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    Scotland, United Kingdom
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    AMD Athlon 760k
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    8GB 1333MHz DDR3 Single Channel
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    MSI GTX 760 Reference Design
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    Thermaltake H22 Versa
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    500GB + 1TB 7200RPM HDD
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    ArcticRed 750W
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  1. Yeah. I guess I saw "VS" and had flashbacks from past times. haha
  2. I would go with the EVGA one. I've heard nothing but crap about low/mid range Corsair PSUs.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/notes/advocates-for-health-in-scotland/how-distributed-computing-can-cure-diseases/1237809402984421 Thanks for taking the time to do so.
  4. I'd buy it if A I lived in the US and B if I actually had any money right now.
  5. Changes all the time. You just need to see what's good at the time. EVGA changed from an ACX to an iCX cooler due to inadequate cooling of graphics components for example.
  6. Assuming you clean it properly I'd pay £70 for it.
  7. That could be a problem. If you buy an SLC SDD (Single Level Cell) then that shouldn't be a problem as they are more durable. They are a bit more expensive though.
  8. Hmm. It's fine for me anyway. I guess I don't use my phone that much. Just for music, notes and calendar really. I have like 150 apps though because of the ridiculous storage.
  9. Also the iPhone 5S has an absolutely dire battery life.
  10. Are you sure that's not the regular OnePlus 3? That one has a smaller battery and a less efficient CPU.
  11. It would be better to edit from an SDD because it will allow data to be shifted around and exported to a lot faster than an HDD. Once you've rendered a video you can move it over to the HDD.
  12. I would seriously consider the OnePlus 3T. The battery life is slightly higher than average but it charges insanely fast.
  13. I speak English (Scotland, UK) Have Discord and Skype (I'll DM you skype if you want) GN1 - 102 wins - 216 hours Up for a laugh but I'd rather not get deranked. I'm okay with an all MAG-7 round here and there. http://steamcommunity.com/id/med-mex/
  14. Fine for 1080p gaming, decent price and has a lower power consumption. Yeah that's good.
  15. You could get a 5.25" bay that has both USB Type C and USB type A ports. The only issue with this is that this would make the case USB ports not work.