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  1. So I recently got windows 10 and I noticed when I play games google, youtube, typing, scrolling, etc, becomes really laggy.
  2. I made a post coupe days ago asking which game would you suggest. I have another one, I just finished Sydnicate and not a big fan doing missions that aren't sequences so I wanted to get a new ac.
  3. Assassins Creed Unity or Sydnicate?

    Yeah I watched a few videos, I bought it and gonna try it out. If I don't like it, i'll refund and try Unity. I miss the older AC, I had so many good memories :(.
  4. Assassins Creed Unity or Sydnicate?

    Yeah, I guess I can try it out, why not :).
  5. I finished AC Rogue, looking for a new one. I've already finished the older ones which were my favorite. Which AC Unity or Sydnicate?
  6. Black border around screen

    I know it's not my monitor because I have two other spare monitors and they have the same thing.
  7. Black border around screen

    Gonna bump this again, since i really want this fixed.
  8. How to setup speedfan?

    Alright, im at school right now, Ill try it at home.
  9. How to setup speedfan?

    Well, I did don't have a sys_fan2 header but I have sys_fan. I connected my fans to sys_fan but they didn't work. I remember only connecting one fan to it and it works, but not two.
  10. How to setup speedfan?

    Sorry, could you explain it more noobish, I'm kind of new to PC's lol.
  11. How to setup speedfan?

    Sorry for bad quality.
  12. How to setup speedfan?

    Haha, my brother built this PC and gave it to me since he got a new one. Yeah, I can't really talk to him since we don't talk to each other lol. Alright, I'm a bit confused. I have a fan splitter that connects 3pins. I have 2 fans and my cpu cooler (not my pump) connected to pwr_fan. I have my pump connected to my cpu_cooler and my other one fan connected to sys_fan since I can't connect my two other fans to their for some reason.
  13. How to setup speedfan?

    Just noticed when I power up pwm3 it goes way faster and louder. But my fan is already loud when they're suppose to be quiet.
  14. How to setup speedfan?

    Sorry bump. For some reason my only fan that has RPM is fan5?