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  1. They could be full, I didn't really dig too deep. We have decided to just create a new domain. I don't know what our IT services company was/ has been doing, but I'll be surprised if they still exist next year. Most machines have local admins so we'll be okay there. I only came here because my boss was panicking and asked me to find information.
  2. First of all, don't make assumptions about my abilities based on a single paragraph, you don't know me or what I know. I came here because I need help, hopefully from people who know more than me. We had an IT company that hosted and managed pretty much our entire network. They were supposed to be the ones who know what "their" (should be they're, friend) doing. They did not have sufficient backups which is why we have been down for so long. They are saying that if we leave the domain down for 30 days all systems will get locked out because they can't connect to a domain controller. We want to know how long it has been since our client systems have connected to a DC, but we do not have access to any DC's to check this. So my question is if this can be done from a client machine instead of a domain server. The only thing I could see in event viewer is the last time it failed to connect on 11/28.
  3. My company was hit with ransomware recently so we do not have any domain controllers. Our hosting service is saying if our clients do not check in with a DC within 30 days, they will get locked out. My boss is saying that if we turn them back on, all users are going to lose passwords and be locked out anyway. First, if somebody could provide so information as to how Active Directory would handle this situation. We have been offline for close to 30 days. My main question is, how do I sit at a client computer and check the last time it connected to a domain controller? We want to use this to tell exactly how much time we have if everyone will get locked out after 30 days. Thanks in advance, I will be monitoring this post closely to provide clarification if needed!
  4. I came up with this same plan last night! I'm also going to make a file server for backup.
  5. This is probably the best route. Though it depends on the application you want to run and how many simultaneous users you need on the system There will only be one user (himself) on the network at any given time. So I may just have the other PCs remote into his current workstation, and then use his server simply as a file server. He is the only user on the network so I don't think I will need active directory. But NFS or some sort of file server may be the way to go. They are only being accessed from within the home so I don't think a vpn will be necessary. Remote Desktop is what I meant by remoting in, I should have been more clear.
  6. I am setting up a server for my boss, and he has some specific needs that I am not sure how to tackle. He has 5 client PCs throughout his home. He wants to be able to sit at any one of these PCs and be able access any and all applications and files that he needs for work. Here are some of my ideas: 1) Some sort of application server. I have never done something like this, and I'm not exactly sure how to even do this. 2) create a system image of his current main workstation and just make every other PC a copy of it. Then consolidate all of files onto a file server. 3) Make the server a normal PC with all the applications and files he needs and then just remote into that PC from the other 5 around his home. I'm a first year I.T. student, so I've never really faced a real-world problem like this. I would really love to know what the best solution for this problem would be. Thanks everyone!
  7. I've been looking into buying my first Arduino board and have found on Amazon that many manufacturers offer the same boards for much less. Are any of these brands worth investing in or are they made from cheap parts? Should I spend the $46 on an authentic Aruduino brand board?
  8. Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire Rapid-i, Logitech G602, Audio Technica m40x Headphones
  9. I have a GTX 760. It has a hard time with higher settings on newer games, so I think I'm due for an upgrade. I just want to play on higher settings.
  10. This projector is such an amazing piece of technology. Such a large image for such a short distance. Maybe someday we'll have a projector that can do this, but fit's into our pockets!
  11. Isn't DOSBox just a VM dedicated to DOS? Because I tried that and it was flaky
  12. I'm not sure if this is the right category, so mods, feel free to move, please I have never really played DOS games, but I love retro NES, and the like and DOS games like Elder Scrolls Arena, Doom, etc. seem amazing. I tried DOSBOX, but wasn't a fan of the emulation. Is there a way I can play without emulation? Location for downloads or cheap-ish DOS computers I can buy? Sorry if I'm being vague or just stupid, I don't know too much about operating systems before Windows XP.
  13. Everybody needs an SSD, faster boot times, faster game launch speeds, FASTER EVERYTHING. I have Battlefield 4 on my SSD and I get into the game before my friends every time.
  14. I had the share created already. I literally figured out what I was doing wrong right before checked to see if you responded. I hate myself for not realizing. It worked though so thanks!
  15. I didn't think of pinging it for some reason, but it worked when I did. I must be an idiot because when I try to manually mount it, it keeps saying System Error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found. The folder I'm trying to mount is on a second hard drive in the server. When I hit properties on the folder the path says /media/adam/6D75-1641. So when I manually mount it shouldn't it be \\<IP Address>\media\adam\6D75-1641 ?? What am I doing wrong?