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  1. Pasi123

    Post your home theater

    50" Pioneer Kuro Plasma TV Pioneer VSX-322 AV receiver 12" Pioneer subwoofer Hitachi speakers with 8" woofers (main) Philips speakers with 8" woofers (back) Yamaha center speaker HTPC: HP DC7900 SFF Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.0GHz 8GB RAM AMD Radeon HD 6570 2GB (overclocked to as high as it can go) 3TB HDD
  2. Pasi123

    Free Editing Program???

    Windows Movie Maker
  3. Pasi123

    windows 98 won't install

    You might be able to get about 50€ for it on ebay. Recently there was one sold for 86.63€ ($99). This forum isn't the best one to ask anything about old computers. I'd recommend checking some retro pc related forums like vogons.org.
  4. Pasi123

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    Here is a picture of my first PC that I got for free back in 2006. Picture from January 2010. And picture from 2018: Specs: Diamond Micronics C400 ATX motherboard Intel Celeron 333MHz (Pentium II based) 384MB RAM Diamond Viper V550 (NVIDIA Riva TNT) Sound Blaster sound card (I don't remember which one) 6GB and 8GB HDD's Windows ME and Xubuntu 9.04 (it originally came with Windows 98)
  5. Pasi123

    Can my laptop run a minecraft server?

    I had about 50 bukkit plugins back then. 5 players aren't much at all so I'm sure it would run decently on his laptop.
  6. Pasi123

    Can my laptop run a minecraft server?

    Your laptop isn't great but it should be able to run a MC server with 5-10 players. I used to host my MC server on a Pentium 4 HT 3.0GHz with 2GB RAM and it was okay for 15 players, though that was back in late 2012 and early 2013.
  7. Pasi123

    Budget Gaming 8 Core System

    Since your PC is LGA1366, I'd recommend asking that here:
  8. Pasi123

    How old are your graphics cards?

    I have a GTX 960. My friend bought it back in 2015 and I bought it from him in summer 2016 when he upgraded to a GTX 1070.
  9. Pasi123

    Dell XPS Studio 9000

    You probably can't overclock it because of the OEM motherboard. But you could upgrade to a cheap 6 core 12 thread Xeon if you update to the latest BIOS. I'd recommend getting a Xeon X5670, X5675, X5680 (or maybe even X5690 if you can find one for cheap.) Those Xeons are a lot better than the i7-920 and are really cheap.
  10. Pasi123

    90' laptop's

    If it's from the early 90's it doesn't have any USB ports and it probably isn't powerful enough to run Windows 98. Depending on what the model it is you might be able to use one of these IDE CF adapters
  11. Pasi123

    CPU Upgrade

    Are you sure the i3-6100U isn't soldered? As far as I know all U-series CPU's are soldered. You can get the i7-3540M from ebay but it's not that big upgrade from the i5-3230M since both are the same 2c/2t chips but with different clockspeed (400MHz difference on base clock and 500MHz difference on turbo). Edit: I just googled the Latitude E5570 and it does have a soldered CPU so you can't upgrade it to i7-6820HQ or anything.
  12. You can get them for 25€ or less. And when overclocked they're not much slower than overclocked i5-750. When overclocked it's pretty close to a Ryzen 3 1200 on Cinebench R15.
  13. Pasi123

    System Upgrade :DDDD woop woop

    Looks like even some of the bigger ones needs an adapter like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01A210HKO/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&psc=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=dvznmedia-20&linkId=028c88e81e61b06b069dc7b7471eed10&language=en_US
  14. Pasi123

    System Upgrade :DDDD woop woop

    Too old. It supports up to Core2 Quad Q6700
  15. Core2 Quad Q9500 or Q9550 and then overclock to 3GHz+ I have a Core2 Quad Q9550 @ 3.87GHz on one PC.
  16. Pasi123

    System Upgrade :DDDD woop woop

    But many prebuilt PC's doesn't have a standard power connectors or motherboard size. 2nd gen CPU's are also good, they are really similar to 3rd gen.
  17. Like asand1 said, buy a cheap 6c/12t Xeon and overclock it and upgrade your GPU.
  18. Pasi123

    System Upgrade :DDDD woop woop

    Then why did you recommend him to buy a Dell Optiplex if he already has a PC? Or did you mean he has a case? As far as I know only the biggest one can be fitted to an ATX case, but it doesn't have normal front panel connectors.
  19. Pasi123

    System Upgrade :DDDD woop woop

    One really good movie is Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)
  20. Pasi123

    System Upgrade :DDDD woop woop

    And make sure to get one like the biggest one on this picture.
  21. Pasi123

    How much did you spend on PCs so far?

    I've spent way too much for my PC's. Main PC (only current parts included) Secondary PC
  22. Pasi123

    Can I run GTA 5?

    Why are you looking at a Quadro? Try to find some GTX 960, GTX 970, GTX 1050 Ti or GTX 1060. They should be pretty cheap.
  23. I have 64gb internal and 64gb microsd on my phone and both are 98% or 99% full. I need to buy a bigger microsd card...