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  1. Nicklordzero

    The Water Cooling Gallery

    I'm located in Ontario. Yes the case can fit a 480 Rad. Actually came with a aluminum one when i bought it from someone, but i cannot afford any thing "NEW" or pricey. My whole water cooling loop costed me $150 from a friend.
  2. Nicklordzero

    The Water Cooling Gallery

    First custom loop I’ve made: i7-4770k - 4.5GHz 1.300V 32GB DDR3 ASUS Maximus Hero Vii EVGA 750w G2 NVIDEA GTX 780 (Couldn’t find a block on eBay for it yet)
  3. Could I get some links please???
  4. Hello everyone, im looking for some help finding some certain products. As I have not been having any luck personally on eBay.ca / amazon Canada or dazmode. im looking for these items: (3/8 - 5/8) Soft Tubing in CLEAR BLUE. Like Linus’s recent server switch tubing. Decently priced / Super Cheap compression fittings for 3/8 - 5/8. Some flow indicators for asthetics if anyone could comment some links (that are Canadian friendly as I don’t buy from US sites unless they have CAD prices) let me know! thanks.
  5. Yes i did. At the time, of reviewing tutorials and even LTT's version of "Overclocking" wasn't good enough for me. I've also googled my question but nothing was shown off either. So i'm assuming that no one really bothered with that motherboard. Good thing i ordered on eBay a Asus Maximus VII Hero. Since i know that my current Z97-A is actually not working properly anyways. Will be deleting this forum post.
  6. Bump? I seriously need help overclocking my CPU as soon as possible. If anyone could help me... I've tried everything on youtube but my motherboard seems to be a bit weird.
  7. I am currently using a custom water cooling loop I made. Though i'm having a hard time using this current motherboard. I Was willing to buy a maximus but their way too expensive. For now i think i can manage with this board but i need hands on help either through video chat or a guide that actually works.
  8. Need some help. Can anyone give me a full guide? Or maybe help me on discord.
  9. Nicklordzero

    Looking to start my own studio. Can i get some help?

    Thank you for letting me see this... Very helpful!
  10. Nicklordzero

    Looking to start my own studio. Can i get some help?

    Have no idea how to do such thing but okay.
  11. Hello LLT Forum dwellers, I am 21 years old and for the longest time i wanted to start creating top notch content that will not just be about my life, but also helpful videos for others with tutorials, unboxing(s), & a lot of different content (in the future). The sky is the limit for me! The only issue that stands in my way is the proper help / tutorial that can help teach me what i properly need to do before i initiate this. It's something I've been wanting to do for a while but i'm always very cautious and very judgmental towards my own content & on how i do things... I'm hoping that posting this here i could get some respectful & helpful people who are willing to take some time out of their day(s) to teach me some things & keep me organized with this. I am always open to speaking in private (if needed) through Skype, & Discord.
  12. Currently moving away from Brantford Ontario, will be moving out to the Chatham - Lake Erie Region.
  13. Looking for someone whos willing to help me put together my EK Water cooling setup. Bought a CPU Waterblock for my i5, a EVGA GTX 970 waterblock and a few reservoirs w/ radiators
  14. Well, let me explain. I work at a Electronic Dump where I am in charge of trying out many GPU's. I mostly get to keep the EVGA models and right now im currently looking for a Canadian Seller like me who may have a few stock coolers for sale.
  15. I'm looking specifically for Stock Backplates & Coolers for the NVIDEA and AMD GPU's for torn down GPU's I get from an Electric Dump I work at. I would do custom water cooling, but im not interested in spending that much time on it. Does anyone here who mod or watercool still own their stock coolers who are willing to sell them to me be willing to comment here? I know it sounds weird but I actually love modding stock coolers as well.