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  1. I installed COD:MW 3 days ago and have be getting constant IRQL Not_Less_or_Equal BSOD crashes when either normally using my computer or when playing any games (but more intensive games cause it to BSOD faster) Build: R5 3600, 16 gb 2400mhz ram, 980ti, Auros b450 Aoras elite, WIndows 10 Home. I was removing folders that I was using anymore using WinDirStat (https://windirstat.net/). I remember only deleting old game files that I don't and razer files, origin game launcher, and steelseries engine. There are so many thing that can cause a IRQL Not_Less_or_Equal error that I have no idea what was causing it. Anything you can try to do to help will very appreciated. On another note, Somehow razer synapse has stayed on my computer no matter how many times I try to delete it.
  2. Now it's error code: Clock_Watchdog_timeout It's a cpu error so im setting the system to my old parts and just getting a refund for the cpu.
  3. It worked on another computer ( same hdd). I downloaded windows but I'm still getting the error on the other computer.
  4. I get to select the type of windows I want to install, it tries to load then immediately black screens, then 10seconds later it blue screens
  5. I'm trying to install windows on a wiped wd blue 1tb. I have a used 6700k, evga 1070 superclock, 16 gb corsair vengence 2400mhz, z270 Asus tuf mk1, and a cooler mast 120mm water cooler. I'm stuck in a cycle of trying to get past selecting what type of windows I want to install (32 or 64 bit) and the computer blue screening with that error. I've moved ram slots, take the windows USB and put it in a different slot. I don't know how to fix the error. Please help.
  6. I just installed a new mobo and cpu (b450 Aorus elite, r5 3600) and the only audio i have is from my monitor speakers. I have installed the gigabyte xress install disk for mobo drivers in and it has no option for audio drivers. There is no realtek audio in my device manager. I dont know how to be able to use my headphones. Thanks for helping me
  7. do you know how i could get an am4 bracket for my h110i gtx cooler, i got mine before ryzen was a thing?
  8. I'm upgrading my i5 6600k i have $400-500 that I'm willing to spend, i might be keeping my 16 gb ddr4 2133. My motherboard has been garbage since I first got a few years ago and I'm done with it (had bent usb 3.0 header, and ethernet sometimes cuts out no matter what internet I'm connected to, switching service provider didn't help but i have faster internet) If i get ryzen i will upgrade to much faster ram Will be used for mostly gaming. sorry for rambling and thanks for helping
  9. I starting playing Apex Legends again yesterday and I've encountered a problem that i haven't been able to fix and that is packet loss. It shows the symbol for PL in the top right corner no matter what server I'm connected to. On the data center screen it shows im connected to the server with 32 ping and 2%pl. My internet works fine in other games such as TF2, overwatch, and Risk of Rain. I've changed my IPv4 to I don't know what else to try. Thanks for helping
  10. Mattco

    Look for earbuds

    I'm looking for new daily driver earbuds for about $60, wired or wireless i don't care. My last pair just broke so im using a tin can i bought from a chain store to hold myself over. Thanks for helping
  11. Im working on an asus laptop (windows 8.1) that has working wifi but cant connect to a dns server. I've restarted the router, I've cleared the dns cache, and I've also set IPv4 and 6 to auto connect. What else can i do besides try to frest windows install?
  12. I have just deleted the partition and when i click new and put in the alotted space, i still cant click next even after i reformat it
  13. I have deleted the partition and it still wont work