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  1. I've tried a myriad of things to try and solve this, but Twitch is so inconsistent when I watch streams. Usually the streams when will be good for about 5 minutes (sometimes a little longer) and then it starts buffering. When the stream buffers, the chat almost always freezes as well. I have to refresh the page every time to fix this. When I let the buffering finish instead of refreshing, the stream then becomes choppy and buffers every 5-10 seconds. My internet speed is 900 down, 50 up. No matter which streamer I'm watching, I get the same issue everywhere. Here's what I've tried: (I am on a WIRED connection on my desktop PC) Tried turning off low latency mode in the video player settings. Resetting my router. Clearing Chrome's cache completely. Reduced stream quality (buffers at 1080p, 720p, and 480p) Tried incognito mode to make sure browser extensions weren't the issue. Tried using Firefox. Tried changing my DNS server. Tried using the Twitch desktop app instead of the website. Tried using Streamlink instead of the website. Tried using my laptop instead of my PC. I've also tried to contact Twitch support, but they have not responded, so they're as useless as ever. Is there anything else I could try to solve this?
  2. Sorry to break it to you, but I have long since returned the G PRO X and picked up HyperX Cloud Alpha S.
  3. This started happening a few weeks ago out of no where. I'll get disconnected from a channel and reconnected in a few seconds. Sometimes I'll be in a disconnect/reconnect loop where it just rapid fire disconnects and reconnects. I usually have to click the disconnect button on Discord for this to stop. Interestingly, this doesn't happen when I am in a call. It only happens when I'm in a server. I tried resetting my router and modem, but that hasn't worked. When it comes to internet/connectivity issues, I know very little. So I don't know what else to do. My internet is perfectly fine as well. This seems to be just a Discord issue. It's so frustrating. What can I do? PC specs: CPU: 4770K GPU: 1080Ti RAM: 32GB Kingston HyperX Beast 2400Mhz Motherboard: ASUS VI Formula
  4. Oh my god. I can't believe I didn't even read that. I can now sign in with my password. My body is young, but my mind is like 85 years old
  5. The option to remove it is grayed out. Presumably because it's my only sign-in method at the moment.
  6. Yeah, I clicked on it and I then logged in with my Microsoft account info, but it just took me to a PIN recovery thing. It didn't allow me to choose a different sign-in option for Windows.
  7. Not sure about a screenshot, but I do have a picture I took with my phone here though. As you can see, the only option there is "I forgot my PIN."
  8. Yes, I 100% signed into my Microsoft account during setup. Also the option to sign in a different way on the login screen is not there. It only allows me to use my PIN.
  9. So I reinstalled Windows 10 completely clean a few days ago, and after reinstalling I noticed the option to sign into Windows with my Microsoft password is no longer there. My only sign-in options are: Windows Hello Face, Windows Hello Fingerprint, Windows Hello PIN, and Security Key. I would prefer to sign in with my password. Has Microsoft decided to take this option away in the latest update for no particular reason? I'm completely up-to-date on Windows 10 (Version 2004, May update).
  10. My Logitech Pro X headset just arrived today, and it sounds outstanding, but I was hoping to tweak the sounds settings a little using the G Hub software. However, the software says my Pro X isn't connected even though it certainly is. It's connected via USB using the little dongle that was included. I'm not sure what to try. I tried reinstalling the software, and rebooting, but that didn't seem to work. I don't know if this helps any, but in Windows, it's showing my headset as being speakers. I'll leave photos attached to the post.