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  1. Hi, does anyone know what programs and scanners LMG uses for their inventory? They mention about buying the scanner here: It was used in this video to scan some RAM
  2. Aloau

    What motherboard was a hard drive in?

    Bump? Anyone else knows of a solution?
  3. Aloau

    What motherboard was a hard drive in?

    Not sure how to use Device Manager to explore the second drive, Device Manager only displays drivers of the OSdisk I'm booted from
  4. Aloau

    What motherboard was a hard drive in?

    How do I check what drivers it had installed on another PC?
  5. Hi, so I have a few hard drives, all installed with Windows 7, I need to find out what motherboard was previously with which hard drive. (E.g. Hard drive A was in a system with B150M-D3H motherboard, hard drive B was in a system with H61M-S2P motherboard.) The only way I can think of is somehow accessing the drivers installed because if you have a different motherboard or a CPU, on the bottom right tray it will install new drivers for the new hardware. Can someone advise me on how to figure this out, it would be great if I also could find out the CPU model that was in the system too. Thanks.
  6. Aloau

    What should I put on my side panel

    stock intel, so fan? or nothing and the fan behind the case? exhaust or intake thanks
  7. Aloau

    What should I put on my side panel

    I have the CPU guide thing and the fan already, just wondering which to screw in
  8. I have a side panel which will fit an CPU air guide? (not sure what to call it) or a fan. Which one is better? The hole is above the cpu also if a fan should I make it intake or exhaust My case looks something like this: https://www.amazon.com/10-Bay-ATX-Tower-Computer-Case/dp/B0042LIMTE idk what exact case it is Thanks The "CPU air guide" looks like this Also I also have another slot for a fan at the back (like the case I linked), please advice if it should be exhaust or intake