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  1. I know clock speed isn't EVERYTHING, and the NVIdia card clock very high. What would be an advantage for an AMD GPU then?
  2. My uncle gave me a 24" 1080p, but hoping to get a 1440p for xmas.
  3. well an XFX Fury X under $400, but a 1070 is not much more. which is better? I would think the 1070? sorry for being a noob, I'm learning
  4. Is a Fury or Fury X still a good buy?
  5. NVIdia cards are so much money
  6. looks like I probably will too then
  7. When are the newer higher end AMD GPU's coming? please don't tell me the RX 480 was it
  8. I have never done a mail in rebate how does that work? forgive my ignorance on all this
  9. This is my families computer, i want my own. Its hard for me to game on this computer for more than an hour
  10. I have a monitor my uncle is giving me its pretty big
  11. I will be playing games like Doom. My cousin has it and its a lot of fun
  12. I am in the US, i have been looking at Newegg at parts
  13. I have a keyboard and mouse that are kind of old but work. I do have a monitor to
  14. I have saved up $600 for this. Ive watched a few YouTube videos on building but not sure on the parts i should get. I play games and brouse the internet. Can anyone help me?