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  1. Yes 450W is enough but don't go for Corsair VS PSU. It's a bad PSU.
  2. A bit overkill but looks good.
  3. No problem. More powerful than RX 460 and GTX 1050. Go for 1050TI if you can afford. RX 470/570 or 480/580 the best choice.
  4. Quiet is not possible for laptop especially in those thin, light laptops with powerful hardware inside.
  5. gtx 1070/i5 6600

    Yes there will be a minor bottleneck but it depends on the games you play.
  6. RX 460 with 4GB VRAM. Go for either Sapphire or MSI, both make good AMD cards. Yes you need a converter. Yes add more 4GB RAM. It's good enough. PSU not that good but should work fine with a 75W GPU.
  7. Upgrade to Ryzen or Kaby Lake.
  8. My bad, confused by the title, lol
  9. Here: more RAM, has a SSD, has 1050TI with 4GB VRAM @Droidbot choice also not bad. Choose the one you liked the most.
  10. The HP one is better. However IMO there are better choices, let me find a better one for you.
  11. Your monitor resolution is a bottleneck. Unless you're upgrading your monitor soon, any entry level card like GTX 1050 or RX 460 is fine. If not, RX 470/570 or RX 480/580 or GTX 1060 6GB (don't go higher that that since your CPU will bottleneck) Upgrade to 8GB RAM if you play GTA V Hmm I guess it's Thermaltake? What's the exact model? (full name of the PSU) If the PSU isn't good, it may not power up GPUs that require more power (like the RX 480) properly.
  12. Changed mobo, PSU and monitor. Switched to a more powerful GPU. Still about the same price with your previous part list.
  13. Definitely has the risk if the warranty is provided by the seller since an irresponsible seller can ignore you when claiming warranty. However keep in mind that some products don't have international warranty which means you can't claim warranty in India if the product was bought from Malaysia, for instance. (Even it is manufacturer warranty)
  14. Country?