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    1. PacketMan


      Is that all?? The same exact chip with higher frequency??? Oh c'mon you have to be kidding... I am really excited to see the benchmarks of the Ryzen 4000 for laptops, hope we can get some chip with i7-9750H performance and RTX 2060 performance (at least), but it's cheap to dream

    2. genexis_x


      Well that confirms the rumours: 14nm+++, only clock speed bump

    3. TopHatProductions115




      lol - look at how it scores against the X5650. My current workstation makes it look inadequate (and used X5680's).


      Though seriously - when will Intel start putting out 6c/12t 10th gen chips?!

  1. If you can spend $1600, Eluktronics Mag-15 will be a decent choice
  2. You need to wait for quite a long time if you wish to wait (including reviews) For that budget I would suggest desktop+laptop If you want to game on the go, XMG Fusion 15
  3. X1 G6 has a better keyboard If you don't mind non-upgradeable RAM and limited CPU cooling then it's a good choice
  4. Lenovo Thinkpad L380 20M5A00UAU Lenovo Thinkpad E590 customize Lenovo Thinkpad E495 / E595 customize
  5. Welcome to the forums Where are you from? Budget? Any preferences on weight and battery life?
  6. Are you from Norway? If yes, budget in local currency and any links of online stores?
  7. Removed grey decals, looks nicer. Still going strong.


    Finally calibrated the display with Spyder5Pro, looks a bit red for some reason

    1. n56vz


      when do you plan to upgrade your laptop?

    2. genexis_x


      nothing else, maybe add a 2.5 inch SSD when the HDD dies?

  8. Which country are you from? Any preferences on weight, battery life and display size?
  9. I personally hate Macbooks so don't ask me for opinions But do you really need the portability
  10. PSA: If you're buying a 1660Ti/2060 laptop now, take note that 2060 runs cooler despite same 80W TGP (I guess it's due to lower voltage and larger die size). Also it's faster (10-15%)

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    2. genexis_x


      Cannot 100% confirm yet, but from what I heard from resellers (Illegear and Level51 aka AftershockPC), they've noticed the same thing

    3. TVwazhere


      I'd imagine it might vary slightly between laptops due to how they'd each choose to cool the GPU die, but assuming most of them use similar methods, it might come down to voltages, clocks and heat dissipation size as you said. 


      Havent followed Laptop GPU's recently, but are they still full fledged die's (full CUDA core count, ram, ETC) as the desktop versions? I remember the Maxwell and previous versions had M variants which were easy to distinguish as cut down versions.

    4. genexis_x


      10 series have some cut down versions in laptop GPUs (eg 1050) but Nvidia didn't nerf too much clock speed. This has a side effect though: GPU sometimes run too hot due to high voltages (over 1V).


      16/20 series is worse IMO. Some GPUs are heavily power capped (eg 2060, 1650). In general, all of them have slightly lower clock speed compared to desktop counterparts. A step back if you ask me. Still have some GPUs with nerved specs though, for example 2060 has lower RTX-OPS in mobile version.


      Another issue is, Nvidia didn't specify a fixed TGP for some mobile GPUs, causing chaos when choosing laptops since same GPU might have different performance. For instance:

      1660Ti - 80W or 90W (Tongfang only)

      2060 - 80W , 90W (MSI models, Clevo NH50 with latest BIOS, Legion Y740 15 with Performance mode etc) or 115W (Tongfang only)

      2070MQ - 80W, 90W (Predator Triton 500, Legion Y740 with Performance mode, RB15 etc) or 115W (Tongfang only)

      2080MQ - 80W, 90W (Asus Zephyrus), 100W (RBP17) or up to 150W (Tongfang only)

      2080: 150W to 200W

  11. Depending on TGP. For Mag-15 it can go up to 115W thanks to Tongfang GPU Boost (requires tweaking) Thin and lights are usually louder since they have more limited cooling room. Mag is slightly louder My review: https://genexisx.blogspot.com/2020/01/review-level51-vapor-15-pro-i7-9750h.html
  12. Those who said that Clevo and Tongfang are Chinese crap should try them out first before commenting. Don't bash ODMs without even trying out their products. If Tongfang is crap, why would Intel collaborate with them to create LAPQC71A chassis (aka Mag-15)?

    1. n56vz


      those who say crap are servant to 'brand'. Just bought clevo NH50RC from techarmory. cheapest 1660ti available. excellent thermal but with all plastic build as usual.

  13. In the early days, I tested laptops just to find out how is it (build quality, cooling) so that I could make better laptop recommendations. It's for my own purpose and I didn't mean to do laptop reviews. Now, I wanted to do laptop reviews so much. Always eager to test out new models. Thanks to those who gave me permission to borrow / lend their review units.

    1. TopHatProductions115
    2. genexis_x


      probably after lunar new year

  14. Hmm then you're buying at your own risk, since there's no Clevo/Tongfang reseller in your country. Might want to consider companies that offer global warranty like HIDevolution
  15. this model doesn't cool well this is single core max boost, 6 core boost is 4GHz