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  1. So long story that starts with a Blue Yeti and ends with my 7.1 surround sound headset sounding different but the major thing is my surround sounds is "kinda" working now. It doesn't "feel" or "sound" the same as it used to but its functional. My problem is when I play a game the surround sound works but then if I tab out (I play all my games in windowed mode) and then tab back into it my game switches to stereo and wont change back until I completely reset the game. I have checked the audio settings in the games when this happens to find they have been unchanged so I feel as if this is a software or windows problem and I have no idea how to fix it. (side thing) when I used to listen to youtube videos the surround sound would work even on non surround sound videos so it gave a nice smooth sound to it but now youtube only plays in stereo and it makes it feel artificial and uncomfortable. I think this may have something to do with the above problem. Any hoo I've tried reddit to no response and my tech friend has no idea how to fix it so he refered me here so I hope this works.
  2. so im planing to upgrade my PC from the GTX 960 i currently have to this http://www.ncix.com/detail/gigabyte-geforce-gtx-1070-1746mhz-96-134438.htm now my 960 uses a 6pin and the 1070 needs an 8 pin so i looked at the spare connectors i have coming out of my PSU and this is what i got a 4pin a 6pin and a 2pin ive looked around and i dont know what to do should i A. get a 2 6pin to 8 pin converter B. use a 6pin and a 2pin do one of these options work if non of them do can you please help me figure out how to make it work? thanks