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  1. i7-860 OC and 960 on 400 watt

    Oh, sorry. 4gb of vram would make a pretty big difference in some games. I have a GTX 960 2gb and the 2gb vram isn't enough imo.
  2. i7-860 OC and 960 on 400 watt

    Difference between 2gb and 4gb is huge. 2gb RAM for Win10 is pretty much unusable while 4gb ram is okay for basic stuff. For gaming you need at least 8gb of ram but even it is not enough for some games.
  3. Xeon cpu

    Xeon X3470 (i7 870) is a bit faster on multicore but slower on single-core. But if you get a X3470 you definitely should overclock it. http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Xeon-X3470-vs-Intel-Pentium-G4560/m24530vs3892 Overclocked X3470 vs G4560
  4. How much of a concern is OLED TV Burn in?

    I've heard burn in would be worse on OLED than on Plasma or CRT? My 2003/2004 16:9 Sony CRT TV doesn't have any burn in even though I've left it on for hours sometimes with a static image (PS3 or Xbox 360 menu). I don't have any experince of Plasma or OLED TV's though.
  5. IBM Personal Computer 300GL BIOS

    Maybe you could ask in vogons.org forums?
  6. 960 oc vs 1050 oc

    It's not 4gb model. It's both, 4gb and 2gb, results combined. The only difference is the memory amount. GTX 960 is always be better than GTX 1050 Edit: But of course the GTX 1050 is pretty good for your 768p(?) monitor, but if you could get the GTX 960 for the same or similar price, I would definitely recommend getting the GTX 960 since it's noticeable better.
  7. 960 oc vs 1050 oc

    4gb version of what? If it's GTX 1050 non-Ti 4gb, it's still a lot slower than 2gb GTX 1050 Ti or 960
  8. 960 oc vs 1050 oc

    GTX 960 is as fast as GTX 1050 Ti, so don't get the non-Ti GTX 1050 because it's a lot slower. GTX 960 vs GTX 1050 Ti http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-960-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1050-Ti/3165vs3649
  9. Is fx really that bad?

    Yes, FX is really that bad. Even Core2 Quads beats AMD FX CPU's in single core performance.
  10. General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    It includes all LGA 1366 related stuff, not only X58 chipset as far as I know. There is some people with dual socket systems that doesn't have the X58 chipset.
  11. General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    922 cb seems a bit low for X5670 @ 4.2GHz. I got 951 cb when I had my X5670 clocked at 4.2GHz and at 4.32GHz it got 986cb.
  12. p6t i7 950

    Maybe you could get some cheap 6-core Xeon (X5660, X5670, X5675 etc.) and overclock it to 4.2GHz or higher. GTX 1060 6GB would be pretty good GPU with it. Here is Cinebench R15 cpu score on my X5670 @ 4.44GHz
  13. Witch is better, xeon x5650 or x5690

    X5690 is better. But I'd recommend X5680 or X5675 because those are cheaper, has lower TDP and can overclock higher than most X5650's.
  14. Yes, at least Ryzen 5 1600 came with one.
  15. TV monitor VS regular monitor

    It's not that different from a normal monitor. It's basically like a normal monitor but with a TV tuner.