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  1. Hi, does anyone know what programs and scanners LMG uses for their inventory? They mention about buying the scanner here: It was used in this video to scan some RAM
  2. What motherboard was a hard drive in?

    Bump? Anyone else knows of a solution?
  3. What motherboard was a hard drive in?

    Not sure how to use Device Manager to explore the second drive, Device Manager only displays drivers of the OSdisk I'm booted from
  4. What motherboard was a hard drive in?

    How do I check what drivers it had installed on another PC?
  5. Hi, so I have a few hard drives, all installed with Windows 7, I need to find out what motherboard was previously with which hard drive. (E.g. Hard drive A was in a system with B150M-D3H motherboard, hard drive B was in a system with H61M-S2P motherboard.) The only way I can think of is somehow accessing the drivers installed because if you have a different motherboard or a CPU, on the bottom right tray it will install new drivers for the new hardware. Can someone advise me on how to figure this out, it would be great if I also could find out the CPU model that was in the system too. Thanks.
  6. What should I put on my side panel

    stock intel, so fan? or nothing and the fan behind the case? exhaust or intake thanks
  7. What should I put on my side panel

    I have the CPU guide thing and the fan already, just wondering which to screw in
  8. I have a side panel which will fit an CPU air guide? (not sure what to call it) or a fan. Which one is better? The hole is above the cpu also if a fan should I make it intake or exhaust My case looks something like this: https://www.amazon.com/10-Bay-ATX-Tower-Computer-Case/dp/B0042LIMTE idk what exact case it is Thanks The "CPU air guide" looks like this Also I also have another slot for a fan at the back (like the case I linked), please advice if it should be exhaust or intake