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  1. Weeb

    1. Pasi123


      Btw Nao Tomori is one of my all time favorite anime girls :D

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  2. Okay I need help here quickly! 

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro is currently on sale for 'just' 679€ including a small printer worth 150€. Don't really care about the printer but it's nice to have. 


    Should I get it? 



    Currently on a OP3T which has it's ups and downs but is generally a good device. I would probably pass it down to my mom. 

    1. Pasi123


      I wouldn't pay that much for a phone that doesn't have a headphone jack or microsd card lot. It does have Huawei's NM (nano memory) card slot

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  3. The Galaxy S10 will be my next smartphone. It seems absolutely amazing in every way except one...

    The only bad thing about it is the price, and since my work is paying for it that's not an issue for me.


    I would have loved to see the S10 be priced at the S10e level though. The prices of smartphones has gotten out of hand.

    Back when I bought my Galaxy S2, 8 years ago, I thought the ~440 dollar price tag was ludicrous, but I bought it anyway. The price of the S10 (non-e, and non-plus) in Sweden is over 1000 dollars. How the hell did we get to the point where phones costs 1000 dollars or more?

    1. Pasi123


      For the price of the S10+ I'd rather buy a gaming PC and a good mid-range phone.

      Galaxy S10+, 12gb, 1024gb will be 1679€ / US$1903 in Finland.

      And the normal S10 will be 949€ / US$1076.

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  4. wats the best processsor a P7P55D mobo with 12g of ramram would be able to use? 

    1. Pasi123


      i7-870 is the best CPU it supports. It's pretty good for gaming if you overclock it to 3.5GHz or higher.

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  5. Halo 2 looks amazing when it's not being played by a console.

    1680x1050 maxed at 60fps, it's beautiful 


    1. Pasi123


      Nice Dell UltraSharp

  6. Let's be honest, desktop Reddit is terrible. Mobile has its flaws, but it's so much better than desktop.

    1. Pasi123


      I always use old.reddit.com on desktop

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  7. I have to have one of the best college dorm/apartments.

    Just got this bitchin gold couch for $22 at goodwill.




  8. Today's my 16th birthday!