boosted to 45mph. VR DRIVING VR CRAZY VRNOT DRUNK LOL
  14. Luscious

    A $99 Laptop?! - Pinebook

    This is about as impressive as a first gen netbook from 2008... only less useful LOL Seriously, you could pull out a K625 AMD setup from 2010 and have a far more practical machine in your hands that's just as portable and runs full Windows 7. I wouldn't even use this as a word processor - who are they actually marketing this for? I think if you only have $99 to spend on a notebook you have much bigger issues IMO.
  15. Luscious

    Why you shouldn't water cool your PC

    When an air cooler beats your $170 premium 360 AIO... YOUR AIO IS A POS Seriously, Corsair is becoming the Walmart of PC components - trying to sell you everything short of the CPU/GPU/mobo to build a complete rig, yet incapable of excelling with any one item. Their cases, RAM, coolers, keyboards, fans etc. are either outperformed by other brands that sell for less, or are such grossly overpriced for the shoddy quality they offer that you are better off shopping elsewhere and saving you from frustration/disappointment down the road. I am not a brand basher, but there's good reasons why I have blacklisted Corsair and refuse to use ANYTHING from them in my builds. My money is something they will never see. BTW: Custom liquid cooling can cool things AIO and air can't, like quad GPU setups, space constrained situations and are particularly good a tackling extreme heat scenarios in high ambient locations. They can also be made sub-ambient quiet REGARDLESS of the heat load or number of fans used. Also, a D5 pump (non-PWM) is rated at 50,000 hours MTBF. Translation = expect to run it 24/7 for FIVE YEARS before any mechanical failure. Run it in pairs like the real professionals do and even a pump failure won't affect your system's up time or risk killing expensive hardware. No AIO pump can touch a D5 for performance or reliability.