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  1. Well I suppose that settles that. Thanks!
  2. I'm building a new gaming PC soon and I plan on streaming PC & console games with a dual PC setup since I'll have a 2nd PC just sorta sitting around. I figure why not use my old rig as a dedicated streaming PC? I don't see why a 4770K couldn't handle being in a dedicated stream PC, but just wanna ask here to make sure.
  3. RelentlessN7

    Are wireless mice good for gaming now?

    I doubt it. Just pointing out they eliminated one of the issues you have with wireless. So I've heard anyway.
  4. RelentlessN7

    Are wireless mice good for gaming now?

    Someone told me a while back there's a mouse that's wireless that gets charged by the mousepad, so it never runs out of battery. I can't remember what brand it was though.
  5. RelentlessN7

    Are wireless mice good for gaming now?

    That's promising to hear. I've seen some cool looking wireless mice from ASUS, but I don't know how well they stack up compared to Logitech as it pertains to performance. I also would prefer RGB if possible.
  6. RelentlessN7

    Are wireless mice good for gaming now?

    I actually saw a graph from Logitech showing that their wireless mice actually had less input latency than a wired Deathadder and Sensei. Though it did come from Logitech themselves, so I don't know how much stock I should put into that
  7. I'm interested in a wireless mouse, but I don't really know which ones are good, if any. Is the latency even any higher than wired mice? I'm open to suggestions. Any price range.
  8. RelentlessN7

    Any good earbuds for gaming/music that hook over the top of my ears?

    So if it's 4 driver, does that mean it's better than the MEE Audio M7 PROs? I believe those are dual drivers. I don't know anything about audio so I'm a little lost. More drivers = better overall sound??
  9. RelentlessN7

    Potential clearance issue with case and CPU cooler

    Here's some pictures from the video I saw for reference. (H100i RGB Platinum CPU cooler)
  10. So I've been planning a build for almost a year now, and it's constantly changing, but I think I've finally settled. Or at least I thought so, but then I saw I may have a space issue. I was gonna go with the Corsair H115i RGB Platinum for my CPU cooler and the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO for the motherboard and the case is a Corsair Crystal 680X. But I noticed while watching a video that the clearance between the motherboard and a Corsair H100i in this case was very close together, and the H100i is only a 240mm. The H115i is a 280mm and it's thicker. I was worried it may potentially hit my board with fans installed on it. Has anyone out there used this case with a 280mm rad in the top? Is there enough space?
  11. RelentlessN7

    Any good earbuds for gaming/music that hook over the top of my ears?

    I looked these up and these appear to be bluetooth. Can these connect to my PC physically? I'd prefer to plug them directly in.
  12. So I'm not really a fan of headphones, even though that's where the best sound is. Most just aren't comfortable on the ears, so I'm using earbuds now, but I definitely need new ones, and if possible, ones with great sound that also can hook over the top of my ears as opposed to the ones that you just stick inside your ears. I can never get those to stay in. Are there any good-sounding earbuds out there like this? Money isn't an issue. I'm willing to pay up some good money for good quality earbuds!
  13. RelentlessN7

    Choppy gameplay while streaming

    Oh my god... disabling the OBS preview seems to have completely alleviated my issue. At least in Overwatch it has, cause it's the only game I tested so far. I was easily able to disable the preview in OBS studio, but I can't seem to find the option to disable the preview for Streamlabs OBS?
  14. RelentlessN7

    Choppy gameplay while streaming

    Well since asking that question, I'm considering going all out with an i9 most likely. I won't be weak for long.
  15. RelentlessN7

    Choppy gameplay while streaming

    So I updated my drivers, but as expected, it didn't help. So it would seem my only option is to upgrade, which I was already planning to build a new PC anyway, but I'm not totally settled on a CPU yet. Could an i7 8700K be enough to stream and game at the same time?