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  1. Any reason why? The "problem" is that I like to run distributed computing processes at night during the winter, so it'd be nice to be able to downclock the computer when I'm not actively using it. (It's not actually a problem I just thought it'd be cool to do.)
  2. So for the longest time I've used bios settings for overclocking my 6700k. And that was all well and good, but it seems my cpu is getting a little.... tired of it. So I want to have the ability to OC my computer for games only essentially, so I'm just going to use the intel extreme tuning utility, which seems to work perfectly fine for my old stable OC. However, there are a bunch of other settings that I have that I'd like not to have to change so I can't just reset the bios. I seem to have enabled all of the C states stuff and speed step and what not, but the computer refuses to budge from the chosen frequency. Even if I put the frequency to auto it'll even refuse to turbo up! What am I missing?
  3. 5-6 years, although I doubt I'll update my current setup until intel comes out with good 10 nm chips.
  4. You could install a hidden radio in the glovebox maybe with an aux cord routed to somewhere nondescript (or just buy one with bluetooth and a remote control). That's what a lot of people do who want to keep the stock look.
  5. No not really. Kindle's have been around for... what... almost a decade now? It's not like this technology is new. There is a REASON why it's not on smartphones. And that reason is for every single downside mentioned. Refresh rate Monochrome Resolution All three of which are HUGE selling points on phones today. Sure, I'd love this on like a super cheap, no frills phone that doesn't have any notable features. But $350? lol nope.
  6. I mean, does it matter? Unlike most manufacturers, they're undervolting the cpu, which isn't nearly as bad as overvolting the CPU in terms of electrical damage, and 1000x easier to fix. Besides, they're still outperforming competitors. I will admit, however, that current apple laptop keyboards suck balls and it's one of the main reasons I refuse to buy one.
  7. OP is looking for low cost parts. Do you REALLY think any of your situations for watercooling apply?
  8. No project NEEDS watercooling. Aircooling outperforms watercooling in almost any circumstance, especially when compared to "cheap" watercooling parts.
  9. Uh oh. A positive LMG mac review coming after another recent positive LMG mac review???? Uh oh.... where's LMG's apple hate money going to come from? Also, where are all da apple haters at? Funny how when LMG actually get around to comparing an apple computer to another computer of similar spec (even one that's 1.5x as thick, with a much better cooling system) the mac still outperforms it. Interesting how that works. I mean, it's only what we've been asking for for years and all. A fair and "unbiased" (as if) comparison. Bravo.... bravo... *Slow clap*
  10. Cop out. And so has every other thin laptop manufacturer in the CONSUMER sector. You've been drinking too much of the linus cool-aid my friend. You may want to get of the hole you're in and look around a bit more. So you're disagreeing with physics and fluid dynamics now? Ok, this'll end well for you. Hint, we've been moving toward thinner fans because we've been moving toward smaller cases and PCs for a while now. No one wants to stick a double wide fan inside their PC because it takes up a lot of room, not because double wide fans perform less well than thin fans. Have you ever even.... held a double wide fan? Or a half width fan? The difference in airflow is massive. EDIT: For the record, other pre-built companies DO still use double wide fans. I take them out of computers all the time. They're annoying as hell because they're a pain to replace.
  11. Really? Really? Did you do any research before you made this comment? Obviously not. Bigger hub = bigger and more powerful DC motor and bigger/better bearings = longer lasting fan. Deeper fan = more CFM and less noise at a given RPM, as well as improved static pressure performance. The inside of the fan blades closest to the hub provide very little of the CFM anyway, considering that part moves the slowest. Do you really think you're smarter than apple's engineers?
