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  1. On the one time I have experienced this personally, they had actually spoofed the local tax office's number. (We googled it.)
  2. I've already downloaded the software, maxing the fan out doesn't help much.
  3. I have an older iMac from 2013 that's on my desk next to my PC. Since it's gotten cold here, I've decided to start doing some @home projects again. However, this year I had this mac (bought it a few months ago.) So I have boinc installed on all of my PCs with TThrottle to prevent things from heating up too much. I figured I'd just look and see how hot the mac would get. I installed boinc, gave it access to 75% of the CPUs and 75% of the processor time... and the temps immediately spike to 85C. Most importantly, THE FREAKING FAN WAS STILL ON MINIMUM SPEED. WTF. What on earth temperature does apple consider hot enough to increase the fan speed? So I decided NOT to run boinc on this computer. Nope, not worth it. I'll keep it running on my PCs with their CPUs and GPUs in the 50s and 60s.
  4. The last time I tried thunderbird it had some sort of cpu (or was it memory?) bug where it'd use more and more cpu until it'd just be super slow. You could just set the settings of thunderbird to not download messages etc.
  5. Windows 7 CAN fit on a 60 gb partition.... I've done it. However there really isn't a lot of space left for... other things.
  6. Windows 10 can be installed on a GPT drive. The type of partition table (GPT or MBR) is PER DRIVE, not per partition. You cannot have the GPT "partition" for mac and a MBR "partition" for windows. It doesn't work like that. The GPT or MBR literally TELLS the drive and your OS where the partitions are.
  7. With skylake you just had to create a "special" installation media with different drivers. A quote from a different site. I would imagine the same thing will be available shortly for the 8XXX and 9XXX processors, if the current drivers don't work.
  8. Windows 7 lost support all of the way back at skylake right?
  9. Windows always has, and always will be allowed on bootcamp. Windows 7 can't be installed on a GUID partition table (GPT) drive. (Which is what mac uses) I'm unsure if you can convert the drive to MBR (Master boot record) and still have the apple side work. You could install windows 8 or windows 10.
  10. corrado33

    Noctua NHD15 BEIGE ? my grandma car color

    Shoulda went for a be quiet! dark rock pro. All black FTW. Roughly the same price as the DH-15.
  11. Just ignore it and block the number. Easy. The IRS won't call you, they'll mail you something. Or play along to piss them off. Take your pick. "Oh you want me to pay in wal-mart gift cards? Ok.... well.... walmart is an hour away. *Proceed to put the phone down next to a radio for an hour.*" EDIT: For the record, this is a VERY common scam.
  12. corrado33

    Constant internet issues.

    Could just be your internet provider being shitty. Could be the wifi extender. Steps to take: Try wired network connected to the MAIN router Try pinging google.com constantly (ping -t google.com). If you see lag spikes there, then it's either your NIC or your ISP.
  13. corrado33

    Iphone X exploded in US

    I dunno, my phone has gotten hot as hell on occasion. (Surprisingly hot) He could have simply been surprised.
  14. The antifreeze will only drop the freezing point of the water by a few degrees. (I know, I literally taught this stuff in college.) OP: Why not just... keep the computer running? No way for the liquid to freeze then.
  15. corrado33

    color fanboys

    Jesus that's the most gaudy case I've ever seen. Honestly probably won't even look great with red LED fans. Red on red doesn't work unless the reds match (which they won't.)