  12. Love the fact that people can't hate on the hardware so they instead hate on the appearance and complain about trivial things. It's the mac pro. It's made for fucking professionals you idiots. Yes, it's going to be expensive. Have you not even SEEN the "$100,000 computer" videos linus has made for his own, tiny, video production company? Why don't you take a guess at how much money each of the editor's computers are worth. I think the computer is freaking gorgeous and much prettier than any of the crap offered by any other prebuilt company, and better than 90% of cases offered today. As for claims of worrying about the "passive" cooling. Did you ever... look... at the pictures? I mean... calling it "passive" cooling is a bit of a stretch. The only difference between passive and active cooling is whether or not a fan is attached to the heatsink. But if you look at the inside of the computer.... well what do you see? 3 massive 140 or 160 mm... double wide... essentially blowy-ma-trons in the front of the case literally a cm or so away from the heatsink and with no where else for the air to go.... yeah... calling it "passively cooled" is definitely a stretch. Those heatsinks are MASSIVE compared to what you'd normally see on those GPUs and CPU, and with the ducting? Yeah, shouldn't be a problem. As for the lower cost versions? It's apple's way of throwing the fanboys a bone. Apple knows this computer is expensive, so it's giving those of us who don't want or need a hugely powerful computer a chance to buy a more "reasonable" (ha) mac pro if we are so inclined. $6,000? Is that really so much more than most of you have spent on your perfect gaming computers? There are definitely those of you out there with the latest and greatest intel extreme processor, RGB this and that, water cooling bullshit, the latest RTX whatever that have spent AT LEAST that, if not more. Oh and lastly: Can't hate on the monitor? Na we'll hate on the mount. "That'll teach 'em" You DO realize that 95% of professionals who will want this monitor will have their own vesa compatible stands and will just buy the cheaper vesa mound adapter.... right?
  13. Usually all the apple haters are here trying to "rip apple a new one" by now but it looks like none are coming. No one coming to the aid of their lying tech tips heros. Even LTT knows this video was shit and was also full of shit. How many more times do we have to catch them contradicting something they said previously about the exact same apple product for the sake of trying to defame apple or get views? Quite blatantly LYING in plain sight about something said no more than a couple of months ago. I mean hell, the entirety of the "Macs are slower" video could have been about LITERALLY any thin windows laptop, and linus even mentioned it (albeit extremely briefly) himself. But no, better to try to make apple look like the bad one here. Better for the monaaayyy. I guess this is what we have to look forward to in the future. Literally anything connected to apple in any way, shape, or form compared to literally everything else connected to apple and criticized in every way possible with no regard for simple business sense that even a 5 year old could figure out. Next up: "APPLE SCREWED THEMSELVES: MACBOOK VS. MACBOOK PRO" Why not "DELL SCREWED THEMSELVES: XPS LAPTOP VERSION 8 QUADRILLION CONFIGURATION 7 SEPTILLION ANNOUNCED"
  14. I was going to draw similarities to VW owning virtually everything under the sun concerning german cars, and release what is essentially the exact same car in every... single... market space and price range, but I figured most of the people here probably wouldn't have gotten the reference anyway. Equivalent car related review title. "VW REKT THEMSELVES - Porsche Cayenne Review" Script: The Porsche Cayenne is so much better than the VW Tiguan. Every car enthusiast ever: "Who in the fuck kind of idiot wrote this?" You would have thought that on a review of a pair of ATHLETIC earbuds that you would have had comparisons to.... oh I don't know.... OTHER FUCKING ATHLETIC EARBUDS? Naaa that'd have been too easy and wouldn't have involved bashing apple. Same with the last "Macs are slow" video. You would have imagined that they would have compared the macbook pro to a similarly sized (thin) windows laptop with the same hardware but... NOPE. Didn't involve enough apple bashing.
  15. HEY LOOK, another CLICKBAIT title from Lying Tech Tips about apple. Let's see... how can we spin this in a negative light for apple.... hmmm.... well they own the brand.... they're both wireless headphones..... they're clearly aimed at different audiences, but it IS a really good product.... hmmmm, fuck it HEY EVERYONE!!! LOOK OVER HERE!!! APPLE FUCKED THEMSELVES UP!!! COME WATCH OUR VIDEO!!! No where else on the internet would I see a fucking ATHLETIC wireless earphone compared to a casual earphone in such a manner, then to go so far as to look at the parent company and say that it screwed itself because it put out a really nice product that was seemingly nicer than one of its other products. (Despite calling the other product, AND I FUCKING QUOTE "Still a great option [for apple users]". (Linus himself Airpods 2 review 9:11)) What in the hell kind of straws are you guys grasping at? Hm, a company that owns a "luxury" brand put out a product under such brand that was nicer than a product it put out under its normal brand? NO FUCKING WAY??!?!?! Amazing reporting skills. You guys are pitiful. Buzzfeed level reporting here folks. *Slow clap*